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The need for new leadership in Congress

Updated on July 27, 2015

The leadership in Congress or the lack of it is hurting our country. It is not about party affiliation but leadership in general. There is what has been called the establishment and these individuals apparently do not like others who disagree with their policies or decisions. Those in leadership positions need to be replaced with someone who will honor the Constitution not their party affiliation. There are a number of individuals who have stood up for their principles and the principles of this country. These groups of individuals made it known when legislation being presented is not in line with the principles on which this country was found. The reaction to their actions by the establishment was one of condemnation not support. This involves both political parties.

To be a leader you must display leadership qualities and in Congress the present culture is not about the Constitution it is about party politics. We as citizens and voters have had enough of the actions or inactions of Congress. When Republicans took control of the Senate and kept control of the House it was a new day or so people thought. Congress may be limited to some extent in what legislation they pass that the President will sign but it should not mean they should not try. Both political parties need to stand together which is a unique concept and pass legislation which will benefit the country not their political party.

Individuals who ran for Congress in the last election ran on certain principles and positions and while some have been true to their promises in attempting to generate legislation based on their positions others have not. This applies to both political parties and both must share the blame. Presenting legislation related to issues on which our elected officials ran for office is not getting the attention in some cases they should.

Our Constitution and the principles on which this country was found are being largely ignored not only by Congress but the President as well. Congress has had many chances to stand their ground and the one thing they have in their arsenal which they have not utilized is the power of the purse. Granted when this type of action is taken it must be with a 2/3 majority of the Senate and House of Representatives. Sadly the leadership of both parties has not utilized this power when they had the opportunity. Individuals who are elected to Congress must take an oath to support the Constitution but sadly the legislation being generated in many cases are contrary to the oath they have taken.

Within the new Congress has mentioned earlier there is the start of a new breed of individuals who are standing up for the principles of our country and the Constitution as they took an oath to do. These individuals are the real leaders in Congress not the establishment who do not even allow a vote on legislation these individuals generate. We have an election in 2016 and like others each one is critical to the future of our country. While those considered the establishment in Congress many have been there too long. This is not a condemnation of all individuals considered to be the establishment as some I feel want to do the right thing but are pressured to follow party lines. Again this is both political parties. It is hoped when the results of the next election are known and the newly elected Congress begin their legislative session that new leaders will emerge and take charge of both houses of Congress. Individuals who will stand up for their principles and the principles of the Constitution are who we should elect in the next election. This decision is ours to make as voters. This may mean returning some back to Congress while in other cases replacing those who have ignored the Constitution and the oath of office they have taken.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 2 years ago


      Thanks for stopping and providing your input to my hub. I always appreciate input to anything I write.

    • claptona profile image

      John D Wilson 2 years ago from Earth

      Nice hub!

      A politicians job is to get elected - nothing more.

      To get elected, he/she needs to cater to the people with money.

      This is not a country catering to the constituents of his/her area.

      No way, once elected, can a politician NOT be influenced by money and power.

      A leash is what the Constitution is - to keep a check on an intrusive government.

      We lost that back in the days of Lincoln, and it's only gotten worse.

      Nothing will change the tide that's destroying amerika.

      Both parties are for more control and more power.

      Translation - more loss of freedoms for the citizenry.

      Don't look at words - look at actions.

      And the actions of those in D.C. is to run amerika as a fascist country.

      Nice hub - but "politics" isn't going to change a darn thing.