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The seasons are changing and so are we.

Updated on December 4, 2014

The leaves are falling and it's time to vote.

It's the time of the year when the leaves are starting to change and it's getting cooler outside. People seem to have more energy to get out and do things instead of staying inside where it's artificially cool.

With the Fall season comes election time. Another time of things changing are the political signs that clutter up the landscape and the tv/radio ads that bombard us. Imagine if all the money spent on campaign ads could be used for the causes the candidates support. That might be a better way to decide who is truly running to make a difference rather than "in it to win it".

Brendan Spaar hasn't decided who will get his vote for Governor. The candidates are far apart in their campaigns. Governor Deal has made great changes in several areas including prison reform and has tried to stimulate the economy by encouraging business tax breaks. Will this be enough to keep him in the Governor's Mansion? State Senator Jason Carter has the drive and people know the Carter legacy of public service. His grandfather, Jimmy Carter, was President and has gone on to serve the people through various humanitarian and diplomatic efforts. Jason Carter seems willing to carry on that tradition while also standing up on issues such as the death penalty, gun rights and marriage equality.

The hot topics in this race seem to be education, healthcare and unemployment. Almost every voter in Georgia should be concerned about all three. Pay careful attention to what is said and the records of the candidates before casting your vote. Brendan Spaar loves Georgia and hopes the man in charge will have the ability to move the state forward.


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