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The race for the nominee for the political parties is not over till it is over

Updated on April 23, 2016

There is much talk about the race for delegates in this presidential election year for both political parties and much of it is centered on projecting the nominee for both parties. While a large majority of delegates have been allocated in both political parties it does not mean the race to reach the required delegate requirements is over. Many states have not yet voted and the results at least within the GOP can change the dynamic of the delegate process as it currently exists. In addition the number of delegates awarded to other candidates that have ended their campaigns and where those delegates will wind up remains to be seen.

Unbound delegates in the GOP are another factor which is unknown not only for how many there are but who will they ultimately cast their vote for at the GOP convention. The term unbound delegates means they can vote for any candidate and are not restricted to the winner of their respective states. On the Democrat side there appears to be less of a chance for changing the projection but the race is not over until the number of delegates is achieved. Another aspect of the Democrat process is the element of super delegates which is similar to unbound delegates on the Republican side.

In this election year there are many surprising results as the typical establishment candidates failed to gain momentum and it was the outsiders who have captured the anger of the voters. Voters are tired of the current status quo and want to see change. The change they want involves actually getting things done for the American people. Our government over the years has become so bloated and expansive across all departments and agencies. We need to get back to a constitutional type of government and electing the right nominee for both political parties and then choosing the right individual to be our President

Media sources in their coverage already appear to be portraying Trump and Hillary as the nominee ignoring the other candidate or candidates in the race for the nomination of the two political parties. It is our responsibility to evaluate the candidates based on the information we have seen and drawing our own conclusions not the conclusions of the media. There have been projections in both political parties of who is projected to win in specific states sometimes based on the polls just before the voting takes place. The polls in some cases have been wrong drastically wrong. We must remember it is not the media who determines the winner for either political party in each state but the voters. We must not let the media dictate who the winner will be not only in specific states but who will be the nominee in each party.

The race for the nominee in each political party is not over until the number of delegates is reached and counted for the respective candidates in the nominating conventions. Another fact that has occurred is at least on the Republican side is there were more candidates running to be the nominee but only a handful of seem to have received the coverage they deserved. This impacted not only their race for the nomination but the opportunity for the voters to get to know them and their positions on the issues.

Several states and the number of delegates involved as the race goes forward voters in these states should not let the media determine for whom they will cast their vote. Voters in some instances appear to go with the poll results rather than their own opinion. Our opinion of the candidates and the eventual nominee for either political party should take precedent rather than the election polls. Polls do not always project the individual who the voters will select and we have seen this in several cases thus far in this election year. Let us make our own decision not who the media wants us to make.


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