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There Will Always Be A Culture Of Death In America, Including Now The Racist Shootings Down In The Carolinas, Because Of

Updated on June 19, 2015

There Will Always Be A Culture Of Death In America, Including Now The Racist Shootings Down In The Carolinas, Because Of Our Ongoing Killing Of Innocent Babies....

There always will be a culture of death in America - whether borne out of racism or the ongoing slaughter of Black-on-Black killings - because of our whole-sale murdering of innocent children via Abortion - estimated over 50 million so far. Yes, I will repeat my refrain until the proverbial cows come home. Those of us who do not see the Christ Jesus' Divine Spiritual connection are blinded out of political or racial pride because, to an extent, it is a death orgy sanctioned and orchestrated by the Democratic Party and the President who advocates and signs legislation to that effect.... We Christians sit quietly and indeed vote for these murderous politicians and no washing of our proverbial hands can cleanse us. We only seem to show outrage for the murders yesterday because the murders happened in the open and have a racist taint unlike the murders by those who are killing babies in the privacy of some doctor's office.

Imagine the Hippocratic Oath 'of do no harm...,' yet we have carved out a murderous exception to said oath for doctors to kill babies and written it in our laws... then, you expect that I should take the President or all of us who rabidly support Abortion seriously when we come out being outrage over the killing that took place yesterday in the Carolinas? The culture of killing will continue because, apparently, we feel no empathy for the children we murdered today alone... murdering that we support by our votes. Lest I forget, my condolences to the respective families for the lost of their loved ones and I hope that the dead are resting in Christ Jesus' peace.


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      As much as I sympathize with the Pro-Life movement and respect the sentiment (my mother was a member of the Right to life Party in NY years ago), I couldn't disagree more with your thesis.

      Racially motivated killings went on long before abortion was legal. The Birmingham Church bombing, Emmett Till, and the murder of numerous Civil Rights figures and workers including Dr. King. The killers all declared themselves to be fine Christian men.

      The killings last night were the work of sick human being bred with racist tendencies. What came first, the hatred or the mental illness, we'll never know. But I just don't see abortion as a factor in this situation. Stay well, Verily.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 2 years ago from New York

      Right you are in your historical summary - but I write from a Traditional Christian point of view. I see no difference from those of us who kill out of racism or those who murder via Abortion. We can show the abuses of animals or that of racist cops or that of xenophobic soldiers borne out of chronic jingoism, but we will never show aborted fetuses - Why? Simply input abortion into Google's Image portal and honestly tell me the images that come back at you warrant any moral outrage from a President or those of us who believe we have the right to murder babies through abortion? Were we to name history's mass murderers, we would include Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, and Bin laden... but do not forget America who have murdered 50 million children and just how the Lord punished the Israelites for sacrificing their children to pagan gods ... so too are we going to be punished with a continuing culture of death, including racist killings.

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