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The Many Denials Of David Cameron.

Updated on November 28, 2015
David Cameron In Debate.
David Cameron In Debate. | Source

Cameron The Seasonal Denier.

When watching the exchange between Primeminister David Cameron and leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn one thing becomes clear: Jeremy Corbyn since taking over leadership of the Labour party has revolutionised the way in which questons are asked of the Primeminister in the fact that he has been inviting members of the public to e - mail in their own questions which have covered various subjects which are then put to David Cameron.

The subject of cuts to tax credits is a controversial measure proposed by this government and is opposed by MPs of all hues and was recently delayed in a vote in the House of Lords. However Chancellor George Osborne said he was still going to carry on with the cuts possibly with some tweeks here and there and possibly measures to compensate those low paid workers who will be affected by these measures. Cameron maintains that with the proposed rise in the living wage as outlined in George Osborne's budget that will off set the cut in Tax Credits.

When putting questions to David Cameron today at PMQs (Primeminister's Question Time) Jeremy Corbyn highlighted the question about Tax Credits and will people be any better or worse off once those cuts come to bite and it seemed Cameron did not answer the question directly but reeled off a series of words repeating Conservative party policy of how the uping of the living wage would compensate those in losing their tax credits when in work. Corbyn asked this question of Cameron six times last week and did not get a direct answer so it was the same today. Also Corbyn had to stop and stand in silence as the Conservative back benchers were booing and behaving like animals where the Speaker of the House had to intervine so Mr Corbyn could continue. David Cameron also got rather personal in his attacks on Corbyn which so far it appears Corbyn has thus refused to partake in.

It is very very clear that Mr Cameron is refusing to answer Jeremy Corbyn's directly which is the reaction of a typical politician.


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