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They Just Stood There and Watched

Updated on June 10, 2015

This is how they treat children in Amerikkka

Manhandling a minor...isn't this borderline sexual assault?
Manhandling a minor...isn't this borderline sexual assault?
Only the black boys were handcuffed for the crime of attending a birthday party.
Only the black boys were handcuffed for the crime of attending a birthday party.
He is taking no chances
He is taking no chances


I saw a video posted on YouTube showing policemen breaking up a teenage party like it was a meeting of Al Qaeda. I was at a loss because there didn't seem to have been any crime committed by anyone unless swimming while black really is a criminal offense now. So my first question was 'why are the police even present?'

The next thing I see is that there are kids of all races present but only the black ones are being harassed. We see some perfectly polite boys being told to sit down or lie down on the ground while one actually lays flat on the sidewalk- you can tell that that one has been watching the news, he's taking no chances of being arbitrarily shot by moving. Some girls dressed in bikinis who obviously feel quite entitled to question these events are told to leave forthwith and when one talks back that's it. The policeman grabs her, throws her down and puts his knee in her back. She cries, she says he's hurting her. He is unmoved.

McKinney Texas Pool Party Break Up

But Where Were The Adults?

Policemen behaving badly is apparently par for the course in the United States. Its pretty ironic because they call themselves the 'World's Policeman' yet they can't protect their own children. Watching the video, you can see at least three adults who just look on while the fourteen year old girl is manhandled. They just stand there, watching. I guess they're trying to make sure no-one gets shot? What is a cause for concern is that they clearly see that what this policeman is doing is wrong, but they don't call him on it. Putting myself in their shoes, I know I would have felt obliged to ask the cop to remove his knee from this girl's back; its not like she's a flight risk or has a weapon. And then I would feel obliged to ask him why exactly he's holding a child down like that and would he be kind enough to state her crime. I would then inquire whether there are any female officers who would be better suited to be putting their hands all over a female minor and when does the situation cross over into sexual assault? I would be outraged. I know if this had happened in my backward, underdeveloped country; the whole country would be outraged - parents would want blood...what upsets me the most about this situation is the LACK of OUTRAGE by adults watching. What the hell is the matter with them?

He Did Nothing

He just stood there and watched.
He just stood there and watched.
I thought for a second he was going to help but no...just stood there.
I thought for a second he was going to help but no...just stood there.

Demonise the Victim

Of course we note with absolute lack of any surprise that the focus of reporting of the incident goes straight to 'Oh she was resisting arrest' or 'she's no saint either' now its only saints who should not be manhandled by police? I don't get it. I think that the United States of America is irretrievably broken and it can't be fixed. This is a curse on a country that began with the extermination of an entire race of people and then the enslavement of another. The descendants of the people who did that are the ones who are now finding no fault with how people are treated today. That is the only explanation I can find for the lack of outrage. I am outraged; I want to throw myself between that cop and that child and say "No. You cannot touch her. You will not harm her. Get away." Instead I have to watch YouTube videos of other adults just standing and watching and not feeling a thing.

Protesting After the Fact

Yes, after the cops have left, then you protest; but what about saying "No" when you're standing right there as they commit the crime?
Yes, after the cops have left, then you protest; but what about saying "No" when you're standing right there as they commit the crime?

Some Context

So in my little third world underdeveloped country which has been called a police state on occasion, an incident occurred in which protesting children were tear gassed by police. The children were protesting land grabbing at their school and trying to stop the bulldozers from coming in. And they were tear gassed.

The outrage was immediate, it was widespread, people were suspended, others were fired, the president read everyone the riot act from the teachers who put the students in harm's way to the policemen who carried out the incident to the minister in charge of internal security.

What is my point? It is that nobody cared whether the children went to church every Sunday or were getting bad grades or whatever. The point was that children were attacked, and they needed to be defended. Everyone saw that. It was uniform. Nobody even thought to blame the kids. That is how normal humans react....


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      3 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Excellent Hub, Annemarie. This is just another episode of many displaying the condition of racial targeting by police in America. You are absolutely correct that government should protect children and not demonize them.

    • AnnemarieMusawale profile imageAUTHOR

      Annemarie Musawale Simiyu 

      3 years ago from Kenya

      I recently watched an episode of Supernatural where one kid told another kid in describing his personality; "You like rap music but you're scared of black people...even Will Smith", and it really brought home to me that glorifying athletes and rappers has nothing to do with daily life. Probably the people who made Shawn Carter a billionaire would be afraid to invite him to their houses. Its the same way that slaves were used to entertain guests in the old days; what were those fighters called again in that movie with Jamie Foxx and Leonardo Di Caprio? Mandingos? Anyway, didn't mean that they were valued as human beings. Just the opposite in fact.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 

      3 years ago

      Jacob Knowles, the fact that you actually believe the American people elected a black president explains a lot. Your belief that the popularity of black athletes and rappers indicates a lack of racism explains even more. I have been fighting racism my entire life, and so your logic is all too familiar.

      It is quite interesting that you are an advocate of peaceful protest at home , yet appear to support a country that uses intimidation, violence ,and weapons of mass destruction throughout the world as it's preferred method of foreign policy.

    • AnnemarieMusawale profile imageAUTHOR

      Annemarie Musawale Simiyu 

      3 years ago from Kenya

      Jacob Knowles I have a question: why have they been rioting for the past few months? You left that part out.

      And wasn't there a case quite recently of a black man being shot by a policeman wearing a body cam?

      Lastly, if the majority of police do not condone this behaviour, then why do they defend it?

    • KDLadage profile image

      K David Ladage 

      3 years ago from Cedar Rapids, IA

      Your first question was: "why are the police even present?"

      According to the various news sources I have seen, the police were called when several people were causing trouble at the pool who, when confronted, did not have passes which would indicate that they had legal access to the pool. When they were asked to leave, they refused.

      Is this what really happened? Possibly.

      Is there a lot more to this story? You bet your ass there is.

      Watching the video, I saw much of what you saw: white kids are told to leave the area while black kids are told to get on the ground and not move; white kids are yelled at while black kids are chased and have guns waved at them. This is insane.

    • Jacob Knowles profile image

      Jacob Knowles 

      3 years ago from Springfield Missouri

      Clearly there are instances in the United States of some police officers exercising excessive force and misusing their power. BUT... I think generalizing "police" as one big terrorizing group is too far. I know several police officers that would never abuse any powers. Maybe a true solution is to monitor officers closely when they are interacting with citizens (through body cameras) and suspend the officers indefinitely that abuse power.

      I don't think you can call the United States "Amerikkka". That's so far fetched, it's actually frustrating. No doubt some of the older generations still have some strange views and beliefs, but we literally elected a black president....we literally WORSHIP black athletes and rap artists.

      Finally, your assumption that police forces exclusively target "blacks that move" is crazy. According to the Bureau of Justice Department, 93 percent of black homicides are caused by other blacks.

      The fact that over the past 6 months, blacks have been rioting in major cities, burning down stores, throwing rocks at officers, tipping cars, and causing mass panic is ridiculous. I don't care what race you are, don't riot in the streets. And during these violent riots? Not a single officer "shot a black who moved". These officers left their families to stand in riot gear and protect other families with shields.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 

      3 years ago

      People mistakenly believe that the Civil Rights movement of the late 60's leveled the playing field for minorities in this country. But that is only a bedtime story. It is good that you have posted this article, but a great majority of Americans simply do not care.

      What is even more telling is that whites are also being brutalized and killed by the police in this country. But the fact that nothing is being done about it reveals a slave mentality, and a blind obedience to authority that is only compounded by the racism you have exposed here. In the history of the world I cannot recall a peaceful solution to tyranny. Nor have I ever seen a herd of sheep do anything but look for a shady tree and greener pastures.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Excellent hub Anne Marie. This is all so disturbing and something has to be done to initiate change. There have been frequent police killings and riots in the US recently. I hope the Government sees sense soon and initiates some measures to deal with the situation.


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