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The process of illegal immigrants paying taxes

Updated on November 21, 2014

Much has been said about illegal immigrants who are working paying taxes and helping out states and the government financially. The question which must be answered is if an individual is an illegal immigrant how are they paying taxes and who is receiving the credit for the taxes. Typically when an individual pays taxes they receive the credit when income taxes are filed. I doubt that the individuals for one are not filing income tax returns. In addition the question as to what records are being maintained by businesses who have illegal immigrants working for them in terms of traceability of the taxes they collect and who they are collected from through paychecks.

Our tax system is designed in such a way that taxes paid by individuals require some traceability to the individual paying them. This requirement is engrained within the system for when individuals file tax returns the form requires the identification of how much taxes have been paid in conjunction with taxes owed. We are all familiar with this aspect of filing tax returns and it is unclear how these individuals fit into this aspect of our tax system.

Our tax system also requires a Social Security Number on tax forms and in this respect it raises a question as to how these individuals file returns. Getting a Social Security number requires some proof of citizenship or birth record which illegal immigrants would not have and this raises a question which is not easily answered. If tax returns are filed who is given credit for the taxes if a Social Security Number is provided. It is an answer which can involve identity theft which raises questions that are difficult to answer.

In another aspect related to taxes there is the matter of sales taxes which all individuals pay when making purchases. The process of paying any taxes by illegal immigrants is one which surely must involve a different method. I understand the benefits of these individuals spending money and the benefits to the economies in which they are located. Keeping the identity of illegal immigrants from being discovered and yet paying taxes does not fit the normal process within our tax system. Do we have two separate processes for paying taxes one for illegal immigrants and one for citizens? We may never know the answer to this question but it is something which gets individuals to think about the immigration issue now before us with the latest action by the Executive Department (The President).

There is no question something needs to be resolved in the area of immigration and the laws currently on the books. It is hoped that the issue of taxes and these individuals will be resolved within any framework of a revamped immigration law. There are many variables involved with revising the rules of immigration and citizenship and changes to the law needs to be bi-partisan and involves common sense approaches to the issues at hand. All parties need to communicate willingly if any action is ever going to be taken.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile imageAUTHOR

      Dennis AuBuchon 

      5 years ago from Ohio

      Gordan Zunar

      Thanks for providing the information in your comment.

    • Gordan Zunar profile image

      Gordan Zunar 

      5 years ago from New York

      There's a thing called ITIN, it's a number through which illegal aliens can pay taxes. It's for those who do not qualify for an SSN. Many illegal immigrants who have entered legally have SSN and they work and pay taxes through it. It's true though that many of them don't pay taxes and work off the books. However, there are many Americans too, who work off the books, take part in illegal business, receive benefits without paying any taxes. There are Americans and organizations that are exempted from paying taxes, or paying certain taxes. For example, the Amish don't pay Social Security tax, and they refuse to use SSN. They don't believe in welfare or any type of aid programs, or insurances like pensions. These are the things that are denied to illegals. And federal income taxes, that Amish do pay just like the rest of Americans, mostly go towards national defense (which illegals cannot get involved in), the healthcare (which illegals cannot use), income security (which includes retirement plans, SSI and other assistance, that illegals do not get; they can only get Child Tax Credit through ITIN for children who were born in America), veteran benefits (no veteran is illegal), education (even if some colleges accepted illegals, they cannot get any federal aid) etc. Some of the taxes go to immigration policies, but if anything is robbing Americans off their taxes, it's the cost of deportation.


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