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The Lunatic in the White House

Updated on July 9, 2020

President Donald J. Trump

President Donald J. Trump
President Donald J. Trump | Source

The Election Of Donald John Trump

On January the 20th, 2016 we the people elected Donald John Trump as our 45th President Of The United States. It was an amazing moment in American history. A business man not a politician had given the people hope and promise of " Making America Great Again " or " MAGA " as it would come to be called. It would become the most controversial election ever in American history. As soon as he was elected the left liberals including the Democrats who controlled the U.S. House of Representatives would begin to try and overturn a election by the people.

During his campaign he promised the thing most Americans only dreamed of " America First ". To bring back the jobs that had had been exported to countries with cheap labor, to make our economy boom again, create jobs and to lower taxes.

He began to tackle these things from day one and continues to do so. The most important of these to put Americans first.

No one really believed he would run he did, no one believed he would win he did and no one believed he could turn America around for Americans he has.

The Swearing In Of Donald Trump

Trump swearing
Trump swearing | Source
Trump inauguration
Trump inauguration | Source

The First Year

The first year of President Trumps presidency was marked by a strong record and a long list of accomplishments. He fulfilled many of his major campaign promises and set many records for a first year presidency.

During his first year as President #45 Donald Trump has faced a continuous onslaught of opposition at every turn. It has reached unprecedented levels that had it been another president would have been called treasonous.

His governing style like his campaign style was considered confrontational and loud taking on the liberal left with an unseen style which has endeared him to his masses of followers who stand in line battling the elements for days for a chance to see him speak.. The opposition on the left and liberals have called him " The Lunatic in The White house", Orange man " and unstable and unfit. Many have even labeled him treasonous.

The hate and name calling has even made his family wife Melania and their 13 year old son Barron targets. His supporters and staff have been attacked on the streets and in public venues. All of this is because he is keeping the promise to " Make America Great Again".

The following is a small list of his first year accomplishments :

(1) Tax cuts and Job Act

(2) Repealed Individual Mandate from Obamacare

(3) Election of Justice Neil Gorsuch

(4) Record set for first year Judicial appointments

(5) Historic Reduction in illegal immigration

(6) Destruction of ISIS Caliphate

(7) Re-surging boom of the American economy

(8) Deregulation of the Militant Administrative State

(9) Reviving NASA

(10) Stock market record

(11) NATO reforms

(12) 81 Signed Legislative Accomplishments

All of this accomplished while dealing daily with the constant onslaught of obstruction, opposition and hate.

President Donald J.Trump truly had an amazing first year.

DACA Protesters
DACA Protesters | Source
Illegal caravan coming to United states
Illegal caravan coming to United states | Source

DACA, Immigration And The Border Wall

One of President Trumps main promises in his bid for the white house was "America First " and one of the steps in achieving that was to cut illegal immigration. He is keeping that promise. As of February 2020 there has been 110 miles of border wall completed and it is still being built. Statistics show that 10.5 million people enter the United States illegally every year. The birth of babies to these illegals in November of 2018 was 250,000. The United States paid for the birth, education and for the majority the support using social programs. Their birth automatically gives them birthright citizenship and their illegal parents a way to apply for status here. The argument from people who support open borders is that these illegals pay taxes. The truth is the burden of their support on our education system and social services they receive out ways their tax contribution by millions of dollars. The fact they are separated from their children ahs been a rallying cry lately but think of it, if an American Citizen goes to prison they are separated from their children for years. When are people who break the law above American citizens rights?

DACA Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals an illegal program put into effect by President Barack Obama during his administration by an executive order. This program allowed illegal immigrants who were brought here illegally by their parents when they were under 10 years old were shielded from deportation and given work permits and allowed to have a work permit. As of November 2019 there were 909,700 who were given the DACA protected status. These people are not children anymore. They are in their 30's and many have had children as in the above case many have had children who were given birthright citizenship. In all the years they have been here they have taken no steps to get a legal status here.

In 2020 the U.S. Supreme Court let DACA stand because the papers filed by the Trump Administration were not properly filed or did not give a sufficient reason for terminating the program. HELLO !! What part of ILLEGAL do they not understand? The Trump administration is preparing to refile the papers.

From the people who support DACA all they say is Trump is racist. It has nothing to do with racism. ILLEGAL is the code word here. Do we reward people for breaking the law?/ If an American citizen is convicted of a crime does his children get to keep the profits from their crime. Of course not!! So we should not reward these so called children for their parents crimes. They should be deported and have to apply and wait in line like the others who are doing it the right way.

The Impeachment of President Donald Trump
The Impeachment of President Donald Trump | Source

The Impeachment of Donald J.Trump

Before he was ever elected there was a movement on the left to get Donald Trump out of the White House. On December 18, 2019 the House of Representatives voted to impeach the president of the United States, Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

For three and a half years the left dug up what they claimed was dirt on President Trump. Russian collusion, adultery and tax fraud anything they thought would fly. Nothing stuck. On February 5th of 2020 the president was acquitted by the Senate of all charges.

The House continues on this path saying they are looking at another impeachment, another waste of taxpayer money.

Black Lives Matter and the 2020 election

On May 25th 2020 George Floyd died in Minnesota after a police officer kneeled on his neck. This was tragic. It was later revealed he was high on meth and fentanyl. He was kicking and and screaming in the back of the police car was the reason for the restraint. He also had a long criminal history including holding a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach in Texas. Far from the saint he was portrayed as by the media.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) a marxist group famous for starting riots and creating havoc during times like this right away became involved. During the past three months since the incident Minneapolis and other U.S cities have been subject to rioting, looting and burning. they say they wanted justice but the officers were arrested and it still didn't stop. This is not a peaceful protest. The stealing , burning and assaults continue. Innocent people have been killed, assaulted and their livelihood taken from them. Our streets are not safe. Over the past three months there have been several children killed by thugs who have taken over neighborhoods and streets. Black lives matter has been painted on taxpayer funded streets and ordinary citizens have come under assault.

History Erased: They started with the Confederate statutes saying they represented white supremacy. Everyone was warned then that it wouldn't stop there. it has escalated to Christopher Columbus, George Washington and the other founding fathers. It has now escalated to the American flag which they have burned and stepped on and the " Abolish the police" movement. These people are not being stopped or prosecuted.They are being released after blocking roads and assaulting citizens. We have U.S congress women who are calling to destroy our system of justice and government and replace it with communism and socialism. There is not one country that comes to mind where this has worked. Venezuela is a prime example.

Do we want our country to become a socialist country? A communist country??

There is an election in November 2020 which will determine the future of The United States Of America ! I am praying that our future remains bright and we remain secure. As for me.... I'll be voting for the lunatic in the White House.

© 2020 christalluna1124


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