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The Outsider

Updated on January 26, 2017

In India the outsider ---The girl child She is always expected to be gentle and mild
Though others with her are harsh and wild
Grateful for just being alive and not have in the womb died
Her biological family deprives her of her basic right
From where will she to fight the outside world gain might
Asked who does everything renounce
It's the daughter who does I pronounce
At a ceremony of her marriage she leaves every thing behind
To embrace a life to which till then she is totally blind
She is made to give up even her family and her name
What better way than this to a human tame
Every little mistake she is accused for bringing to the family shame
Now where is her desire and wish
As she is forever lighting the fire and cooking a dish
She of human life is a procreater
Of her blood and milk to humans a distributor
But her life is one of a retributor !



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    • profile image

      Zainab Shamas 12 months ago

      Right frm the heart...very touching