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There Are Times When We Make It Too Easy For The Race Hustlers....

Updated on December 5, 2016

There Are Times When We Make It Too Easy For The Race Hustlers….

It is said that in the area of Geo-Politics… that only President Nixon could have gone to China; this is so because, at that juncture, President Nixon was a harsh critic of Communist China and so when he waved the ‘olive branch’, signaling that the United States was ready for bilateral relations with China, it made such a outreach then much more Geo-politically palatable to the jingoistic hawks. I said all that only to convey that I have been a blogger who has tried my best to look at race relations in America from an objective point of view and because of that balanced posture I feel that I should be given more latitude when I blog on such racial matters. To that end, today’s Mistrial of a White police officer, Michael Slager, who, from what the tape of the shooting showed, shot a Mr. Walter Scott in the back -- and even from the stand, the accused officer, Michael Slager, admitted that the tape does show that the victim was running away from the accused. This mistrial is a rare time when we, as Americans, make it too easy for the race hustlers like Al Sharpton….

Years ago, I met my better half in a poetry class and during the time we were courting, she was beside herself, because, apparently, one of her classmates, in another class, thought that the cops who mercilessly ‘beat-down’ Rodney King had done nothing wrong - even when the tape of said beating conspicuously showed otherwise. The Rodney King beating in California, all those years ago, was almost the same as this mistrial, which illustrated then and now that we are a l-o-n-g way from bridging the chasm that is race relations in America. I normally hesitate in discussing this polarizing topic (race) because, in my humble opinion, there are some Black men and Black women, egged on by the race hustlers, ‘who bogusly cry wolves,’ which then disparages the legitimate cries of racism like the shooting and the subsequent mistrial of the police officer, Michael Slager, who apparently shot Mr. Scott while the latter was running away.

No doubt, playing the race card is a lucrative business… a veritable cottage industry… it is why the media/networks still caters to many of these race hustlers… but the case in South Carolina gives credence to those same race hustlers when one can look at the shooting of Mr. Scott, as recorded by the police officer’s dash-cam, and see that evidence should have been used for an easy conviction. It is also a truism that seasoned trial lawyers would tell you, notwithstanding the dash-cam evidence, that we who are outside the trial courtroom do not know what went on in the trial courtroom that might have resulted in the mistrial. It is also true that I am depending on the reports that there was one, among the twelve jurors - and my supposing that he or she was White - who intimated that he or she could not convict, and again, notwithstanding what seems to show the victim running away from the police officer and with the former then subsequently shot some four times in the back.

With the mistrial, all is not lost though because the state of South Carolina still has another bite at the conviction apple… and even if Mr. Slager escapes again, then the Feds will get a crack at him. It must be noted that the fact that Mr. Slager was fired from being a police officer is a testament that his shooting of Mr. Scott was not justified! Nonetheless, we cannot legislate love or racial harmony… and if indeed this juror was White and because of some ingrained hatred that he or she could not convict a White officer for the shooting of a Blackman, who was apparently running away and who also was initially pulled over for the proverbial broken tail light, then we have to live with it. There are legal remedies - like Peremptory Challenges and the like - to prevent such jurors from serving on juries, but these remedies are obviously not full proof. I can only appeal to our better angels and simply hope that an outcome like today’s mistrial and the pass OJ and the Rodney King Trials are judicial aberrations, which will then keep the race hustlers at bay.

As it is my wont, I have used music - here, Sly and the Family Stone’s, Everyday People - to help flesh out the themes of this blog… drill down and enjoy!


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