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The more powerfull the Government the dumber the people get

Updated on July 6, 2010
The Government always has time for lunch
The Government always has time for lunch


I can't tell you how many times I have heard in my carrier as a cop " you can't get there from here." People in government usually have an attitude of supremacy. Information learned is usually kept secret from the people at large.

As a rule I have found older government employees able and ready to help you any time you ask. Than there's those folks that just don't want to be there talking to such stupid people. It seems like the larger the city the more distance the information becomes. Any time your in a long line waiting for a drivers license or permits,or just in general people seem to be rude when its your turn.

The larger the government gets the more they look for people who have no social skills to operate the individual departments. Why is it that the same information ask for in a small town takes you ten times longer to get at the county seat or another large town , lets say Atlanta just because its close to me, it could be any big city I'm not looking for a pissing contest here just a very bad example to show you.

Oh here's a good one, I applied for unemployment here a couple years ago when I worked for a company that misrepresented the corporation structure as far as taxes. upon leaving the company because they were not taking out taxes at all, and they were misrepresenting the employee status as well. Well I had worked most of my life until this point and it was just a simple decision to make to leave the company, the owner was stealing funds from the stock holders, and the company suffered for it.

Upon applying for unemployment in local Gainesville, Ga office, I learned that I had no work history even though I had just retired from a local Sheriff's office in the same state. Now I really know what its like to see a hundred people applying for this same benefits from a foreign country with no work experience that they can tell about. A young girl call my name and told me the bad news,I didn't qualify and that I could appeal the process but without any work history in the state there was no chance of getting the $ 200.00 per week check. I told the lady that I smoked that much up in cigars every month and it was clear to me who was running the asylum.

Well I didn't get any checks but I was back to work within a couple days without it, it just makes me so mad that we all contribute over our life time to the local and Federal Government thousands of dollars just in case the need every arise that we would be temporarily out of work there would be a little fund there to help.

Now I know we all have these stories to tell some more crazier than others, but we all get through without there help. I think there should be a private insurance that covers you in case of job lost. As a private company part of the money you payed into the the insurance would be refunded back to you upon retirement from the work force. Just look at our all knowing Federal Government and the way they do business, you get nothing back not even a fake gold watch for years of hard work and not using the system and all the money you paid into the unemployment system.

The Social Security system is another one that just takes and takes from the masses and only gives back what it thinks you should have. Now God forgive you should die before receiving your work benefits, your spouse would only get enough to bury you with, know that's a laugh you can't even bury a cat for that amount.

The more the Federal Government seizes power from the people the less and less we are going to get, there's a difference from getting back what we paid in than getting back what someone else paid in. Most of the God fearing citizens of America still believe in the American way of life. Working hard your whole life , getting a little Social Security to off set retirement and relaxing on a small piece of property you paid for your whole life.

Well guess what there is a bunch of Federal workers that think the same however, they will be retiring because they have a different system to protect them so they may be buying your small farm. Sounds unbelievable just look around you and get your head out of the sand. Get involved this year and just ask for an accounting of your money in Washington, you will hear, we have changed a few things around here and it will be better for you in retirement at age 70, know that sounds like the cat's meowl to me how about you. The most important thing you can do this year is vote, I plan to vote a full ballet of new people, they haven't had a chance to lie to us yet and just maybe there might just be a good one in the bunch.


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  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    I feel you ... things are not looking good. The New World Order is soon here: centralization of wealth and power (political control), disolvement of the middle class, one world economy, etc. Soon there will be only two classes: the wealthy (rulers) and the poor (the slaves). We're moving back towards the Middle Ages and the monarchical system where a few at the top have everything and the rest crawl on the floor for crumbs.

    End financial slavery by restricting multinational corporations from doing what they want (ex: BP) and call your representative in the government and tell them the Federal Reserve Bank needs to go immediately!