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Theresa May Says UK Ready for Paris Style Attack.

Updated on November 16, 2015

UK's Home Secretary, Theresa May.


UK's Response To Paris Attacks As Outlined by Home Secretary Theresa May.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show broadcast by BBC 1 this morning in the light of the terrorist attacks in Paris which started when Germany were playing France in a football (soccer) match at the Stad De France (The French sporting arena) Home Secretary Theresa May under scored the fact that from now on there would be more police on the UK's streets and also at social gatherings or special events.

When questioned by Marr if the rumours were true that the elite British special forces regiment the SAS (Special Air Service) were on the UK's streets looking after security May would not confirm or deny this.

With the possible destruction of a Russian plane by a bomb over Sinai killing all on board and this spate of co - ordinated attacks in Paris all blamed on Islamic State and indeed Islamic State have claimed responsibility for both acts it seems Islamic State is taking its fight against the West beyond the borders of Syria and Iraq to hit out at the nations like France and Russia who are bombing it around the clock. It may be possible now in the UK that David Cameron may use the Paris attacks as an excuse to chance his arm in Parliament to see if he can get backing for British air - strikes in Syria on Islamic State targets.

Theresa May went on to say that plans are afoot to deal with any IS operatives posing as migrants coming from Syria (the UK is taking in 20,000 over the next five years from camps in Lebanon not from those already in Europe) and plans to deal with returning UK citizens who have gone out to join IS. She outlined that 700 Britions had apparently gone to join IS or Daesh as it is known in Arabic.

In the light of the Mumbai attacks which happened a number of years ago which was more of an Al - Qaeda attack than Islamic State the British security and emergency services had been and have been practicing for just such an event should it occur. However with the Paris attrocties now all over the media Therea May said that these plans will have to be tweaked here and there to accomodate and deal with any Paris style attack on London by IS

World leaders like David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and of course Francois Hollande were quick to condemn the barbarism of the IS attacks and what the West's response will be to this act of terror remains to be seen.

Theresa May subsequently announced to Parliament this afternoon the measures she would be putting into place in the light of the Paris attacks.

Jeremy Corbyn And His Comments regarding the Paris Attacks.

Jeremy Corbyn.
Jeremy Corbyn. | Source

Jeremy Corbyn Announces His Thoughts To BBC News 24's Laura Kuensberg.

When interviewed this afternoon by BBC News 24's Laura Kuensberg Jeremy Corbyn said he thought the Paris attacks were barbaric and regretable. Corbyn is well known for his anti - war stance on a lot of issues and said while acknowledging Islamic State have to be dealt with he also said that the West's intervention in Iraq has led to the creation of Islamic State.

At the time the UK and US went into Iraq there was linkage highlighted by Bush that Al - Qaeda were in Iraq given sucker by Saddam Hussein. After the initial invasion with the West facing a full blown resistance from Iraqi insurgents it was known that before the invasion Al - Qaeda did not exist in Iraq after the invasion by the West Al Qaeda was one of the parties involved in the resistance to US and UK occupation forces.

Of course as Corbyn recognised during the BBC interview this afternoon Al - Qaeda in Iraq became Islamic State. Pushed whether he would support a vote on British air - strikes in Parliament in Syria as proposed by David Cameron and his Defence Minister Michael Fallon in the light of the Paris attacks he said he would have to see what the proposal contained in detail. Kuensberg pushed him further on the subject and he said he was not saying he would support air - strikes and he was not saying that he wouldn't - wait and see seemed to be his answer if the proposal does come before Parliament. Cameron however will not put the vote before Parliament yet because he feels right now he would not get the support he would require for the air - strikes.

Corbyn has said he welcomes the idea of a peace deal that is being proposed about Syria but he would not sanction British security forces to have a shoot to kill policy on the streets to combat terrorists should it happen here. This is likely to cause a row tonight between Corbyn and other Labour MPs as the Parliamentary Labour party is having a meeting tonight.


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