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The Number of Injured of Coronavirus Exceeds 100,000 in the United States

Updated on March 29, 2020
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In a gesture of calm on the streak of the deepening Sino-American crisis due to mutual accusations about the Corona virus and the trade war that preceded it, a phone call took place between the Chinese President and his American counterpart yesterday, in which he offered first aid in the face of the spread of the Corona epidemic.

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PHOTO: ReutersThe US military is setting up field hospitals in Seattle and New York. (Photo: Reuters)
PHOTO: Reuters
PHOTO: Reuters | Source
The US military is setting up field hospitals in Seattle and New York. (Photo: Reuters)
The US military is setting up field hospitals in Seattle and New York. (Photo: Reuters) | Source

China Lends a Helping Hand: Let's Unite to Fight the Epidemic!

The new Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly and widely in the United States of America, to exceed the number of infections, the threshold of 100 thousand infections, and more than 1500 deaths, the day after the transformation of those countries into the first focus of spread in the world, overcoming China and Italy. However, yesterday, Washington witnessed two events that indirectly overshadowed the steady rise in the number of injuries and deaths: the telephone call between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump, the first call to the Washington and Beijing Union, to combat the epidemic; and the approval of the House of Representatives. The US is on the bill for the $ 2,000bn economic bailout package that was approved by the Senate the day before yesterday.

Shi Jinping stressed, during the phone call to Trump, that their countries, despite their opponents, should "unite to fight" the epidemic of "COVID-19", noting that "China is ready to continue to exchange information and experiences with the United States without reservation".

The announcement carries many political meanings, and constitutes a sign of calm, after days of accusations between Washington and Beijing, about the issue. According to the public channel "CCTV", Xi announced that the relations between Beijing and Washington have become "at a particularly critical moment", adding that cooperation "is the right decision" at this time. He said Chinese provinces, cities and companies have already delivered medical equipment to the United States. He added, "I hope the American side will make concrete moves aimed at improving bilateral relations".

For his part, Trump said, in a tweet on Twitter, that he discussed with his Chinese counterpart "in great detail" the outbreak of the Coronavirus. "China has gone through a lot, and has become very familiar with the virus. We are working closely together," he said.

Trump had repeatedly accused the Chinese authorities of delaying the announcement of important data related to the severity of the emerging Coronavirus, which, according to the US president, could have prevented its spread. He and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, repeat the use of the term "Chinese virus", which has angered Beijing.

Trump: China has gone through a lot and is aware of the virus ... We are working closely together

Likewise, Beijing had accused the American president of "evading his responsibilities", while his State Department announced, not once, that the American army might be behind the outbreak of the virus.

Meanwhile, despite the above, Trump continues to play down the importance of the escalating national crisis. In assessments inconsistent with the reality of the deadly virus trajectory, Trump has strangely shifted the focus to what he says is a much lower death rate than expected. Suffice it to note in this area that, a week ago, there were a total of 8,800 confirmed cases in the United States and 149 deaths, while yesterday this number reached more than 100,000 injuries, with more than 1500 deaths.

Although the situation is getting worse and normal life may be several weeks or months away, Trump expressed at a press conference at the White House that he hoped the nightmare would not last "longer". He later moved to Fox News, where he rebuked New York State Governor Andrew Como for saying that his state needed 30,000 additional breathing apparatus to deal with the Corona virus wave, suggesting that Como was ordering machines he did not need.

This was accompanied by Trump's repeated calls for the economic movement to return to normal soon, announcing that he would issue a loosening of restrictions within the next week, which was criticized by state governors in contact with him, which medical experts expressed fear that could lead to the spread of the epidemic in areas where there is no Strong penetration of it, which could dispel the success achieved so far in preventing it from spreading on a larger scale. This comes as many believe that Trump's approach is illogical and unreliable, given that insufficient tests have been conducted across the country, indicating in this context that people will be able to travel from the most affected areas easily to relatively empty areas. . Indeed, another disaster began to unfold in New Orleans, while California plunged into worse problems, and new hot spots appeared in Chicago and Detroit.

Nevertheless, Trump wrote - who appears impatient with his own decisions - to state governors, informing them of upcoming new directions, based on the geographical distribution of risks. According to the network, "CNN", the latter plans to define the provinces of "high risk, medium risk, and low risk", where the measures are "different and appropriate."

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan


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