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Mankind-The "evolution" of man?

Updated on August 19, 2012

Evolving or dissolving...


Evolution of man, now if just the term evolution of man doesn’t make you chuckle I can’t imagine what will. Evolution implies evolving; evolving alludes to growth and development, and learning-progression of man. Disturbing from my perspective and in my opinion, because seeing the people I see, and witnessing what I have witnessed, enduring what I have had to endure, I cannot help but feel that we as humankind as human beings have shown a decline, a regression, a dissolvement, in the way that we interact and relate to one another. Only in a world this screwed up can we justify or excuse the killing, torturing, exploiting, and abuse, of another human being. Only in a world, this fundamentally messed up could we give or acknowledge those individuals responsible for this type of in-humane behavior, and afford them and provide them, more rights and freedoms than that of their victims. Only in a world so demented and twisted are animals capable of more love, compassion, and mercy, than man, and yet, they are referred to as ‘animals’ and we are not. At least in the animal world, if an animal kills or maims another animal, it is out of necessity or instinct, not pleasure or sport.

At least in the animal world, the animal that hunts down another animal, takes it down ‘humanely’ enough that they go for the jugular, a quick ‘painless’ death in most cases. Not for the thrill or fun or sport of it, but out of necessity, in order to insure its survival. Even the carcass of that animal is often devoured; hyenas, jackals, vultures, they leave nothing to waste. Yet, man will shoot, stab, rape, mutilate, torture, maim, kill, another human being, just for the sheer ‘sport’ or thrill of it. If an animal attacks or kills a human being, because we have encroached or invaded its home, it is destroyed or put down. Yet, a man does it and he is entitled to his day in court, entitled to a defense and certain inalienable rights, rights his victims (s) had/have, but were denied.

I am not for or against the death penalty, nor do I profess to know what the ‘right’ answer is when it comes to how to deal with the rapid decline of man and how we treat, interact, and relate to one another. I am just merely observing and saddened by so much of what I see or have seen happening over the years. Road rage, drive-by’s, drugs, suicide, murder, rape, molestation, incest, parents abandoning or killing their young, human sex trafficking, humans, buying and selling other human beings, exploiting them, abusing them, more than 8 million children every year are bought and sold into slavery…

Penguin’s mate for life, they choose one partner/mate and one only. Many people begin marriage with a contract that protects them, in the event of divorce. Almost as though there is no intention that the union is not or will not be for life. I’ve been to several weddings and heard either bride and or groom say, right before they exchange vows, “Well, if it doesn’t work out, we can always get divorced”.  They say 52% of marriages end in divorce, but I wonder what the statistics would be if they factored in the numerous relationships that end, air, and appear on an episode of “Snapped?”

People are flying planes filled with people into buildings, children are going into schools, and riddling students and faculty with bullets, for some wrong or abuse they feel they have suffered or endured. When did human life become dispensable? Have we always had so little disregard for life? Has it always been this way? Was I just too young and too naïve to see it and only now that I am old I am taking notice?

Maybe it always has been, and I am just old now? You think this is why old people always say, “Well, when I was a kid”, so much?

It’s gotten to a point I don’t even say, ‘common sense’ anymore, because (good) sense is so uncommon and rare now. We live in such a litigious time that manufacturers must label that a vacuum is not intended for masturbatorial use. I mean seriously, have we ‘evolved’ so much that someone actually has to tell someone that putting ones penis into a vacuum for pleasure, is not recommended, or suggested. Never mind that someone actually thought about doing it, but that someone would actually do it, is the part that baffles the mind. Not only did someone do this, they actually sued the company that made the vacuum because it did not state that it could not/should not be used for that purpose, and he won! Yeah, some gross amount of money, but the fact that he won is not the only part that is disturbing, it is the fact that this person had the balls to sue in the first place. Hell, maybe that was the problem and the real reason he sued, maybe the vacuum left him with nothing but his balls?! Who knows? I only know I would just love to be there when this person tries explaining that one, to someone, when asked how he made his millions! Seriously?!


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    • raquelpier profile image

      Raquel L Pierson 6 years ago from Lancaster Ca

      Hey AKA Winston, thanks for the feedback. I am not sure if you noticed but I was not stating anything about guilt or innocence...or accusation and guilt. I happen to KNOW who murdered my 16 year old cousin, and still he only recieved a 10 year sentence-for taking a human life? I also KNOW I have a brother who is incarcerated and being accused of something he did not do, first time he has ever been in trouble with the law, and they wanted him to take a plea for 13 years. He said he will fight it all the way-give him life but he will not plea or cop to something he did not do. So, I assure you, I am hoping he will be treated 'EQUALLY UNDER THE LAW'. I just find it ironic, that my brother was expected to do more time for a lesser offense than the man that murdered my cousin. As for the cat and mouse, I have tom cats, so yes, I know they toy with their prey, before they eat it, eventually. ;)Again though, thanks for the read and the feedback.

    • profile image

      AKA Winston 6 years ago

      (in the animal world, the animal that hunts down another animal, takes it down ‘humanely’ enough that they go for the jugular, a quick ‘painless’ death)


      I guess you haven't watched a house cat with a bird or mouse?

      (he is entitled to his day in court, entitled to a defense and certain inalienable rights, rights his victims (s) had/have, but were denied.)

      Don't be confused by accusation and guilt. The purpose of the rule of law is to come as close as we can to certainty that the wrong person is not convicted of a crime he did not commit and that everyone is treated equally under the law.

      You might want to Google "Convictions overturned" or something like that to get a sense of the other side of your argument.

      Btw, I understand the source of you emotional rant - but there is another, rational side you may want to explore.

    • Wame is the name profile image

      Wame is the name 6 years ago

      The human race is so sad...Love the way you are able to write about the seriousness and make it funny!