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There is No Liberty and Justice for All!

Updated on June 5, 2015

No Justice

Ever since the death of Trayvon Martin it has become socially acceptable in the United States to shoot minorities, especially African American men. The is obvious because the police have been caught on camera shooting unarmed people, and there have been few to no repercussions because the police can always argue they feel nervous or their life is in danger. This is not a new problem, the Police of the United States have been taking advantage of minorities for decades. After the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's minorities including women started to make strides to improving their lives. This was short lived because by the 1980's the War on Drugs was in effect, and its main objective was to break up minority families by arresting the men and women that are not killed for trying to provide for their families. It is difficult to change the path of minorities' lives because monkey see monkey do, and this is the result of broken down neighborhoods, crime, and lack of parental supervision. The government needs to acknowledge their role in destroying urban neighborhoods, and attempting to dismantle the African American family as a whole.

Don't Shoot!

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Buy the Tee Shirt to show you support the cause! | Source

Liberty for all

Minorities in the United States always talk about the two different Americas. The one for the wealthy and white people, and the other for everyone else. Poor people do not feel free in this country because they constantly feel they are drowning. People are stuck in minimum wage jobs which has created a desperation which has lead to the increase in crime. Most recently the City of Baltimore was burning because the police once again got away with murder! The media will say the African Americans were acting like animals, burning their homes and communities. In reality these people are acting out like children, but it is because they do not know what else to do. People make it clear it does not feel like their neighborhoods because they do not own the land and property, but rent the space from rich people. We all know freedom is not really free, but it should at least be affordable for all.

Most recently there have been protests in the City of Cleveland because yet another white cop got away with murder. I believe the only reason he got off was because there were too many officers shooting about one hundred forty bullets into the two unarmed people in the vehicle. The officer who was on trial took his shooting to the next level because he stood on the hood of the vehicle in order to shoot directly through the windshield, but still the judge claimed there was not enough evidence to convict him, or claim he did anything wrong! As these types of incidents continue the minority populations will continue to act out by protesting hopefully in a peaceful manner. The idea of an eye for an eye is dangerous and only leaves people blind to the pain the violence really creates. How do we solve this problem to bring freedom and equality for all?


Can we all just get along?
Can we all just get along? | Source


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