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The rise and fall of socializim 2010

Updated on June 10, 2010
They will be what we teach them
They will be what we teach them

What an appropriate name and fitting title giving the state of our economy and mode of the people.

I'm saddened when I read in a the local papers and hear on the national news that our world is in such dismal shape. I still have a garden full of tomatoes and an assortment of other vegetables at hand. When we as a human race hear on the news that we are just falling apart at the seams, I guess we should stick our head in the sand and do nothing about it.

I'm here to tell those of you who still have the will to listen and the balls to act. In America we are so fortunate to have a history of success and failures in war. life and business.We are expected to always have the right answers to give or kids and customers. When I hear that windy winier speak out about the fact that there children wounded have done that, I have heard that so many times.The same person is either afraid to teach their children better or afraid to kick there little ass when they do something wrong.

Those children have grown up now and are in college talking smack about our government, how can we send the military over seas and kill babies and Innocent people for nothing. My god man how in the hell do these kids get this way. There was a time when young men grew up to defend this country against all odds and the women stayed home nourished the kids and provided what they needed. I just shutter what the next generation is all about.

Now you wondering where I'm going with this other than just talking and taking up your time. There is a movement afloat now called the tea movement these people are doing business like your grandfather would have done after hearing some crap on their radio in the family room. In the old days people responded honestly with action of response. The ancestors of this country new what it was to suffer and exists. During WW11 over 700 thousand Americans lost their lives some of them didn't have a clue why they were there but it was the American way to help in any way they could.

Our country has prospered for over 40 years without the almighty Government help or guidance. Once we as a nation of people started accepting help from the Government other than paying for the rent in the community project apartment, grits and a large jar Sorghum things starting to become welfare more about cash money than commodities. The generational switch from a country of self sufficient people to a dependant bunch of losers who now are stuck on being kept like a common hooker on the back streets of our cities and Townes with no way out but to submit to the rendering help of the Government and all of the many offices and employees of power.

Relax I'm not one of those radical leftest who are about to go off at any minuet. I'm just an American who has lived threw several generations of change and the change has always been down hill from here. I can remember when we slaughtered horses for dog food and now we put people in jail that can't afford to feed them. I realize there are a lot of people in need in this country. People who are smart who have gone through the process of college and thought they were set for life. Then you have the same people who quiet school work a job here and there and some became successful and most others failed miserably.

There is a place for everyone, if you want to work hard and have a house of your own, drive that fancy car and be well respected. That is your calling to get involved and take a stand to bring our country back on track. Every one has to do their part this year in change as your President said now change and vote out the liberal congress and those all who tried to set back the spirit of this country. Now stand up with me to be the very best citizen you can be just vote! If you want your life back and a tank full of gas to just drive in the country and do nothing when you feel like you have to earn it.

We as Americans have an unpresidented military the best in the world these guys are there because they want to.They know that the world rest on thier shoulders, victory is a must if they want to keep the enemy off the shores of our country and away from the doors of our families.


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  • Tuckerp profile image

    Tuckerp 7 years ago from Clifton Tx

    You are right about the raising . My son had no choice but to address adults as yes mam and no sir . Always wash up before meal time . never allowed to wear a hat at the table . Stand still and listen to adults when they talk to you . Show them your attention .

    A father's job is not to raise a boy . But a man .

    So I wasn't surprised when he became a Marine .

    Many parents are to buddy buddy with their kids . Mine are grow but I think my son said it best when his girlfriend ask him . "What is your relationship like with your dad . He said . "He's my best friend . But my dad when he needs to be . " Thx