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The second political debate in Britain

Updated on April 2, 2015

Where's Winston when we need him?

Cameron and Miliband center) and the other fleas for tonight
Cameron and Miliband center) and the other fleas for tonight

Tune in tonight 8:00 PM Greenwich Time

As we watch with sinking hearts the TV channels preparing to chair this asinine contest once again to help us decide whom to vote for, it seems that limitless idiocy is the real governing creed in the UK.

There has been far more debate regarding the debates by the protagonists jostling for position they deem advantageous to their team. PM, Cameron has already made a huge ass of himself by refusing to debate Shadow PM, Miliband one-on-one. And heroic Nick Clegg, his coalition partner, leaping up and down and offering to debate anyone; anywhere; any time! Knowing full well no one cares about his input this year. As a consequence, the first debate last week was a complete sham as members of the studio audience along with two of our fiercer presenters questioned the PM and his shadow on different sound stages!

Tonight's imbroglio will consist of all the major parties: firstly being questioned by more worthies (Ha) from the public audience, then a free-for-all with the seven leaders free to attack one another. The result, of course, will be bedlam and viewers will have no idea of anyone's policies except the fact they want to grub power at any cost. This means he or she who shouts the loudest might by the next leader of the country, free to screw up the economy and declare war on whomever they fancy.

In fact, there are only two people that really matter tonight: David Cameron and Ed Millipede, er, sorry, Miliband, the Conservative ruling party prime minister and the leader of the opposition, Labour. The conservatives have the support of big business, such as the banks, utilities, oil, booze and fag makers, and the wealthy, etc., while labour enjoys the backing of the poor and most of the lower middle class (they hope) and the trade unions who foot the bill.

The only interesting factor we see this time is that the two major parties are actually neck-and-neck! At around 34% of the vote forecast each which will mean no party will win a majority and will be looking for another joined at the hip union, as we have now with the Tory/Liberal alliance.

During the last five years, this unholy bed pairing has seen us with a coalition lead by Cameron and Clegg (Lib Dem) who agree in the Commons, seem to dislike eash other in reality and can't wait to slag one another off in the press and media. Somehow, the country was governed...more to do with the rest of us than those supposed to be leading. I mean, wars and International Unions aside, a civilization as ancient as this one carries on pretty well without a central government: all the systems are in place and we would be about £100,000,000 better off without having to pay all these lazy, manipulative toffs. Yes, toffs, one and all, most politicians are spawned in Oxbridge and employ the buddy system all their grasping lives. No more do socialists come up through apprenticeships, blue collar industries and the trade union movement, being seasoned leaders and decision makers before they ever went to Westminster. Back then, Labour – socialists – really worked for the working classes because they were from that background themselves and had to face their own family and friends in the local pub. Milliband, and most of his flock, are from Oxford or Cambridge universities and have wealthy families backing them.

This leaves us with the situation that whatever major party wins, their friends all belong to the establishment classes. Whatever spiel they hand out in the Commons, they will be primarily interested in the welfare of their buds they went to Uni with.

At least with the Tories (conservatives) you know they give a toss about Mr and Mrs Working Class's ability to feed and clothe the family, as long as they can be steered away from insurgency or dying in the city parks. Read the fine print of all the government legislation over the last 20 years, both labour and conservative, and you see the power structure are those who always gain. I mean, can anything be more blatantly crooked than what the banks have done? Stealing and losing billions, being bailed out by you and I, then immediately awarding million dollar bonuses to the same (or similar) crooks who cause the problem in the beginning? Can you imagine the skulduggery and meeting between the “society of friends” behind the scenes!?

Or the energy and utility sectors. Prices continue to go up as their wholesale prices go down – time after time while government ombudsmen (read flunkies) do bugger all.

It was reported today that the UK has more drunken teenagers and young people than any country in the whole wide world! There's a statistic to warm your heart, isn't it? Couldn't the government pass legislation to obviate this to a great extent? In a minute if they had the desire, but protecting the big business making a fortune from drunkenness is far more important to them. In fact, Lord Karan Bilimoria, the CEO of Cobra Beer, an Indian born entrepreneur, has appeared in all the major TV stations backing the Cconservatives! Hic! Of course!!! How DID he get a peerage; ask the Quink!

Also appearing tonight are UKIP, Lib Dems, SNP, Paid Cymru, (sorry, that's PLAID Cymru!) and the Green party. With Tories and Labour, that's the seven dwarfs for tonight.

It's at 8:00 PM on Sky News and BBC channels, two hours of “entertainment.” And we have several more of them before the May election.

Incidentally, I'm not voting this can anyone?


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    • profile image

      diogenes 2 years ago

      Hi Misty: Well, these debates were at the beginning of the year and now the Tories have won again, goodness knows why and we have another 5 years of Cameron and the sons and daughters of privilege. They have already begun to grind the poorest 10% again; they are going to allow foxhunting again after it was banned for that choleric, brandy-soaked ex. colonels can gallop around the countryside while the poor rural foxes who had enjoyed 10 years of peace will be harried from dawn to dusk again. We are a swinish society in Britain, one of the worst I think: we have clean shirts and filthy underwear.

      On this happy note, i'll depart...the men's final is underway shortly; Federer and Jocko of course. What happened to the US tennis players?

      Bob x

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 2 years ago from North Texas

      Sounds interesting Bobby. We haven't started debates yet over here, but the election is already a major part of the news. Thankfully I don't have a TV so I can't hear it until after the fact -- if at all. There are only 20 r so candidates on the Republican side. Makes it seem sort of like a clown car careening along with would be candidates hanging on and more trying to jump on for the ride too. I believe there are only 3 candidates on the Democratic side. All I've heard of anyway.

      Hope everything is still going well for you. Always good to see you. Take care . . xx

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 3 years ago from New York

      I agree with Old Poolman. Is there a law that says you must check your brain and conscience at the door if you want to be a politician? The people are the ones who get the shaft no matter who they elect!

      Voted up, useful, and interesting.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 3 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      No wonder world affairs are so terrible. Everyone wants the job, but doesn't want to do a thing for the pay. We have the same problems in the states, but Big Oil rules, not liquor.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 3 years ago from UK and Mexico

      As world problems increase, the ability of those we elect to sort them out is less. We see in Third World countries, like many in Africa, getting elected is a blatant license to steal. But we are little different in the First World today. Greed, greed, greed. never satisfied. A politician earns about $200, ooo per year here, plus all sorts of bennies, but it's never enough. While the minimum wage for millions is about $10/hour IF they can get a full time job. We now have millions of "zero hour contracts," employers can contract their workers for any amount of hours, starting at nil! Thanks to this government. And the workers have to go along.

      As I said earlier, if my pension etc dries up I will be a beach comber in Baja and live in a cave! For the few years I might have left.

      Good to see you as always


    • profile image

      Old Poolman 3 years ago

      Bob - Thanks to you I am learning that beaurocrats and politicians are the same the world over. Any one of them could cross the oceans and sit in a politicians chair in any country and know immediately how to best screw over the citizens. They would also quickly learn how to line their pockets with gold in the process.

      I have always felt it my civic duty to research each and every candidate I was allowed to vote for and make a semi-educated guess on the best candidate. But for the last decade I find I spend the most time picking the lesser of all the evils available.

      Prior to any major election in this country we are entertained for an entire year with the lies and smear campaigns on TV. I'm of the opinion that when it comes to the TV smear campaigns the last liar wins most of the time.

      You mentioned not voting in the next election. That made me wonder what would happen if nobody showed up to vote because they disliked all of the candidates. I'm sure each candidate would vote for him or her self and would probably get the vote of their spouse, but could they win with only two votes?

      What if we could make them continue to present candidates until they found one or two we would actually want to fill those empty chairs? If that were to happen I would feel good about casting my vote again.

      We should never have to vote for anyone we don't believe can or will do the job we hire them to do.


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