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The Future of America

Updated on October 29, 2009

The Future of America

 Is America's future bright? Is it destined for failure? With the world's economy changing almost daily these questions seem to be on everyone's mind. Can the U.S. pick itself up out of the muddy hole of debt we have slipped into over the past 30 years, or will we be buried alive? Many people seem to be shocked at our economy and the world's economy but it has always been in God's Plan. Here are some of my thoughts on America's near future.

War's and rumors of wars

There has been war and rumors of wars since man existed. However, over the past 10 years we have seen an increase in fighting not only in the arab countries but also in Africa (which has been going on for decades) Europe, Russia and even China. It is predicted in the Bible that these wars would increase significantly in the last days before the rapture and Christ's return. These wars will continue until Jesus sets up his kingdom. Israel will continue to be at odds with Iran and most of the Arab world. They may plan an attack to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear grade weapons. This probably will not tigger Armageddon. Just remember, Israel is at the cent of the end of days. This is God's country and if we want to continue to receive blessing's from God, we must support Israel. I do believe Israel will make an attack on Iran probably sometime in 2010 because Iran continues to move forward with it's nuclear program and no one is attempting to stop them. America is expected by the rest of the world to Iran from developing nuclear weapons, but I do not believe we will attack them. It may end up hurting our relationship with the Saudi Arabia and China which pretty much own America at this point in time. It will be up to Israel to stop Iran. I'm sure we will support Israel while hiding behind a tree to prevent offending anyone and because our military muscles are being flexed and spread thin fighting wars in other countries.

America and Obama

It seems that every time we get a new president in office rumors start flying around that they are the next anti-Christ because of their beliefs and new legislation. People thought John F. Kennedy was the anti-Christ and when he was assassinated, he would rise from the dead to rule the world. Well, I'm still waiting on that to fruition. Anyways, no one really knows who the New World Order leader will be. For Chritians, we will already be gone in rapture that takes place, so we won't know who he is. For those left behind, God help you! Henry Kissinger a former U.S. Secretary of State is back in the political frontlines helping  Obama. He is priming Obama to be the New World Leader.

Our economy is in a bit of a major slump. More and more people are losing their jobs. Unemployment benefits are running out. The dollar continues to lose value. We are spending billions of dollars on a new healthcare system. We have spent billions of dollars bailing out irresponsible financial institutions and companies. What's next?

Our dollar will continue to lose value causing major inflation to occur. This period of inflation will be like none we have encountered before and Obama will carry the weight on his shoulders to find a solution. Our dollar will essentially become worthless on the world market causing more worldwide panic and will sink the world economy into a deep hole. What will need to happen is a one world currency to help stabilize our economy and the world's economy. It will have to be something that all countries agree on and something that can be used anywhere in the world and cannot be exploited by terrorists. Terrorists threats and attacks will continue to worsen in the world and America will be vulnerable because of the economy. Because of the technology now available to us and the use of credit cards it will only make sense this new currency will be in electronic form to prevent identity theft, theft, and protection against other types of attacks. This new monetary system will hold personal information about every person in the world uses it. This currency will be created by the New World Order Leader. When this happens this leader will also finally create a peace treaty between Israel and it's enemies. It will be a 7 year contract (according to Revelation). At this time Christians will be raptured to meet Jesus. People will think UFOs abducted these people, or the earth swallowed them. There will be plenty of rumors going about. This will start the Tribulation hour as outlined in the Bible. I'm not going to get into that today.

In conclusion, unless our country repents and turns away from the evils we are doing (gay marriage, abortion, corruption, greed) we will fall on our knees. We must stop our careless spending and start finding a way to get ourselves out of debt. There can be a lot of good that comes out of these trials our country is experiencing right now. People are saving more money and working on paying off their own debt. Consumers are being more responsible for how they shop. Hopefully this healthcare reform will help provide healthcare to people that did not have it before. But, we must repent and turn from our way.


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  • yeagerinvestments profile image

    yeagerinvestments 7 years ago from Wisconsin

    Can you expand a little about the agriculture and farming comment? I totally agree with the second point.

  • Kevin Peter profile image

    Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen

    give importance to agriculture and farming . don't interfere in others internal matters .(Remember Iraq , Afghanistan and Vietnam )