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The maps of the world and the Revelation of John: Part 3

Updated on May 16, 2016

Part IV. The Continent of Europe: A very special image

Prior to the birth of Jesus Christ, Europeans have already been playing a special role on the earth.

The Greeks and the Romans were known to be great Conquerors. The Roman Empire which is the finest in ancient history have lasted for several hundreds of years until momentarily torn down by the Barbarians.

But wars in Europe have not ceased. Over and over, wars continue to resurrect in Europe.

Majority of the countries went involved. Rome conquered. Spain and Portugal divided the world for their possessions.

Germany, Italy, France, Britain and all neighboring countries alike get involved in wars even World War I and II.

The most common perception after the War abated in the 1950’s is that it is impossible for Europe to unite.

Surprisingly, Europe is now a stable and unified Continent.


In the 1986 edition of Earth’s Geography and Environment, the political boundaries of Europe picture a handsome warhorse on the act of charging for a battle.

The Finland is its face, Sweden and Denmark its neck and Norway its hair. The Ireland and UK serve as its tail. The rest resemble the feet and the body beautifully built.

The continent when seen at a close encounter is a perfectly shaped horse so ideal that it is arduous to mistake it for a coincidence.

It is far wiser to conclude that someone had given forth birth to its design and brought it to pass.

God claimed He did.

An even further mystery is that why the inhabitants before of that country behaved the way the image of their continent suggest? - A horse, which implies war and dominance?

One explanation is possible. God intended it to happen. Whatever the purpose is and however beyond it is from our imagination, God, in all intention, made it happen.

And now, He fixed a remembrance of Europeans attitude even prior to John up to the end of the World War II, or shall we say, up to the coming events?

The Europe is a horse and it is its righteous identity and legacy for mankind. Had God already fulfilled His purpose for Europe or is He just preparing to?

This is just one of the paramount questions worth mentioning now?


Part V. The South East Asian Peninsula: The Last but not the Least Image

Feng Shui experts in the Philippines claim that the country represents a weary man, a man in distress consisting only of the head, the body and the Palawan Islands as its hands.

They say that this is the reason why Filipinos, ever since its history begun, were always oppressed. The troubles in the country continue to escalate financially, socially, politically and spiritually.

Many solutions were proposed and many actions were implemented but not one deviated the course of history. Up to now, the nation is following the path of confusion and poverty.

These are the predictions of the local prophets based on the history and present condition.

Although their theory might be right, in fact, they are merely halfway the truth. Had they only seen the whole footprint for they only viewed half.

So now, let me do the honour of filling the missing sections.

The Southeast Asian peninsula resembles a complete image.

The Philippines composed the upper half body and its feet is running down all through Indonesia taking up Ujung Pandang and Baubau as its left and right feet respectively.

The bridge of islands connecting Philippines to Malaysia is its left and right hand. The Philippines and central part of Indonesia pictures a weary man standing on something and holding something.


Now at this point, I want to inject something. There is this verse in the gospel of Matthew saying,

“Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation’, spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, standing in the Holy Place” (whoever reads let him understand) and also in the gospel of Mark “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation’ spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, Standing where it ought not” (let the reader understand).

I knew that sometime in the past, an abomination of desolation was set up in Jerusalem but were removed by the Maccabean revolt.

However, these verses could not possibly be referring to that event.

Jesus Christ is prophesying for an event of the latter days for He said

“When you see the abomination of desolation standing in the Holy Place, then there will be a great tribulation such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no nor ever shall be. And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved.”

Nothing in the past happened like this. The theme is future and probably a few years from now.

Now what does it have to do with Southeast Asia?

As I have said, the Philippines is standing upon something composed of the Islands of Indonesia properly arranged forming a somewhat circular pattern with the feet of a man at its centre.

Now what could that arrangement be?

Let me add another detail. The Philippines is holding something in the place of Brunei, Malaysia, and Borneo.

Therefore, I can say that the whole image of Southeast Asian archipelago comprises a man upon something and holding something.

If you look at the picture very closely specially on the page 453 of “Earth’s Geography and Environment”, the scene does not look to bad to conclude that the man is standing in the Holy Place.


- Because the arrangement of Indonesian Archipelago looks like an altar as demanded by the censer or the offering held by the man. It looks like a man standing in the altar and holding a golden censer as an offering to God!


I may be too conclusive but look at it with your own eyes and decide for yourself since Jesus Christ said, “(let the reader understand)”.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Your eyes are not mine. If I say something like this, do not immediately conform, but judge according to your understanding. But honestly, does it or does it not?

Or if I say that Europe looks like a horse, do your eyes say that it looks like a worm?

Behold, you have eyes to see, else you are blind.

Don’t let others preoccupy your verdict but judge sincerely and righteously, and then your path will surely be straightened.

But if this thing is real, surely, the Southeast Asian nations to include Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore were the one prophesied by Daniel and Jesus Christ as the gateway to that Great Tribulation and the switch is the setting up of the mystical “abomination of desolation”.

Now why did Mark comment, “standing where it ought not”?

One reason might possibly be due to a resident country who do not deserve where she stood. For example, one country is infested with corruption and immorality among the people.

Or it may also be that other countries deserve more to be in place of the one who is actually standing on the holy place.

However, God predestined this country to stand on the Holy Place and we have nothing to say about it! The picture itself bears witness.


Part VI. What about Australia: How do I look?

Let us have a short review. So far, the North America had taken the image of the Flying Eagle.

The South America took a man’s face looking upward. Europe, Africa and Asia were composite of the Horse, Lion and Calf.

The sixth of the image is the man standing in the Holy Place which we just discussed.


Now, where is the seventh that is going to complete the seven horns and seven eyes of the Lamb, the World, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth?

It cannot possibly be Antarctica, that’s inhabitable. There is only one influential continent left uninvolved; Australia.

But Australia hardly represents an image, does it? Anyway, the impact of Australia in world events cannot be put at nought. Australia is one big powerful country we cannot afford to eliminate from the picture.

It is indeed the seventh horn and seventh eye of the lamb. But to explain how it all happened is a very long saga whose basic accounts were preserved and sealed in the Book of Genesis and is intended to be discussed on a different occasion.

This is an entirely new concept in absolute opposition to what the world knows and approves. Deliberating it now is like feeding a new born baby with a solid meat.

If I do, the baby might perish! Suffice it for now to say that Australia with New Zealand and other eastern islands will be affiliated to the Man standing in the Holy Place in the coming world events not excluding this generation.


Part VII. The Conclusion

Now that we have almost completed the chapters, I want to inform everyone that here is not where my labour will end. I still have several works to do and please read them too once you have sightings.

Alright! We have just described the world in a manner entirely different from the accounts of Science and Pangaea.

We have given meaning for its bringing forth and the agnostics view has been eliminated. The world did not just come to happen by chance or by some blind processes of evolution.

The world may have evolved but that evolution is not blind. It did not happen by itself and it does not make sense at all to assume it that way.

World events have been guided by spiritual forces even from the beginning of history and up to now. And now at last, at long last, your very own eyes have proven it! Why?


If God is not true, has the world gone crazy or is this civilization ethereal!?

Why don’t you slap your face for a while and feel it? Who knows you might only be dreaming!

But if you feel the rush of pain coming through, then you know these things are for real. Right on your face!

And if God indeed does not exist, then please tell me how are you going to deal with that voice that commanded John to



For John indeed had seen the world in the making and had described the countries of today together with their predestined political boundaries.

No way can these things be taken for granted. Humanity will mark the time that these wisdoms were forecasted for it is the time when humanity stumbled after a very long journey.

The world resembles a perfect design and it is plain, the world is a product of a perfect creator.

May the faith of God be poured unto you – Amen…


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