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The Kill List

Updated on May 20, 2015
After WWII and Nazi genocide, it was said,  'never again!' However, it did not take long for the next genocidal pogrom began. Since then, there have been several dozen genocides
After WWII and Nazi genocide, it was said, 'never again!' However, it did not take long for the next genocidal pogrom began. Since then, there have been several dozen genocides | Source
This scene could be anywhere in the world and they are often a response to an unjust death at the hands of the justice system.Despite this, justice is almost never served.
This scene could be anywhere in the world and they are often a response to an unjust death at the hands of the justice system.Despite this, justice is almost never served. | Source

From the Genocides of the Past to the Ultimate Genocide

What can be said when it becomes apparent that all rallies, petitions, protests no longer affect any change other than to bring more repression? There is a war going on that has cycles that repeat themselves. The division of the elite and the rest of us is maintained by keeping us; the ruled, divided and doing the job of the elite to control one another. This includes the reality of war and prejudice between minority and cultural differences. We have seen patterns in the past that are now unfolding again. Part of the elite's control agenda is the fact of periodic mass kills. When one generation has collectively passed on, the new oncoming generation gets to repeat the history of foregone eras. Today, we see the potential for mass kills of various minorities that are now beginning to unfold. Here with references, is a list of the potential immediate future.

  • Attacks on immigrants, migrants, other workers (1, 2, 3, 4)

  • Attacks on gays with a kill law (CA) (5, 6, 7)

  • UN Agenda 21 program to round up and kill seniors (8. 9)

  • Open attack on coloured people, police state attacks on blacks with summary executions (10, 11)

  • Open attacks on the poor and homeless with open execution by police (12)

  • Executions of mentally ill (13)

  • Listing all protestors as terrorists (Saudi Arabia, NDAA, C-51)(14, 15, 16)

  • Attack on journalists and whistle blowers (17)

  • Anti-Indian sentiments and attacks, AIM, Idle No More

  • The rise of the extreme right (18)

  • The return of anti-Semitism

  • Financial shenanigans. (19)

  • Spreading of chaos by the leading industrial nations in the developing regions (20, 21, 22)

We see instances right now of every single one of these conditions that threaten almost all of us. Since the economic crash of 2008-09, there has been a rise in anti-immigrant/migrant sentiment, expression and protest. When the economy was in “reasonable” shape, anti-immigrant/migrant fervour was not as obvious. It has always been there, usually expressed as job loss to immigrants, legal or illegal. The contradiction here is that the jobs lost were very low paid, dangerous, unhealthy and very undesirable for most people, consisting of share cropping type jobs, sweat shops, dirty and dangerous. But the existence of these low paid workers served as a block on increasing wages tied to inflation or the rise in the cost of living. Wages stagnated, while the elite speculators gained with increased profits and financial gambling. Typically, the workers were pitted one against the other based on job availability, which was declining due to the influx of cheap labour under various international trade deals and temporary work visas or green card permits. When the financial crash occurred, the tensions escalated. Also war and persecution abroad drove many people to seek a better quality to their lives abroad. In some recent cases, migrants fleeing war and chaos at home, are met with gun ships shooting at them in the direction of escape, This double whammy escalated tensions and fuelled the rise of the new extreme right and neo-Nazi organizations and protests. Death threats, attacks and murders have increased exponentially and it was not restricted to immigrants. There are no hard figures easily available, but some say 13,000 flee N. Africa daily and over a thousand die every day. Some countries are seeking strong legislation to block migrants, those leaving to seek a better life out of their home countries and those seeing to escape war and chaos at home, visited by the same countries they are fleeing to, Immigrants and migrants, no matter where they come from or where they are going, face difficulty and threats to life on both ends of the journey. If that were not enough, autonomous robots and driverless vehicles threatens to place hundreds of millions our of work. What will happen to all these replaced workers? If treatment of migrants serves as any example, newly created obsolete workers will end up being liquidated en-masse. In the evolving world regime, there is no need for “useless eaters” and everything points to “recycling”. In an era of profit by war, plenty of wars will likely do the trick.

Genocide appears to be a human trait. If the past was written in spilled blood; what of the present and future?
Genocide appears to be a human trait. If the past was written in spilled blood; what of the present and future? | Source

Agenda 21, Who's it for and Who's it Against

The LGBTQ community has never really been free from persecution or attack. There is an unspoken war against the community. Now it is becoming more obvious with moves against gays in Russia, particularly at the time of the Sochi Olympics. That same period saw Uganda pass a law to jail or kill anyone identified as gay. Recently, there was a bill introduced in California calling for the rounding up and killing of all gays to “prevent the Sodomization of the state”. Unfortunately, this claim was too late and if the representative had studied his Bible in Isiah, he would realize that this murderous attitude is listed as one of the sins of Sodom. By pushing such a mass death warrant, he is promoting the attitudes of Sodom and Gomorrah. But this is no cause for stopping an international Christian cabal for organizing internationally to round up and kill every gay person they can find planet wide. Yes, this is an actual Christian campaign and they have a lot of support! All it will take, is some convenient trigger event to begin the mass assault and round up, ending presumably in some murder factories. There are plenty of events, natural and man made that are used to blame gays to target them, everything from asteroids, tsunamis and riots focus on gays as the cause due to the wrath of God. This would not be the first time in history as one can verify about the Nazis during the Night of the Hummingbird and the Night of the Long Knives long before the start of WWII. The rising hostility to sexual variation today marches in lockstep with a worsening economy and the rise of the extreme right.

For many years that has been something of an underground rumbling over the issue of Agenda 21, which is a UN document for reducing the world's population as so many people are detrimental to the environment of the earth. There is a monument erected in Georgia, called the Georgia Guide-stones that recommend that the world population be held at 500 million people and no more in perpetuity. Within the context of the United Nations Agenda 21 policy, there is a recommendation to round up and kill all seniors. This would be anyone who has “retired” from the work force, voluntarily or involuntarily, who is of sufficient age to prevent their re-hire in the work force. As there is a strong move by the likes of the Libertarians such as the Koch brothers to eliminate pensions, and their hired agents in the government, bought out with lobby monies, sentences every retiree to death. The Republicans now holding a majority in the US government have similar objectives with a new austerity program now in the works. This appears in part at least, to be in synchronicity with the UN Agenda 21 protocol, Overseas in the Ukraine, this reduction in pensions is already a fact and the same is threatened in Greece under the newly elected Syriza party that ran and won an election on an anti-austerity platform.

Hardly a day goes by these days without some report, photos and videos of police executions of black people in the US and elsewhere. Even in the face of obvious evidence, the guilty are exonerated and in essence given a signal to stay the course. There has been a counter protest of this kind of injustice that has so far, served only to escalate matters, with ever more atrocities that have now expanded outside of the black community and engulfed others in its wake. Jim Crow never died as it reemerges from the underground where it has hidden for decades. Every day begins with new revelations, such as a police torture facility in Chicago, killing of children and tasing of seniors in full public view. This is in addition to the almost daily kills of a black person. With all the summary executions of blacks during Obama's watch it has become apparent that Jim Crow has resurfaced from the low key status it formerly practised since the 70s. In almost every instance, cops who kill black people that is even captured on video, walk free to wreck more havoc. Even people who film the killings are targeted. There is a campaign to frighten observers into silence so the cops can do their worst for the corporate state. Max Keiser who reports on RT has gone so far as to call this the new genocide on blacks and other minorities. Where blacks are targeted, other minorities are soon to follow in being attacked. The Ku Klux Klan has seen a rapid growth in 2014-15. Over-seas, Israel has a compound where hundreds of thousands of blacks from Africa are held in detention under terrible conditions, pending possible deportations. Most of these blacks claim Jewish ancestry, but are not allowed in Israel. Many are attempting to escape repression from neo-colonial realities in their places or origin.

Can the Human Propensity to Mass Murder be Cured?

See results

The World's 10 Most Shocking Genocides

We Are Almost All Wearing Targets in a Free Fire Zone

Recently, another shocking video emerged of several police collaborating in a fatal shooting of a homeless man. To date, the video, having gone viral, has been seen over 23 million times outside of news casts such as RT (Russia Today). There are hundreds of millions of new homeless in every developed country added since the crash of 2008-09. More than half are children who did nothing to earn this status. As for the adults, they were, for the most part, swindled into this state by the corruption rampant in all financial institutions that got bailed out, while mass foreclosures bailed the working poor into the mean streets. Nothing concrete is being done to change this situation for the better, even though in the US, there are so many vacant homes, that each and every homeless person could have six homes. But this is not profitable in a society that considers property more valuable than the unemployed and foreclosed poor. The homeless are often subjected to brutal conditions from the weather and the communities where they attempt to live. Many thousands die of exposure every year and now the police are demonstrating that they are another viable target along with the black community. Job prospects in an economy showing signs of folding again, are dismal, so expectations for a better life are forever out of reach. The poor are targeted and blamed for the economic circumstances that created poverty in the first place. Qualifications for social benefits are being tightened to the point of ridiculous and those who test positive for drugs are removed from receiving benefits. This in effect is a death sentence for crimes and corruption in high finance and government!

With the closure of many facilities that used to be care institutions for those who had nervous breakdowns and/or for the mentally challenged, the alternative is the street to jail. Many times, some of these people act out and the response is now brutality and a summary execution by the police on the streets in broad daylight in front of everyone else. We criticized the Nazis for their treatment of the mentally and physically challenged, but now we are now the moral equivalent of such monsters. The truth of the matter is that under the eugenics programs in Britain, the US, Canada, Australia and yes, Nazi Germany, programs of sterilization and execution were underway for all those deemed mentally feeble, such as idiots, imbeciles and morons. The Nazis began their murder factory experiments on the mentally and physically handicapped and then expanded the program to include a host of others. Though not as organized as the Nazis, the US, Canada and the UK appeared to march down the same path and eugenics was most strongly practised in Alberta and BC in the same time period. Today, most mentally handicapped are on the streets or in prison. We have a better understanding of some conditions and realize that they are not likely to be passed on to future generations, due to mental age, or genetic incompatibility such as in the case of Down's syndrome. But the old prejudices remain and though institutions for idiots, imbeciles, morons and feeble mindedness are closed, largely due to economic reasons, these now wind up in jails and prisons. Eugenics and racial hygiene still persist and rises as politics moves to the extreme right, something that also emerges with corruption in the economy where most are challenged with austerity. It is a cyclic phenomenon and what begins with the weakest soon works its way up into other denigrated and demonized minorities, such as migrants/gypsies.

An unjust and corrupt regime or system will not tolerate any criticism. Instead, it will increasingly rely in labelling all dissenters, no matter of what kind, as terrorists. This includes anti-war pacifists! The US, Canada and the UK either have legislation and laws or are rushing them into effect to quell all dissent by labelling all as terrorists. It does not matter if you rally to protest unjust state sponsored murders, protest for peace, protest against brutality to animals and minorities, protest for action on climate change or obvious corruption in high places, it is all the same. We might as well adopt the Saudi Arabia “constitution” where to criticize the absolute monarch is to warrant a death penalty. To criticize a religious cleric is to be identified as an apostate and also warrant a death penalty. It is getting to be like that in the US, Canada and the UK. The rise of the extreme right in all of them prognosticates even greater troubles. When the so called left collapses to the will of the banks, this gives the green light to fascists, thugs, goons, militarized police battalions, the KKK, neo-Nazis, to wreak havoc on all minorities. If you are not in the elite or among their cronies by now, YOU ARE LABELLED A TERRORIST! The government has glued a target on your back and you are in their sights! They know where you are at all times and you can someday expect a 3 AM no-knock entry into your home or a five minute “knock on the roof” before the big bomb hits. You cannot say or do anything, no matter what, without it being on record in the NSA or some like facility. Though some of this have known about such things for a long time, Edward Snowden has spilled the huge mountain of ugly beans en masse for the rest of us. Ultimately, we are all considered a threat, actual, implied or perceived.

Today, there are whistle blowers who fear for their lives for exposing the extent of government corruption and intrusions. Among them is Edward Snowden who blew the whistle on the extent of government spying and intrusion into everyone's life. There are those who want Snowden dead, so he has taken up residence in Moscow. Another, who exposed the extent of torture conducted by the US is the only person ever went to prison for the torture program, is the whistle blower. Meanwhile, journalists are also increasingly under attack and some have even been set up for a kill in war zones. Others are fired for refusing to redact important news.

Natives of all developed countries are subject to restricted land access, treaty violations, prejudice, police and military intervention if they object to what little they have left is taken away. Memorable incidents such as the Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee, Kanesataki and Lake Gustafeson come to mind. When individuals such as Spotting the Sky protest events such as the visit of known war criminals, Bush and Cheney, they suddenly wind up dead under mysterious circumstances. Then there is the pervasive issue concerning disappeared native women all over N. America. Thousands of indigenous women have disappeared and some found decapitated and dead later. This is all well after the facts of what happened during the colonizing of the Americas and the Indian Removal Act of 1930. Simply put, the First Nations were put to genocide and we make a mistake if we think it can't happen again. There are copious resources available in the eugenics and genocide perpetrated on the Natives and Indians. Indian movements such as the Mohawks, AIM and Idle No More have all come under police and military intervention, sometimes with deadly force, such as Wounded Knee and the Trail of Tears. Individual leaders have been jailed, usually on questionable charges and evidence and many are still in prison decades later, such as Leonard Peltier. Anti-Indian prejudice still prevails and in Canada, is a virulent as anti-black prejudice is in the US.

Right in lockstep with the collapsing intentional economy, we witness the rise of the extreme right all around the world and an increasing influence in many governments such as in the Ukraine, France, Spain, Finland and even in Britain. Some of the extreme right movements, like the Golden Dawn in Greece and the coup government in Kiev, Ukraine, are openly fascist and neo-Nazis. As austerity tightens its noose around the masses around the world, the left and right are in a death struggle on the streets, with the right appearing to emerge the victor in places like the Ukraine, France and in Finland. These extremists work with the IMF to impose austerity. Extremism is also on the rise in the US, Australia and Canada. There the governments have been working quietly to eliminate rights, due course and democratic process. In the US, voting rights are under suppression and attack under the new Jim Crow. Canadian politicals seek to make peaceful dissent illegal. One of the common elements in the swing to the ultra-right is the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment, where immigrants, dispersed by imperialist wars in their homelands, are treated with extreme prejudice, when the attempt to gain entry into most countries. Israel locks up black Jewish immigrants from Africa who are attempting to resettle. The US politicals constantly whine about illegal immigrants from Mexico and central America. Britain is refusing entry of immigrants from the south and east from across the channel, using the French police to drive them back. Germany, France, the Scandinavian countries, Greece, Turkey, and many more are being hard on immigration. Some escapees from war zones are sent back to face certain torture and execution.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise around the planet, and some of it is in response to Israels treatment of Palestinians and African Jews. Some of it is a backlash to anti-Muslim sentiment that has arisen since the collapse of the USSR and especially after 9-11. The bizarre aspect to the Jewish – Muslim axis, is that both peoples are Semitic! Since the Jews have the upper hand via Zionism and the financial control of the major world banking centres, the battle has become asymmetric with the Muslims on the losing side. The financial muscle of the Rothschild empire centred in Europe and extending world wide, is united with the military muscle of the US who are the hired police of the Zionists to push the Zionist agenda on the world. This is coupled with the power of the religious right in the form of fundavangelist control of the minds of the majority of Christian believers. This triad forms the network that controls the major factors of elite power and hence most of humanity. There is a war on with the Islamic world that is far older than any struggle between the US and former USSR, now Russia. It has recently been reignited, having its roots in 1991, right on the very collapse of the USSR as a counter power. A new enemy was required and this was easy to find considering the history of WWI and the Ottoman Empire. Hatred of the Jews emerged in the Islamic world and in some nations of Europe that resented the Rothschild takeover of finance. There is also a religious element in the hatred of the Jews as the old saw goes; that the Jews killed Jesus. Anti-Semitism waxes and wanes with the state of the economy as experienced on the bottom level of society and since the economic meltdown of 2008, hatred of the Jews has rebounded significantly with an emerging death wish against Israel ans Jews in general. Consider that in history, Hatred and persecution of the Jews has been manipulated by the powerful in order to fulfil particular agendas. The latest turn emerged in 1917 and was put into full and devastating effect in May of 1948. Israel today is surrounded by enemies, many of whom are in wars and chaos. So far, Israel has been largely unscathed, with backing from the military powerhouse, the US, that is the agent of chaos in surrounding Muslim countries. The massive slaughter and displacement from NW Africa though to Afghanistan will some day reciprocate back onto Israel with dire consequences, especially considering the fact that Israel has hundreds of nukes.

One would think that the lessons of 2008 with a world wide financial meltdown would have been learned and corrected, but this is not so with the business as usual mindset that prevails after the massive bailouts of the “too big to fail and jail” bank and insurance corporations. Instead, corruption is rife, with new scandals and risks being revealed daily. The bailing out of the too big to fail and jail folk has been paid for by extreme austerity that has succeeded in driving tens of millions into migration around the world seeking a better life than the one of slow starvation and the tortures of war and chaos. At last look, 13,000 migrants flee from N. Africa on a daily basis and thousands drown daily in the Mediterranean is flimsy boats capsize or break up. Europe is seeing a drain of millions from Greece, Span and Portugal by those seeking to escape extreme austerity. The answer by some, is to revive the devils of Nazism and Fascism. An anti-immigrant fervour is being whipped up and all this because of austerity imposed by world banks like the IMF, so that loans can fill the pockets of the heads of the too big to fail and jail corporations can be paid with further cuts to the rest of the population. The solution by some is to send gun boats to shoot migrants out of the water before they can drown. The situation has reached a chronic condition where the response appears to be genocide. The powerful heads of finance have achieved the status of gods that cannot be challenged and once more, the military goons for hire can be deployed to quell any threat. This is the state of things now in much of the world where people are disposed of by various means of mass murder, triggered and promoted by gouging austerity.

The world is rapidly descending into chaos with collapsing infrastructure and wars everywhere. Many children who are four or less (from 2011), know nothing but war and want. This is normal for them and peace is a fantasy. The global assault of war on most of humanity and all of nature is a formula for extinction of life on the planet as we know it. As there is a shrinking resource base in all things needed to live, like fresh water and food, the increasing competition makes most of us into targets of elimination. The powerful maraud the rest, taking what they want and leave a wake of total destruction and chaos, from gutted domestic cities like Detroit to entire ruined countries like Iraq, Libya and recently, Yemen, that is now being plunged into a manufactured humanitarian crisis with 25 million people under immediate threat of genocide. They do not want emerging regions to emerge and pose a competitive threat, so they are either held in check, or deliberately ruined, kept in chaos, ignorance and terror. Whole continents and peoples are effected, often with genocide. Almost the entire Muslim world is in disarray and/or war. The same is more of less true of Africa, being stripped of resources via colonial occupation, managed by secret wars and left in dire want, an austerity that makes Greece and Ukraine tame by comparison. Central and South America are penalized with coups and sanctions in an extended Monroe Doctrine (also being applied world wide). Sanctions have a blow back insofar that the availability of many items in the world is severely restricted for all, not just the sanctioned regions. Prices go up on all populations of every country already gouged by austerity. No better demonstration of the axiom exists for a prison house of apartheid nation states managed by terror brokers.

We know who is on the targeted kill list as a result. Are you? You bet! So am I! If not today, then tomorrow, just as soon as those in line ahead of you and I are shot, starved, sickened, irradiated, burned, tortured, bullied into suicide, and on and on. To stop this, the very first thing to do is to wake up to the horrific truth. Do not flinch or avert your gaze. You very life depends on knowing the depravity of the age we live in.

























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    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      2 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      When we toss our children onto the streets in homelessness, we are putting them out to die. When this is done, we are executing our future and civilization has another means to end. There will be a hub on this in the upcoming days.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Yes William, here in holland we have a saying '' it is a truth as a cow''. Where this saying comes from i don't know but there are many cows here.

      Unfortunately your artikel sums up many truths.

      May I bring this artikel to your attention again as the asnwer why ?

      But ofcourse there's much more to say about it.


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