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The most hated RACE yet the most powerful.

Updated on December 23, 2012

The Latin American Flags.

The Latin Flags.
The Latin Flags. | Source

The ignorance of People.

I always stop and listen to people's opinions of other people, specifically when the topic of their conversation is about the Hispanic race. I am so amazed of what it is said, if these words were heard or listen by any particular person, one would think that these people were in the Hitler era. How is it that a person could hate another person so much? without even knowing what those people are about or who they are.

I have seen many people of the Hispanic race, be the most helpful, outgoing and willing to assist without any expectations. Yea granted, we have our own misguided bunch that causes every one else to categorize us in the same group, but what race doesn't have the same bunch or worst. I've known people of different races, that have received donated blood or organs from Hispanics and they have judged or hated Hispanics. "Just a suggestion don't Judge", before you do that look at yourself first, because the person that you hate might be the one that will save you or help you one way or another.

People that judge, without cause or justification, are the ones that ask for our support, when voting comes around every year in November. These are the same people that have a family member somewhere that came from another country or even themselves are descendant's of immigrants.

The Hispanic population in 2000 per the U.S. Census was 35,305,818, and now in 2010 the population is 48.4 million and growing, it is estimated to grow according to USA Today. So I suggest to every ignorant minded person, politician to really start thinking of which way to start looking towards for help or support, because before you know it your family can be part Hispanic in one way or another.

Hearts of Warriors.

Heart of a Warrior
Heart of a Warrior | Source

Our Fighting History.

We have come a long way to be suppress and be told that we can't do anything in life, or that we can't be successful or accomplish goals, after all America is the supposed land of opportunity.

We have hearts of warriors and everything that we do, we do it with honor and passion.

We didn't cross the borders the borders crossed us. And our ultimate purpose and goal is to regain power over the abuse or our so called politicians.



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    • profile image

      3 years ago

      No reason most of us, Mexicans, don't stay in Mexico is because most of the government, people in position of power, and law enforcements are very corrupted. Not to mention cartels. But the US needs us regardless.

    • profile image

      Fact check. 

      4 years ago

      1. Take out illegal immigrants today. The totality of them.

      World economy stops.

      Sure it won't last a year. But it will be partly irrecoverable.

      2. The resulting economy change will cause catastrophic amount of domino effect on every major industry in America. Yes, even cars and houses.

      This domino effect isn't just one after another event. It is also an avalanche.

      3. As pathetic, menial, worthless, monotonous jobs Mexicans and other Central/South Americans perform, they are somewhat necessary to achieve cleanness of the facade that is America.

      4. This article and its comments are all useless.

      Future of America is gone. If you could flip American continent, you'd see "Made in China" clearly scratched into it every few square feet.

      5. Only way America recovers is if they actively trade with Central America and pull major labor force from China.

      Well, we won't recover. But we won't give China any bigger footing.

      6. America is now at descending stage of a failing empire.

      Learn another language and develop ubiquitously needed, but not so uncommon skill (not entertainment). as fail-safe means.

      7. You all will live longer than 80. But you won't have money to enjoy the rest of your life starting at 65 (medical bills, no job).

      You will barely have enough to live day by day. If you're even lucky enough to be in that percentage of luxury.

    • Samoria Preston profile image

      Samoria Preston 

      5 years ago from Hesperia, California

      I really didn't like this article at all. It just sounds like you're a really sensitive dude and that you've been hurt in the past and you never were able to get over it. Everybody has experienced some form of racism or discrimination in their lifetime (yes even white people). It just sounds like you're whining! Hispanics get treated really well in America and I know that for a fact! I live in California and every time I walk in a business, store or some type of establishment they always make sure everything's written twice... in English and in Spanish! I've been turned down for several jobs because I can't speak Spanish! Most of the jobs out here in California are ran by HISPANICS!! Are you kidding me!! What other nationality does the U.S cater more to than HISPANICS!!! I don't see people getting turned down for jobs because they couldn't speak Chinese!!! I don't walk into the DMV here in California and see driver's handbooks printed in French... but I see them in Spanish!!!!! I know of more than a thousand Hispanics who can't even speak English with more jobs than the very people who were born here and know it fluently!!! I've never seen an Asian man or woman who didn't know a lick of English with a job!!! Let a lone thousands of them!!! I personally think the Jews were treated worse than any other nationality followed by African Americans!! Big deal Mexico lost the war and California among other states joined the Union!! Is that the worst you can think of that happened to your people? Because last I checked your ancestors weren't raped, beaten and forced into slavery and some radical leader didn't try to commit mass genocide on your entire race!! When I read your article it sounds like you're trying to gloat and propagate Mexican people and in a weird twist of irony you sound sort of racist yourself and you come off as self-promoting like Hispanics are the best thing that happened to America since sliced bread. Instead you should have named your article "Let Me Waste People's Time While I Brag About My Race."

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Black skin is like a bodyguard.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I agree 100 percent with the comments made on illegal immigrants; it's not cool at all. I'm from Argentina and, by the way, I came to the US legally with a purpose: I want to graduate from dental school and contribute to this country.

      Back in my country we have the same issue with Paraguayans (people from Paraguay); they come to our country illegally and since they have no education or are not able to get a job because of their status, they rob other people and cause trouble. The reason why Argentinians hate Paraguayans is because they don't contribute anything to the success of our country, but they help increase the crime rate and poverty.

      Now, I'm not saying that Mexicans or Hispanics should be hated because there are Mexicans or Hispanics out there that are studying or working legally just like me and I don't think it would be fair to treat us as illegal or trespassers just because we look Hispanic. Also, remember that after all we are all humans made by the same God. There's no heaven for whites and heaven for black. There's only one God and one heaven for all of those who respect God's creation and love their neighbors as themselves. Take it form animals, you won't ever see a tiger kill another tiger or a shark bite another shark. This is because they love and respect their own species, now, how come we being the smartest species in the whole biosphere can't get along and behave rationally. We should be protecting and supporting are own kind not hating them.

      I love you all no matter where you're from or who you are. I believe that God, my father, made you and I should respect his work in order to be part of his kingdom one day. I know that some of you may make fun of these words, but let's face it: Who made us or why are we here? I believe that there's something divine behind our existence and we should be more careful with the things we say or do because we're all going to face death one day and we'd better be ready for that because we don't know what is waiting for us. Just live life, love everyone, and we'll see that your shoulder will feel lighter and we'll stop being responsible for people's suffering.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      beaners are parasites... why do u think mexicans flea their country more then any other? to get away from their own race because they can't stand themselves

    • Marquis profile image


      5 years ago from Ann Arbor, MI

      I am surprised he did not say Black race is the most hated race. Most Hispanics can easily pass for White.

      Hispanics marry Whites at a higher rate versus Asian or Black people.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hispanics are ruining the US. taking jobs from Americans because they will work for pennies. I am not a racist but that is the truth...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hispanic isn't a race you freaking imbecile. Spanish (from Spain) are 100% Caucasian and they are "Hispanic". Do you think they are anything like Dominicans? What an idiot.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Why don't you teach each other to use a garbage can. Start with something simple.

      I mean you cant even get that done.

    • profile image

      the true 

      6 years ago

      first of all yea we Hispanics we come here just to work hard make these counrty "U.S.A" better we not here to take it down we here to help we work minimum wage for god sakes ppl open your fking dam eyes these world is never come to peace mind cause of our dam politicians i don't hate no one i love all i wanna know bout everything and anything when i see ppl hating on my race just makes me sad everyone believes the media that we r bad ppl when the true we r hard working ppl n wanna have the same respect as the rest plz just give us a chance we have not done nothing bad that u haven't Europeans have done in past to these "country" stole land from Native Americans n we the bad just for working hard for your benefit -_- just shows how dumb humans society is stop hating for no reason we just show pride for our land that's all don't get mad=( sad still in war with each over thousands of yrs just sad these world is never gonna change together we strong when will we learn

    • profile image

      america dream 

      6 years ago

      many hispanics are nice,cool, friendly but i have issues with mexican they just cant try to work hard at mexico so they can keep there life ther but NOOO instead u decided to cross to the usa n take it for granted and the worst is a lot of mexican i notice always wear mexican shirt or have flags but it not the usa flag and that sad to put up the mexican flag over our us flag some mexican who filled there papershould live here but not the one who crossed the borders and ride off with a pickup truck with 5 people in the back! if a visitor from another country see how cool is america but all there see is a bunch of rude mexicans again all i just want is mexican to come here at least learn our main language not take over our country by putting mexican food and music all over the usa. and what really notice that not all but a majority of mexican kid are rude . im from florida and i seen cuban are not as bad as mexican . 9 out of ten cuban at least know good enough english but when i visit dallas

    • profile image

      Fabian Roman 

      6 years ago

      White people aren't the dominant race they are the world's most cockiest race. You guys can hate all of Mexico all you want but just know that its you guys getting bombed all the time for your ignorance and irresponsible stupid prejudice remarks.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      No it the first place whites are the.ones who stold this land any way, hispanics, latinos, whatever you wang to call them they are here to work. For example we have the white bums at the corners asking for money when they are completely healthy while we have our hard working latinos asking for WORK no matter the minimum wage! We are here to work only not to take.over the country. If you took every single immigrant out you would be in big trouble because we know very well americans would never dare to do their job!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Yeah, it's the land of opportunity; but hey, if you're so proud of Mexico, go make it great, instead of illegally coming over here and trying to do here, what you can do in Mexico.

      Schools are not free. Healthcare is not free. You come over illegally, you steal from honest people.

      There's no pride in that.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I don't hate hispanics. how could i? u guys have the hottest chicks. still, illegal immigration just isn't cool.

    • profile image

      eric davis 

      7 years ago

      i think the race that is even 'more' hated than the hispanic race would be the hebrews. Their history is more bloody in the hands of those around them. It is just in recent history that they are getting the break they need.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      its always the race card. Illegal means Illegal !

      I also worked with Mexicans, legal and illegal.

      Racist, you fool ! That is your defence ??? lol !

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This article is a great insight into the ignorance of the pro-illegal alien crowd. They desperately try to make the issue about race when it could not be further from the truth. They spout lies like "We didn't cross the borders the borders crossed us." No, YOU crossed the border because those borders existed before even your grandparents were kids. The idea that one should not be beholden to the laws of a country unless the original, full-blooded inhabitants of the land are still in power is ridiculous. The threats from the racist Latinos like, "We are out breeding the rest of you, watch out!" are nothing more than just that, racist threats. America is a country of immigrants. We love immigrants. We embrace them and give them vast opportunities like nowhere else on Earth. We just want them to come here legally. Funny how the pro- illegal alien crowd always says America is like Nazi Germany, but it is the illegal aliens that believe they have a right to invade other countries based on their race. There is NOTHING racist in asking everyone to obey the same laws. There is a lot of racism in the idea that due to your own race you are not beholden to those same laws.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      Really?!? Then why are you giving Americans a hard time?!?

      You people KILL me!!! We are not RACIST!!! We don't have anything against either Hispanics ... or even Mexicans! What we have a problem with ... is criminals! And EVERYONE who crosses our border ILLEGALLY is, by definition, a CRIMINAL!

      You people claim you want the benefits of being Americans ... but you refuse to abide by American laws and regulations. There have been many thousands of immigrants to this country who were welcomed with open arms ... because they followed the rules, they abided by our laws, and they ASSIMILATED into our culture. The current generation of Mexican/Hispanic immigrants ... refuse to do ANY of that. They EVEN refuse to learn our language. So you tell me ... WHY should we continue to spend our hard-earned tax-payer funded moneys to support CRIMINALS?!? INVADERS?!?

      Please excuse me if I'm indignant about your implication that we are racists!!! We have welcomed many gererations of Hispanics/Mexicans who actually wanted to BE Americans, and abided by our laws and regulations ... who went through the process ... and became AMERICANS.

      Sorry, but the rest are just INVADERS ... and should be treated as such. And their sympathizers within this country should be treated as foreign ENEMY sympathizers ... with all that entails. You people are enemies of the state ... and should be prosecuted as such!

    • profile image

      September Amyx 

      7 years ago

      And did you every feel sorry for all those other immigrants from other countries who legally filled out their paperwork and have been waiting patiently for their turn which never comes, because illegal=criminal immigrants from Mexico keep coming over here as if it were their RIGHT? I was married to a Mexican, I grew up calling my mom Mamacita, I know how to speak passable Spanish. I've done my bit for Hispanics. Now why don't you go change your country and take all the illegals with you and let other countries take their RIGHTFUL place?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The gentleman that wrote the article assumes that everyone "hates" so-called hispanics. That is certainly not the case. What real citizens of the US "hate" is that the laws of the US are so willfully and knowingly violated and the people that do so are committing a criminal act and getting away with it. Also that those who commit this criminal act often take advantage of the taxpayers of this country getting free food with food stamps, getting subsidized housing which OUR taxpayers pay for, your children attending our schools which WE pay for and getting subsidized medical care which again WE pay for while the money you earn HERE goes back to Mama in Mexico. You lie when you break our laws crossing the border, you lie and cheat more when you get false ID like fake driver's licenses and false social security cards, and yet you claim to be "honest and hard working" when what you do is break so many laws, how do you think we can trust and believe you? You are a scourge to our country. And yes, YOU DID CROSS THE BORDER. It's the one the says Keep the hell out of the US until you can come here legally as an IMMIGRANT like my family did, not as an ILLEGAL making demands from and country and people that aren't even yours. And by the way, nice attempt at using English, but you have a lot of misspelled words in your article.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I don't hate Mexicans, I don't hate immigrants either. I HATE illegal immigrants regardless of their country of origin.

      BTW I am a honky/cracker/da' man/gringo etc. and approve this message.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 

      8 years ago from Uruguay

      there is no such thing as hispanic race

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      8 years ago from America

      growing up in Texas, I too have met and befriended many Mexican Americans, I have also witnessed them at grocery stores using food stamps then getting into expensive pickup trucks decked to the hilt! I constantly watch the woman pay for the groceries while the husband stands behind and pays for his beer and cigs, I watch them abuse the system and take it for granted that if the govt offers why not TAKE! I watch them park their vehicles in their front yards destroying the lawn and destroying my property value, they put up grave markers up and down the highways where friends or loved ones die in car wrecks, they have a culture that teaches them to allow their children to act out in public and seldom do anything about it! This is a wide spread culture issue that doesn't bode well with me!

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      8 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      Interesting hub. I've noticed many Hispanic Supremacists around these days. Somehow Hispanics don't get called racists for that notion-but were I to talk about the English or Scottish or Irish race in such a way-I'd get called a "terrorist," or even a "Nazi." Go figure.

      Yes, Hispanics are exceedingly hard workers-and often "over achievers." I don't like the term "over achiever" though, how can one "over achieve?"

      I'm a Texan, and I've known and befriended as many or more Hispanics as I have "whites." I also hate the term "white," or "white people," etc-it's generic, and stupid.


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