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3: The hidden energy of the land

Updated on June 12, 2012

My rough design of a balanced symbol of the male/female energys

The hidden energy of the land, the third part of my energy topic.

As we have seen there is energy/atoms in all living life, it runs through the veins of all creation, it determines if we are happy/sad, warm/cold, high/low, light/dark can you see where i am going with this!?

It creates balance in a body, we need balance in order to function properly or we tip the scales and end up with a dis-ease.

As a few people know the land has veins (ley lines), it has a heart and it has feelings, it like us and the rest of life is alive, it also needs the balance we strive to find in our lifes.

So i beg the question, does the World seem happy/ healthy/ warm/ high/ light????

Thought that was the answer!

We have taken balance from our land our living body we call home, the balance is of light/dark, female/male. We have suppressed our feminine side, its written in all of nature, if you can see the signs, fruits are losing there seeds, and we all have seeds in our body!

There was balance in the world at different times, we have fought this battle of light/dark since the beginning of time it resonates with all opposing forces spiritual/material, yin/yang, love/ fear.

We can see what balance we were living in by the symbolism used in the era, for example 5000 years ago we had the triple spiral the Triskele which was of dominant feminine energy, which is out of balance but still was a very good time, then came the triple triangle of the Norse, the Vaulknut which was its opposite, dominant male, not so nice a time! then the earths saviour was born again Christ or which ever name suits your belief! The sun on the cross...

As we can see the two symbols were of different quality's, straight and circular, which signify male/female.

We need to balance these two symbols again as the pagan cross did, when we lost the sun from the cross is the day we lost balance, like the ankh it had the straight lines of the cross and the circle of the sun, which for those who would like to know more of where this symbol is laid on the land for all to see, is on Fen Landers research into the living land of the British, or Anglish as Fen would call them.


His research has fuelled my already electric search for balance, he has dedicated a great portion of his life to this cause, too which i pay great respect.

When we balance the earth we will balance ourselves, and the good part is we only need to inject one vein to spread the balance of life. That vein is the centre circle of the cross, we just need to put love and light back into that area and it will be carried across the veins of the world.

love life live long. x x x

Anyone interested in helping?

A good start would be to cleanse your own Mind/Thoughts with attention to negative thinking, our Body/Land with attention to our food intake and Soul/Spirit with attention to our surroundings. We continue to cuss and curse ourselves/others and the planet/weather which upsets the vibration of the whole, this also needs great attention.

This symbol above incorporates the Triskele and the Vaulknut, which are both symbols of the third dimension. Mind, Body, Soul. This is a symbol of the fifth as you can see five female circles and five male triangles, theres still a little work to get it in perfect geometry

Sacred geometry is in all life.


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