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The ten safest countries if World War 3 breaks out

Updated on April 16, 2016

We are living in an age of both technological advancements and political unrest. One thing we worry about is World War 3 (or World War 4 as the 'Pentagon' knows it as, the Cold War was World War 3 to them) breaking out. With 'the Doomsday Clock' at 11:56, political tension is as high as it was in 1991 (the end of 'the Cold War'), it appears that politicians haven't learnt their lessons. So, if the absolute worst were to happen, where would the best place to go be.


10. Switzerland

Even though Switzerland borders Germany, France and Italy. Switzerland doesn't enter wars unless absolutely necessary and it is somewhat protected by its mountainous terrain.

9. Tuvalu

Tuvalu is a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a small population, negligible resources and no link with any major powers which means that there would be no reason for a major nation to attack it. Also, Tuvalu produce and consume most of their goods which make them uniquely independent.

8. New Zealand

If World War 3 were to break out, I would probably go to New Zealand because my mother was born there and I have New Zealand citizenship which means that I would have instant access to the country. New Zealand is one of the most developed, yet secluded nations in the world. It has a very stable democracy and has minimal involvement in major world conflicts. Like Switzerland, it also has mountainous terrain which would protect from bombs and weaponry.


7. Bhutan

Bhutan is surrounded by the Himalayan mountains and is a very secluded landlocked country. And ever since 1971, when they joined the United Nations they have had a very Swiss like relationship with other nations.

6. Chile

Chile is one of South America's most stable and prosperous nations. It is surrounded by the Andes and doesn't enter major global conflicts. Making it no. 6

5. Iceland

In 2015, Iceland was ranked no. 1 in the 'Global Peace Index' and is commonly renowned for being so peaceful. It also shares no land borders with any other country and has a very mountainous surface.


In the event of WW3 would you leave your country?

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4. Greenland

Greenland is not dissimilar to Iceland. It has mountainous terrain, it is geographically remote and has no link to an major powers.

3. Malta

Malta is a remote, tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Throughout history, many empires have tried and failed to invade it meaning that an invasion would be extremely costly. Therefore, despite Malta having close links with the UK, which would definitely be involved in a global conflict, it simply might not be worth wasting a missile and destroying it.

2. Ireland

Even though, the Republic of Ireland is a prosperous and developed nation it tends to opt out on joining conflicts. Also, it has no strong ties with any potential combatants in a future world war. It isn't a member of NATO and when Ireland joins a war it must be approved by the UN, the Irish Government and the Irish Legislature.

1. Fiji

Fiji is a remote island nation that lies in the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean, which keeps Fiji isolated form any potential invaders. It also has a small population, neutral in foreign affairs and doesn't have the resources to justify an invasion.


So, if WW3 does break out you now know where the safest places to be are.

Where would you go if WW3 broke out?

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    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 20 months ago from India

      An interesting list! World war 3 will surely destroy our planet. I hope it never happens.