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The problem with Africa.

Updated on October 21, 2013

Late Chinua Achebe in his book, “the problem with Nigeria” was of the opinion that corruption is the problem with Nigeria. Surprisingly, even after many years that he wrote the book, it seems nothing has changed. Consequently, corruption and nepotism are still the main problem not just in Nigeria but in most African countries. This may not mean that the developed nations are not corrupt but it means that corruption in the African Continent is so obvious that it is done with impunity.

That may suggest the reason there is increase unrest in the continent especially now that ethnicity and religion are other dividing factors. Therefore, the problem with Africa is no longer only corruption but disunity as a result of religious and cultural intolerance among the people. The recent act of terrorism in Nigeria and other places like Kenya confirm that religion which is suppose to unite man has become a source of division and violence.

It can be argued that corruption made people to remember their ethnicity and religion. That is when people feel that they have not received equal treatment and other deserved benefits from their government then they seem to run to their religion and ethnicity for solution. However, the rate of negligence by some politicians in the affairs and problems of their citizens and the incessant corruption in the African politics is the main problem with Africa.

Therefore, the best way to solve the problem is for the politicians to know that they are suppose to serve the people although most of them impose themselves on the people because even election are rigged clearly without minding what the world would say. It means that corruption and mismanagement of public fund is still the problem with most African countries. Therefore, Africans are the cause of their own problem and the West should not be blamed because the corrupt leaders are not forced into the act.


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