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The tears of president Obama

Updated on December 8, 2013
the best time for a command in chief to cry.
the best time for a command in chief to cry. | Source

Have you ever wondered what would make a command in chief to weep? It seems unusual for a man that commands a nation to weep because people look unto such a man for courage and bravery. I clearly remember back in 2008 when I was about to publish my first book, “It is time we truly know why Jesus wept” (: I told my publishers that I want the book released urgently in fact it was because of the rush that I made some mistakes which I corrected in subsequent edition. I wanted the book ready before the outcome of USA election that year but my publishers delayed a bit so the book came live on 18 November 2008. Just as I said in the book, it is not everyone that will understand the message inherent in the book.

Then four years later president Obama faced a tougher challenge and opposition from his republican opponent. The American people have seen him serve for four years in office and some people think he didn’t deserve a second tenure because, to them, he didn’t serve well but we all know that it is not possible to please everyone and I say, it is even better we try not to please anyone. We shall have to do what we sincerely belief is the right thing to do for the interest of all. It is because of the hard economy time and strong opposition from the republican that made some people think the president won’t be re-elected. The president did not do so well in his first debate but he came back stronger in the end.

Therefore after the challenges and hard work the president had to go through in the course of the campaign, it was uncertain if he would be re-elected. President Obama needs time to complete his plans and mission for American but he was not sure if the American people would let him continue in service but at last, many American responded by saying, “if the president have not done so well that some people see him as the devil, then the devil we know is better than the angel we don’t know.” That was the voice of the American people and the president was re-elected.

A commander in chief should be brave and not show weakness even during tough times. President Obama did same because he did not cry during the battle. He showed courage and bravery till the end and he fought like a man. Then he won the battle. There is no other better way for man to show his love and appreciation to those that stood by him till the end than to give them that which comes from the depth of his heart. That was what president Obama did when he gave his supports his tears because it came from the depth of his heart and it was tears of joy just as I wrote in the “ when do we share tears of joy” (

Therefore, those that think it is wrong for a president to be seen in tears should understand that the president was in tears because he fought like a man and he won so he wept after the deal was done because he had the courage and bravery to stand till the end of the uncertain time. I would have cried better if I was the president because such time is the best time to cry. Strong men cry after a battle and not during or before a battle because it takes strength and courage to fight till the end against all odds.


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