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There's Always Another Site

Updated on March 1, 2023


To paraphrase Qui-Gon Jinn: "There's always a Bigger Fish" ...there is always another Web Site, always another discussion group.

In the early 90s, being chased off a site dealing with Feminism or Star Wars was pretty devastating. Doing a search was not as easy as entering a word or two in a browser window.

To be banned from one of the ancient message-boards was like losing service, for you might not be able to find another website that matched your interests. You would feel deprived.

That of course, was then, and this is Now.

Today, there is Always another venue.


If you do a 'Google' on some topical issue, you'll always be led to some site that wants you to join and pay to get the information.

Avoiding Google and trying other Other Search Engines; whether Duckduckgo, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. is wise. In fact, if you do a Search for "Search Engines" and you'll find that Google isn't the only site, nor the best.

The joke of Google is that it is PAID to make you think that the Times, for example is the ONLY news site and if you don't join and pay you won't get the information. As you realize, this is not true.

Rule of thumb: use anything but Google to search.

Writing Sites

If you Search for 'Online Writing Sites that Pay' you will see a dwindling number.

Many are wastes of time, others can get a visit. But the days of paying sites, of sites which spotlight your writing and paid you is over. Maybe there will be a rebirth, but don't hold your breath.

I have written for a number of sites; some are defunct, some are rip offs, some are okay.

If you are using a site which doesn't pay well, tramples your rights, or is infested by persons of limited mentalities, you don't have to stay there.

Further, those that claim to pay often have tricks to avoid paying. For example, Mylot.

Mylot pays less than pennies, but seems to pay. You scan the posts, notice it is full of empty rubbish.

This one is discussing what she had for breakfast, that one is posting a photo he took of a tree.


The reason they do this and constantly visit each others rubbish is to avoid posting anything that the Admin's dual can attack.

The Admin's dual will focus on those who write about something, attack it, and when you respond, you get kicked off!

This happens a few days before pay out... and guess who is not getting paid!

This Mylot trick is not unique.

Watching TV?

If you watch Movies or Television shows online, you really don't have to pay for it.

Many sites are not merely free, they don't even demand you register.

You can sit back and binge watch everything you want, Do a search...."Watch ??? Online Free." Fill in the ??? with the name of what you want to see.

From Castle to Grey's Anatomy, to Firefly to Holby City, they can be watched free online.

Further, each one of the sites often offers a number of viewing platforms, so that if this one is a bit skippy, there's the next.

There is always another site about to be launched, another about to go down; the Internet is a very active place.

Don't be Faithful

Have a slurry of online sites which deal with the same and different issues.

For example, when it comes to writing, join as many publishing sites as you want.

Often, you'll publish on site X which doesn't pay or takes forever, so you edit the item and publish it on Site Y. In some cases you find a site like Z where you can publish shards of the item on Site X.

This can't be emphasized enough.

Even excellent writing sites go down, stop paying, are sold, change their policies. Some are labelled content farms and lose hits. Some have an influx of inferior writers.

Whatever happens, keep yourself from too tightly linking to one site. Always keep searching for the next site.

When it comes to watching online; if you want to watch every episode of Star Trek Voyager, don't think there is only one place you can.... there isn't.

There are many.

Facebook Groups

Yes, everyone has a Facebook page. There are lots of Topics. Lots of Groups.

Often, you'll join a group; i.e. Star Trek and be posting away, when suddenly, some bland item you wrote is taken down.


The Admin might try to defend his arbitrary action, sending you some message.

Don't get angry, don't defend yourself, quit the group, hide all notifications, and find another.

Never invest too much interest in anything on Facebook. There are a lot of scams running in the background. You don't need to experience them.


Some years ago, a friend of mine was thrown off of a Women's health site because she came into conflict with a chap who had carte blanche. He happened to be the Admins current boyfriend.

My friend hadn't know this when she responded to his rather discomforting posts, then suddenly, she was banned.

As she had invested so much time and energy in that Message Board she felt as if she'd been locked out of her home. This is because, as those who use message boards or fora know, one becomes involved to the extent that being arbitrarily kicked off or demoted provokes an emotional response.

Today, it is a shrug.
Because there is always another site

Pay For What?

I have mentioned this before, but will keep repeating it; there are hundreds of sites. Sites all over the world. Sites which ignore the word "copyright" and are situated in nations which can't be prosecuted for copyright infringement.

A movie, currently in theatres, currently a Block Buster, can be seen online. Can be seen FREE online.

Ignore any site that demands payment, information, anything. That site is NOT the only one which offers what you want.

When you find a site which is Free, which demands nothing, and has the programs or movies you wish to see, bookmark it, but keep looking for others, for every so often, that site will go down.

It will go down because it is attacked by those who own the copyright.

So, it goes down, but you jump to another site. And outside of a few minutes, you've lost nothing.

Yes, some sites are better than others, some sites even remember where you stopped a show or which episode you are up to. Others don't.

Have a number of these sites bookmarked, and jump from one to another as you desire.

Dis connect

Never get 'emotional' about any site. All sites are subject to collapse. All sites are subject to being hacked, sold or closed.

All sites are subject to change.

A fantastic site may be taken over by those who have no idea why it is fantastic, and destroy it. Another might be subject to such neglect that it becomes a district of Trollkingdom.

What you do to 'protect' yourself is have a slurry of sites. When one goes down you concentrate on another and eventually you will no longer even care about the topic or the activity on the lost site.

If you are kicked off a site because of some glitch, be it the attitude of the Mods or some other reason, move on. You'll find something better.

Be selective, and don't get sentimental.


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