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There is no God, But God Bless Mikey Weinstein: Why the 'God Bless' Sign Should be Removed

Updated on October 19, 2016

Where Faith Fails

In Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli, President John Adams explicitly and succinctly states that "the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion." The Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution also plainly outlines the government’s separation of church and state. And for good reason. Whenever a country goes against rational thinking and applies mysticism to its tenets, what can follow can only be discord, enslavement, and zombie order. The unthinking, emotion-driven masses of the world might view the sign reading “God Bless the Military” as innocuous and even beneficial. Mikey Weinstein and The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), in their fight (and loss, sadly) for rationality, challenged the Marine Corps Base Hawaii commander Colonel Sean C. Killeen to take down the sign or at least address all religious backgrounds, or lack thereof. Now, the MRFF has its own inconsistencies and does not fully embrace objectivity. They at least brought up the case for barring faith and the government from conjoining. In reality, the sign and all chaplains and chapels and other religious symbols and “leaders” on bases and military outposts the world over represent the notion that an other-worldly being(s) exists. The phrase “God bless” ought to be taken at as an expression of goodwill not a literal espousal of mystical revelation. Instead of pointing to the supernatural, non-sensory, non-identifiable means of knowing something, military personnel especially ought to only consider reality, reason, and facts. The focus ought to be on determining the logic of matters and how to best navigate through the real world, not to appeal to the unknown and unknowable.

Any irrationalism such as the existence of God flies in the face of the knowledge, tactics, strategies, and planning that go into military life. In order to be effective agents who protect the individual rights of Americans, troops must be thoughtful and ready to act. As some may point to God as the source of their physical strength and moral resolve, it is in fact their own personal might of spirit (the mind) and body. It is a pernicious thought to regard The Bible or any other religious text as a guide for one’s life and is dangerous and even deadly. The fact that it promotes for an individual to “to love [his or her] enemies” (Matthew 5:44) only compounds the vicious problem that religious figures gloss over at best and completely ignore at worst. While the MRFF’s battle may have been lost, the war for reason continues.



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