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The victim mentality of the media and organizations

Updated on July 9, 2015

We have become a society in which a victim mentality has been created. The media and some organizations want to make a name for themselves so they focus on what they feel are news events or what they make into news events. This is not the result of all the media or organizations but it is a mentality which needs to be changed for future news reporting. Granted there are issues which surface which needs to be reported but the coverage seems to be endless in many cases. We have all seen it and it makes situations worse rather than better.

This victim mentality in many respects by some of the media or organizations is created when the facts in situations have not even been investigated. They already know in their minds what the facts are and they do not wait and report on their beliefs rather than the facts. Reporting of this nature is contrary to the integrity of the profession of journalism. This kind of reporting in many cases incites riots as we have seen in several incidents this year along. This not only impacts where these events have taken place but it has spread in many areas of the country and gives a bad name to those who are sworn to protect us such as the police. Are there bad individuals in police uniform of course but the victim mentality is painting a picture they are all bad individuals or the organization in specific communities are bad. This is a misrepresentation of the facts. This type of reporting or involvement by organizations creates an attitude where individuals or groups reject the true facts when they are released.

The media have a responsibility to the public to present the true news and not arbitrarily decide what happened when incidents occur. The media and organizations should focus on the facts not their political or philosophical agenda which is evident in the manner in what they report not what they should. It hurts the integrity of the news when media or organizations jump to conclusions about the facts in any situation. If you look at what is reported rather than what should be you get a picture the media does not want you to discover. As a result of events this year there seems to be a relentless assault on police forces across the country. This situation in my opinion has been created by some media and organizations pushing their own agenda.

The media and organizations which have created this victim mentality ignore news certain events or minimally cover them when they do not fit their own agenda. Organizations that are pushing their own agenda do not address them at all in many cases for it is contrary to the picture they want to paint. To be fair individuals who participate in riots add fuel to the fire by making claims about the facts in various incidents without really knowing the true facts. These individuals and the media should let the police do their investigating to determine the facts and the action or actions to be taken.

The present situation with violence against those sworn to protect the citizens they represent is part of this victim mentality. When individuals or organizations push the philosophy that a police force, any police force is targeting them this mentality kicks into high gear. Without individuals or organizations and this includes government entities pushing this kind of perspective I feel some of these incidents may not have taken place. The riots in Missouri in some respects stemmed from individuals painting a picture that was not based on the actual facts but painting a picture of being victims. One point to make in all of this is that those sworn to protect us have the right to defend themselves when they feel they are being threatened. In one sense these individuals are now becoming victims. The difference is that is it not an agenda being pushed by others it is based on the facts.


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