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The Quality of Education in Morocco

Updated on September 7, 2017

The Quality of Education in Morocco

There is no doubt that education is a catalyst for the economic and social development of a nation. Education is a stepping stone that helps people emerge from poverty and prevents it from being handed down from generation to generation.

Uneducated children will be the illiterate adults of tomorrow. Education reduces poverty, increases job opportunities and promotes economic prosperity. It offers the chance for everyone to live a healthy life, builds democracy on a more solid footing, changes attitudes so that the environment is better protected and empowers women by allowing them to know their rights and to participate fully in the active life of society.

The objective of the school is to provide children with an adequate framework for learning basic knowledge and social skills in order to have the necessary skills for a professional integration.

To achieve this goal, the education system should be able to provide quality education that will allow pupils and students to continue their primary, secondary and university education.

According to my survey, the respondents pointed to teaching pedagogy, absenteeism and lack of motivation of teachers, the language of instruction, the problem of inadequate infrastructure, especially in rural areas ...

The teaching pedagogy used is outdated, textbooks out of date, infrastructures are not at all adequate and teachers are often absent and demotivated; many of them teach in the private sector. Teachers must receive initial training that reconciles knowledge of the subjects to be taught and the knowledge of teaching methods adapted to the new generation.

Every child, regardless of where he or she comes from, must have the opportunity to receive quality education, regardless of whether they are disadvantaged or not, they must have access to trained and motivated teachers who are committed to their job, able to identify and assist learners in difficulty.

To do this, teachers must be offered career opportunities, with salaries covering at least their basic needs. In addition, the class size is also one of the causes of the poor quality of education, in high schools or public universities, teachers are overworked, they can not follow all students.

Students in Morocco are shifted between Arabic from primary to Baccalaureate and French to university. Besides, the textbooks are in Arabic but the courses are given in Moroccan dialect, the pupils do not master neither French nor Arabic and consequently lack of capacity of synthesis, open-mindedness.

In 2008, 80% of rural schools still had no sanitary facilities and 75% had no drinking water (according to the report of Morocco's Supreme Council for Education)

Every year, almost 300,000 children leave school at an early age, without having had time to assimilate the basic skills in mathematics, vocabulary, grammar and spelling.

Training does not meet the needs of the labor market, companies struggle to find profiles corresponding to their needs. The government needs to see partnerships with businesses to train more students in technical training because the need is urgent.

The education system is confronting many obstacles due to inadequate coverage of education services, gender inequalities, high repetition and drop-out rates, lack of guidance.

Many reforms have emerged in recent years, the government has introduced several reforms to improve access to education and reduce regional differences in education.

But the problem is far from solved, to remedy this failure of the education system, it would be necessary to return to the base. That is, to review training techniques, evaluation criteria, teacher training and valorization, to solve the problem of rural areas by setting up the necessary infrastructure and attracting good teachers.

As a result, the illiteracy rate is almost 30%, mainly on the parents' side. We should not expect miracle solutions until the parents are armed.


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    • Mr-all profile imageAUTHOR

      Fattah KEHAL 

      16 months ago from Morocco

      Yes, true, as you said but in terms of education, we still suffer from poor quality due to insufficient supply and quality of instructional materials chiefly in languages and scientific subject such as physics, chemistry, and biology where the instruction is mostly theoretical.

    • Mr-all profile imageAUTHOR

      Fattah KEHAL 

      16 months ago from Morocco

      Yes, true, as you said but in terms of education, we still suffer from poor quality due to insufficient supply and quality of instructional materials chiefly in languages and scientific subject such as physics, chemistry, and biology where the instruction is mostly theoretical.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      16 months ago from Auburn, WA

      This surprised me. I thought of Morocco as having higher living standards (similar to those in the West) than many other countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

      At least from the outside, it appears to be very stable and somewhat pro-Western. Am I incorrect on that?

      Are the poor educational facilities the same for boys as it is for girls?


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