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There's Nothing Real About the Real World

Updated on January 28, 2019

The Illusion of Reality

We must appreciate the nature of reality if we are going to understand anything. Those who manipulate the human race also understand how to manipulate reality, and this is part of what we are kept ignorant of. The illusion of reality can be used to manipulate us if we don't understand what reality is. It is so important to understand that what we believe we are experiencing is not real, not as we perceive it to be anyway.

Everything we think of as "reality" is nothing of the sort. You gotta understand: you don't see everything in the space around you -- you see less than one percent of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. You also think you can hear whatever sounds are around you, but you can hear less than one percent of the sound spectrum.

Every second our subconscious minds are processing about 11 million pieces of information, but our conscious minds are aware of only about 40 of them. 11 million pieces down to 40? What?

Imagine a puzzle that has 11 million pieces, but you only have 40 of them! How are you supposed to construct the puzzle with so few pieces? It's absurd to think of this, but these 40 pieces of the puzzle are what we call "reality"! You could not even begin to reveal the whole of the 11 million piece puzzle with only 40 pieces of it -- why do we think we can understand reality while only having 40 pieces of the 11 million that make it up?

Maybe we should come to terms with the understanding that we really don't know much of anything; how could we? It would be like asking the blind to describe what a painting looks like. It would be like asking someone to describe the way the number 9 tastes, or smells -- it just cannot be done!

It is foolish to think that 40 of 11 million pieces of information would ever be enough for us to have any concept of what "reality" actually is.

Virtual Reality

All of the institutions of this world are founded upon the assumption that this world we live in is "solid", but according to quantum physics, our reality is nothing of the sort. Real "reality" is vastly different than what the whole world has been misled into believing it is. The Control System we live under was created on a foundation that was not in line with reality, and that is why our world is like an insane asylum.

Albert Einstein: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

The reason it is persistent is because we exist within a virtual reality universe. It's not that hard to consider or imagine. Just look at the movies and video games we have; what would something extremely more advanced look like? What might the technology of a "holographic universe" look like? A solar system? Are those really stars and planets in the night sky ... might they be an advanced projection system? We don't really know what technology would look like that could create such an expansive Matrix-like virtual reality, but maybe it looks exactly like what we see whenever we look up and see anything in the sky.

The virtual reality technology that we currently have is so real that it can fool brains into believing nearly anything -- so much so, that hospitals and care centers are using virtual reality to help patients heal faster. Virtual reality convinces the brain that the body is healed, the Placebo Effect happens, and then the actual healing comes much faster.

The reason virtual reality is so effective is because it is essentially "hacking in" to our senses and sending virtual reality signals to the brain; if those signals are real enough, the brain cannot tell the difference -- therefore the experience is the same. Virtual reality equipment technologically hacks into and overrides the body's decoding mechanisms; consequently, the person whose senses have been hacked then experiences a different reality than what they were experiencing before. If you connected a human brain to a computer that was simulating a real enough reality, the brain would not be able to tell the difference between the simulated virtual reality and the "real" one. The five-senses are just a different type of mechanism that delivers electrical information to the brain; if you override them with virtual reality technology, the fake reality can seem quite convincingly real to anyone who is experiencing or observing it.

With a phone or tablet you can sign in to WiFi anywhere in the world; with that device, you are tapping into an unseen and unseeable universe or experience of reality that can be accessed anywhere in the world -- this is identical to what our brain and body is doing the whole time we are "alive" (signed in). The internet/reality is just information in an energetic form that the computer/body decodes and sends to the screen/reality of the observer, so that it may be perceived and experienced.

Everything is Frequency

The space between things may appear to be empty, but there is absolutely no such thing as "empty space"; it just cannot be. There is no "space" that is not completely filled, with frequency -- everything is frequency.

All of the space around us is filled with electromagnetic information, and just like a computer connected to WiFi, our bodies decode that information into something we experience and call "reality". We think of it as solid and real, but it cannot be. The base of our "reality" is energetic waveform information, binary and trinary code, just like the internet. We call this the "metaphysical universe", which is where our reality actually comes from; "reality", is decoded from the metaphysical waveform information field into a very sophisticated type of hologram, which we then experience consciously and think of as real.

This is not just some outlandish ridiculous theory that has no validity; it is something that many scientists are suggesting is true ... and it is about time they started looking into it: “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” - Nikola Tesla.


Our physical body is not what we are; it is a device, that allows us to experience this reality. We should think of the body as more like an artificially intelligent biological robot, because that is what it is. It experiences thoughts and emotions all on its own, and it is very easy to believe that the body/brain is actually us; but it's not us, we only use it to experience manifested "reality".

Sometimes people say that we are "in" our body, and that is true, but we are also beyond our body ... infinitely beyond our bodies. We are Infinite Consciousness and Eternal Awareness, which uses the brain/body to experience this reality. If you take one of these physical brain/bodies and disconnect it from its true self (Infinite Eternal Conscious Awareness), the "disconnected" state becomes the only experience that Infinite Consciousness (true self) is capable of having within that particular brain/body; that particular brain/body eventually begins to believe it is only that brain/body ... but nothing more.

Could you imagine? Sitting down to the computer to have a look at the internet, and then at some point becoming so enthralled, so distracted, so mesmerized, so hypnotized -- so manipulated -- that you actually came to believe that you were no longer yourself, but the computer? Imagine that. Imagine going into a movie that was so real that you forgot it wasn't. Or one of those dreams that seemed so real, but one you could never wake up from -- until you "died". That's what we have become and that is the reality in which we live.

If we become disconnected from Infinite Consciousness we become idiots, whose brains are always looking for the signal -- we all know people like this! Look at them! They cannot seem to figure it out -- just like your tablet when it cannot find a signal; it will run your battery completely down trying to find one, and just look at how tired everyone is. "I'm so tired. I just couldn't sleep at all last night." That is because your brain was trying to find the signal all night long; that's why your "battery" is run down.

You're not Your Brain

Our brain is not what we are; it is just a processor of information. Many people believe that the brain is the creator of consciousness, but they cannot explain that concept at all.

“Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking Inside a radio for the announcer.” - Nassim Haramein (physicist).

The brain does not produce consciousness any more than a radio produces the broadcast; it receives consciousness -- exactly as a radio receives whatever is being broadcasted to it.

One Consciousness

What we are in this reality is just a single point of attention or observation, but if we go too deeply into The Program we can lose the connection to our greater selves along with the insight, knowledge, and awareness that comes with the consciousness of the greater self.

Consciousness is like the oceans of Earth; this is just one water, but we give it different names based on its location (point of observation). This section over there will be called the Atlantic; the one over on the other side will be the Pacific, and so on... We are all One Consciousness, but we give "IT" different names based upon its unique and individual point of observation. This point of observation will be called John; the next one will be called Bill.

All of our own individual "minds" are just tiny droplets of the ocean of consciousness, but they are all of the same substance. Water, ice, and steam are all quite different, but they are indeed of the same substance; our individual points of observations are all different expressions of consciousness, but we are certainly of the same substance -- Infinite Consciousness and Eternal Awareness -- which is ALL, that has been, is, or ever will be.

In a river, the water is all the same: the calm gently flowing water is the same water that can turn into whitewater rapids; it is just a different expression of the same water. A lake is all the same water too, but on a windy day, whitewater waves come crashing into the shoreline -- same water, different expression. The examples go on and on, but this is how it works -- we are all of the same substance; we are just different expressions of that substance.

We are One Consciousness, experiencing itself through the lens of billions of individual points of attention in this holographic virtual reality metaphysical waveform energetic informational construct that we experience as "reality" and call a "universe". This is so, even though we all look different and have unique personalities, DNA, and biological information; we are still all connected, and part of the whole -- the ALL -- the ALL, that ever was/is/can be.

We are everyone and everyone is us, we are each other; this is why fighting, conflict, and war are so stupid. Who wins when you fight yourself? Who loses? You do, every time. You win every time, whoo-hoo! Let's have a party! But you also lose every time. You always lose! What a stupid thing to do. It doesn't matter that you win every time; you lose every time. That is what makes it so stupid -- you always lose, but we do it all the time because of the illusion of separateness. If you could "see" how everything is connected and part of everything else, you would never fight again.

Leonardo da Vinci: "Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else."

We are each an individual single point of attention, but we are also the entirety of Infinite Consciousness; what a job they have done on us, convincing us that we are just our brain and our body! What a mind-job that one has been! Our physical bodies are only one level of what we are; they are certainly a part of what we are, but by no means all of what we are.

There is no such thing as death, only a withdrawal from the body and a return to Infinite Consciousness. People who fear death do so because they have been made to believe that they are just the brain/body, which they are not. When you fear death (or fear anything for that matter) you can very easily be controlled; which is, at least in part, why our society is set up the way it is.

The Control System wants you to believe you are just a piece of meat, flesh and bone; that way they can frighten you into submitting to their will, whatever that will is. Fear of death comes only from the ignorance of life; there is no such thing as death, just a removal of consciousness from physicality.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite." - William Blake.

Connect to Consciousness

There is a visible universe that we can all see, and an invisible one that scientists call "dark matter" and "dark energy". How very odd it does seem that the visible universe is tiny compared to the invisible one.

What? There exist more stuff that we can't see, than what we can?

Yes, and this is not "conspiracy theory" either; this is mainstream accepted science. The universe that we can detect is insignificant when compared to the one we cannot. What we can see is called "visible light" and that is less than 0.005 percent of the full scale of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. That is absolutely tiny! What we can see is nearly nothing, in comparison to all that there is to see. All that exists within visible light amounts to a mere fraction of all that actually exists. Imagine that when you look around, and especially up at the sky at night -- all that, and we can only see the tiniest fragment of it?

How could you, with any reasonable thought process, think you know what is out there? You cannot see what is out there -- it would be like a blind person describing what is going on in a football game on a muted TV! It can't be done! No-one would ever take seriously a person who admits they are blind, and then attempts to be the authority as to what is happening on a TV screen.

We exist within a tiny frequency range that we call "reality", but sharing the same space are countless other "realities"; they exist within all that stuff that science admits it has no way of detecting. Of this massive reality that we cannot detect, what you do perceive is specifically limited to what the body can decode. When we go outside the obvious limitations of our physical bodies, we are able to perceive much more. Our personal point of observation and attention holds us in limitation, but only if we are unable or unwilling to become conscious.

If you come into this world and can manage to maintain your connection to, or reconnect to, Consciousness, you then have everything you need to see and understand the bigger picture of life and what it all means. When you get disconnected from that bigger picture, you can have a lot of problems in life, as so many people obviously do.

© 2019 Jason Horne


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