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The issue of a man marrying more than a wife: The concept of a Mormon

Updated on June 29, 2012

In the early period following the events of president Obama’s public declaration of his stand on same sex marriage, I read a hub written by my fellow Hubber and a friend who is a proud Mormon. In his hub, he asked why the idea of man marrying more than one wife should not be approved, maybe in a country like America.

It is known that some religions like Islam are in support of a man marrying more than a wife. Such ideas were also seen in the old testament of the bible and the Mormon Church also practiced it for it was once on news (CNN) on how a woman reported such incident based on her experience (against her will) as a Mormon and it seems her report was among what led to the call to stop such practice in the Mormon church and we may not know how that call was answered as the Mormon also seem to have a case on the issue as I was made to understand in my unpublished book in which I journeyed with an unborn child.

Polygamy may be called a normal practice in some traditions and cultures and even in some religion so it maybe acceptable in such places. However, in the current age of greater enlightenment through education and global call for human right protection has placed some questions on the idea.

The idea of man marrying more than a wife seem to suggest that men are superior than women or it can suggest a form of gender inequality. This is because based on justice and equity for both men and women one can ask, if it is right for a man to marry more than one wife if he wants then why can’t a woman marry more than one man, if she wants? This can also be likened to the idea that man is free to cheat in a relationship while a woman don’t have same freedom. Little wonder that the punishment for a woman caught in adultery may be severe in such settings while a man caught in same act can go unpunished.

Naturally it seems no man will want to share his wife with another man but some men would want their wife to share them with another woman. The point is that must of these women would not want to share their husband with other women but it seems they could do nothing about it because of their tradition, culture or religion so they learn to accept it and live with it.

Therefore, in response to my Mormon friend that wants to know why the issue of a man marrying more than one wife is wrong while same sex marriage is welcomed by some laws. I think there are two different things. This is because same sex partner come together at will. That is nothing is imposed on any of the partners so they join the union freely and willingly. This can not be compared to a situation where a man decides to marry a second, third or forth wife against the wish of the first wife as it suggests that the feelings and emotions of the first wife was not respected or sought after before such decisions were taken. Let us also remember that such a woman is also a human and as such has right to her own opinion in the matter as it affects her right and happiness. Let us also remember that for the simple reason that such practices are acceptable in some religions, cultures, and traditions may not necessarily mean that the women love it. Some of them may accept it because they could not do anything about it. Moreover, it can be argued that such practices were welcomed or common in the age when man needed to multiply and have a large family because of war or farming or for any other reason like to increase their religious movement.

However, the case would be different if both partners agree that the man can go ahead to get a second wife or more. This may be for some reasons best known to them and maybe it is only then that both partners will be happy as a polygamous family.

Therefore I do not know the kind of a law my Mormon friend wants on polygamy in American and perhaps other developed countries that support same sex marriages. Is it a law where families will have the right to choose to be polygamy or not?


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