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The need for the entire Congress to do the people's business

Updated on February 13, 2015

The change in the Control of Congress does not seem to have given everyone the message. Actions/decisions by some individuals in the Senate and the House of Representatives are more bent on hindering the passage of legislation rather than doing the people’s business. As with the November 2014 election the 2016 election may be just as dramatic. Voters sent a message they are tired of the culture in Congress. Some of the newly elected individuals and some who were not up for re-election are trying to make a difference in the culture of Congress to better serve their constituents. In the Senate legislation involving the funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) without providing funding to the illegal immigration policy now in place is hampered by some Democratic Senators. While it is currently within the operational policy of the Senate it is putting the funding of this department in jeopardy. They appear to be bent on letting the authorized funding expire if they do not get their way.

Individuals both Republican and Democrats must stop actions which hinder legislation poised to turn around our economy including incorporating actions to reverse bad decisions which are not popular with the American public. I agree some decisions are not always popular with the public but some decisions are best for the country as a whole. This aspect is rare to say the least.

There was much legislation passed by the House of Representatives but did not move forward in the Senate. Many of these legislative proposals were never given the chance and with the change of control some of these actions are getting a new life. Legislative proposals need to stand on their merit not party policy or position. Individuals who are angry with the results of the election should not take it out on legislative proposals which deserve a proper debate and an up and down vote after it is concluded.

Over the next two years there will be some battles between the Executive Department and perhaps between the political parties on what should be or needs to be done to turn our economy around. Some issues will be controversial while others are not. Congress is elected to serve their constituents not their political party. Discussions should be about the merits of legislative proposals not whether one party or the other is proposing the action. If the entire Congress and I mean both political parties do not wake up to serve the needs of the country there will be changes come 2016. Many individuals in Congress understand the message sent with the results of the November 2014 election but some act as though nothing has changed. The control of Congress has changed the perspective of how the public sees Congress. Republicans and Democrats must work together to change the path of our country including the ever increasing deficit.

Along with the deficit there is the issue of border security and the need to improve it. There are many issues some of them to the health of our country. The entire Congress needs to address these issues separate from the political philosophy of their individual political party. New individuals and some returning to Congress are having some success in creating legislative proposals to address many of these issues and they should be met with cooperation not resistance. In addition hundreds of thousands of individuals have been out of work for a long time and some have stopped looking. When individuals stop looking for work it sends or should send a message to Congress that something needs to change. What that change will be is up to the current Congress. Congress needs to take a step back from their control philosophy and let the market handle many of the issues. The private sector was doing fine in many ways prior to the government getting involved. The overreach of Congress needs to be reduced except where the public safety and security is involved. Decisions involving rules and regulations are hurting the business community and should either be revised or eliminated. Congress has a role in ensuring this kind of action comes to fruition. It is there responsibility.


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