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The maps of the world and the Revelation of John: Part 2

Updated on May 16, 2016

Part II. The terrifying appearance of the fourth image

At that time, after seeing three images in the midst of the world map, I was utterly smiling. It is one of the crazy things I had experienced in life and it brought me good refreshment.

Then, suddenly, something agitated my mind.

“The face of a man”, I started thinking.

As if I had encountered something which says about the face of a man. I struggled hardly, thinking when or where did I encountered it but out of anxiety, I couldn’t. And as I started getting nervous, my body suggested this might be something big. I tried to review everything I did hoping that it will lead me to the answer.

And then, in the middle of my panic, I remembered reading about the ‘Book of Revelation’ of ‘The New Testament’ and how I prayed God for the meaning of the four living creatures.

Hurled by my faith, I ran at the place where I left the scripture. I opened the Book and scanned the Revelation and there, in the 4th chapter, on the 7th verse, it speaks of;

“The first living creature was like a lion, the second living creature like a calf, the third living creature had a face like a man, and the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle.”

I was shocked!

The lion, the face like a man and the flying eagle or chicken whatsoever! I had seen them in the midst of the world map and John had seen them too in the midst of the throne and around the throne of God approximately 1,900 years ago.

The 3rd living creature having a face like a man because of its peculiarity was deeply implanted on my mind causing an after-effect on the 3rd image I saw in the map.

But I had seen only three yet John is prophesying of four.

Where in the world can I find that fourth creature which according to John, looks like a calf!?

It can hardly be a coincidence now!

I only need to look for it and I must see it if these things can be for real.

Inspired and alarmed, I looked again at that same political map and figured out the calf.

I am through at North America, South America, Africa and some part of Asia.

I examined Australia; it does not look like a calf.

I gazed at Antarctica, far be it to appear like a calf.

I beheld the countries of South-East Asia. Impossible, there was no calf lying in there.

I gazed at the map for quite some time but I could not figure out where it is hiding.

Everything had already been eliminated apart from Central Asia.

Central Asia is a bit curly and wavy and frizzy and I thought it might somehow manufacture calf image given enough time under wild imagination. So, I fixed my concentration there.

At first, it was very difficult to see any evidences of a calf but I was trying to verify John’s account and not to mention, prayed for its meaning. So, I struggled to pull out that image.

I forced it to come out of that section long and steadily,



It appeared for the second time in history after John had first foreseen it during the first century A.D.

And it was on my astounded eyes!


With the People’s Republic of China comprising the head with its horns.

The India as its right foot forward and the countries of Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam as the other,

The image, together with Afghanistan and Pakistan, bears features in common with a calf especially if the other backgrounds are receded.

At a common instance, it is impossible to notice, but once detected, it is clearer than you could imagine.

I could have shouted for joy.

I cannot believe that it is true.

I am amazed, bewildered and astonished!

This is impossible, terribly impossible.

Was I dreaming?!!!

“No amount of words and explanations can describe the spirit working on me at that time but one thing is for sure, that this thing is big, something really big. The impact is worldwide and is dumbfounding.

The lion, the calf, the face of a man and the flying eagle which John had spoken of on the first century A.D. is actually the creation of the world nineteen more centuries!

And it has been successfully and faithfully done as testified by the book Earth’s Geography and Environment on the 32nd and 33rd pages. I wanted to tell the world what I’ve seen at that time to discern their reactions. I realized I am not capable.

But far be it to conclude that the mystery has been solved and obviated.

Behold, an even greater mystery is about to come.”


Part III. The image of the Lamb: removing the shadow of doubts

That time was really dramatic for me. I do not know what to do next and I guess anyone else in my place would feel the same. My perplexed feet brought me to my younger brother then in the house and my mouth had voluntarily spoken,

“Can you see the images I have seen in these pages of the book?”

I pointed him where they are in the sections of the map and every time, he says,

Yes, I can see it too!”

I also called some of my younger sisters having their own businesses. After we gathered and talked about the matter, all unanimously approved, only, they have not demonstrated the kind of expression I expected them to deliver, certainly because of their tender ages.

They simply did not satisfy me. The reason is, maybe, because I have approached the wrong persons. So I went out of the house into my father then resting after tending his kabir chickens and finishing his daily routines of watering the vegetable garden backyard.

I introduced him the book with its mystical images and told him,

“Can you see?”

My father spent a long time figuring them out. Oftentimes, he is speechless of my verifications and had not shown unusual reactions. There is nothing I can do more. Dissatisfied, I went again inside the house with the question resounding in my head,

“What if I am only deceived or overreacting?” - But John and I had seen these creatures and they seem obvious. I rested for a while thinking over this matter.

Afterwards, I get again into the business and see if I can gather some other proofs. I continued reading the Book of Revelation till I reached the 6th verse of chapter 5.

It Says,

“And I looked, and behold, in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as though it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God, sent out into all the earth.”


This verse is speaking of a lamb in the midst of the four living creatures which is to say that a fifth creature, the lamb, could be elsewhere in the map of the world. I began searching the map to see where I can find the lamb. I perceived that the lamb must be bigger than any of the four creatures as the accounts of the revelation implies and further, it is in the midst of the four. So I looked at the four living creatures in totality to find out if there was indeed a lamb in its midst.

The next thing I felt I remembered was the spirit of God’s humility pouring down at me.

How frail am I for doubting. I was deeply humbled. Who am I in the midst of the world to obtain eyes that see? But the lamb was there and I had seen it.

The world is the lamb!

The whole land area of the earth apart from Antarctica and some other scattered few islands is the lamb.

The four living creatures, taken collectively, picture a beautifully designed lamb.

The lion, the calf, the face of a man and the flying eagle where accurately positioned by some terribly great powerful forces to form the image of the lamb.

The whole world is patterned after the lamb!

Now where will this leave us?

The foolish thing a man can conclude is “Everything is just a coincidence!” or “God, still, does not exist!”

Could it be now rational and empirical to think that the cause of Pangaea’s split is God?

That God determined the nature and manner of the cuts?

That God is actually positioning the split tectonic plates to resemble the image of the lamb?

And that God is intervening in world affairs, specially, politically, so that the boundaries of the world’s countries and continents would fit the illustrations of the beasts as foreseen by John?

Nay, everything is impossibly a coincidence!

If God does not exist,

Then what law in science can explain this phenomenon?

`“The Earth’s Geography resembling a perfect design”


Oftentimes, the scripture is speaking of the lamb, who, according to its own arguments, is the Christ.

In the Book of Daniel is written that:

the stone, cut out from a mountain, by no human hand, strike the ten toes of the image seen by Nebuchadnezzar and the image breaks into pieces and the stone became a huge mountain that filled the whole earth.

Religion knew that the stone is Christ.

Science, in turn, knew that the stone filling the whole earth is its Geography.

Now, we have known that the Earth’s geography portrays a lamb.

It appears then that the stone is indeed the lamb, whom is Christ, and the testimony of Daniel is accurate, faithful and true, only, sealed!

But again, the questions, “Where will these things leave us?” and “Where from now will we be going if God is to be true?” lay hanging on a balance.

If God is indeed intervening,

What will be His next move? And who is able to stop Him from doing so?

What will become of the world from now on, now that we have known, Him, alone, rules.

He determines the ends of events and He is bringing it to pass. He is prophesying of many things in the scriptures and He can make them happen.


Did not the late Winston Churchill addressed,

“ I may indeed have a blind soul that cannot see that there is some great purpose being worked out here below.”?

Some 2000 years ago, the events of today can already be forecasted. Will there be a way to look at the world 2000 years hence? What lies hereafter? But still, no amount of question and answer forum can satisfy how these things had happened in as much as the human funds of knowledge is concerned.

Only one answer is undeniably tolerable;

God is real and is working out something here below.

As to what purpose, mankind has been deceived and blinded. As long as the gate is closed and the key is lost, everything else follows to be hidden, sealed!

The entire Holy Bible is sealed because its accounts are not plain and literal but spiritual and unsearchable.

Many great men, wise men, reputable men attempted to explain the Holy Bible but not one of them succeeded. Always, their testimonies were opposed and ridiculed apart from their followers.

The Holy Bible cannot be totally understood claimed itself and History agreed.

But, one thing is certain;

The Holy Bible is true, with a Divine Authorship from someone with extreme attributes, intelligence and power that no human mind comes close enough to comprehend.

Because of that huge and impenetrable gap, God said that His wisdom is merely foolishness for men but we have just seen that this foolishness, even trying to manipulate and deceive the billions of lives, is far wiser for men to discover.

It took mankind’s entire era of existence, at its finest moment, just at the brink of its collapse, to make it possible for Him to be known.


And yet, even that would not suffice! Save my lousy and backward approach (yet, empirically, just what the secular world needs) of hunting animals in the pages of a book.

There must be some greater purpose for that, and if that purpose is God’s, once again, how incomprehensible that purpose can be?

Watch out for part 3. :)


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    • profile image

      Norine Williams 2 years ago

      "Who am I in the midst of the world to obtain eyes that see?"

      A Prophet to tell the world - THERE IS A GOD!

      How many times have I (in the flesh) questioned GOD and said the very same thing? Who am I? The "world" won't believe! The world will NEVER turn from their belief in RELIGION, traditions, and what they're being "taught" by their pastors, schools and seminaries! But being "driven" by THE VOICE inside, I obey!

      I see IT! Before I'd read your HUB, I knew what it was going to say! GOD told me to type "You all had better listen to this man, for he tells TRUTH!"

      The four countries will "think" they will rule, BUT GOD!

      I keep telling ALL to change their ways of thinking toward GOD and obey The Gospel of Christ which is the ONLY way to receive Salvation and be prepared for His return for It's soon, Very SOON!


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