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They're Back: The Taliban Morality Squads

Updated on July 2, 2012

They are like vermin. Like Nazis, like bigots, like Fascists. They are the Taliban morality squads. It would so nice to exterminate them from Afghanistan. Like cockroaches, they hide in the cracks and hinterland of remote Pakistan regions. Regions that Pakistan is afraid to attack into in fear of reprisals and one, where the US cannot because of a invisible border. They bide their time knowing that in 2014, NATO and America will be gone and so will the shield that protects Afghanistan.

The morality squads are back in Afghanistan from Pakistan in Kamdesh, a remote section along their northwest border. Recently, after most of the foreign troops left the province, these squads of bearded men in black (MIB) armed, returned patrolling the area to enforce the Draconian extreme Islamist law backed by 1800 armed insurgents. They simply came out of the cracks and caves, crossed the border, and pretty much took control of the former NATO controlled area. The Afghan army had only 300 men to defend this large area and when the attack came, commanders immediately informed Kabul, yet, no help was sent until the Americans were notified.

Yes, the handwriting is on the wall. It does take a rocket scientist to see what will happen after 2014, when no foreign troops are there. Vietnam all over again and billions of dollars wasted over 10 years. I give the Karzai government a year or two before a collapse occurs and either they are killed or flee.

The morality squads forced citizens to comply with their strict Islamic facist nazi-like mandates, forcing women to where the burka, closed schools for girls, whipped men 70 lashes for not having a long beard, targeted people wearing western looking clothes and taxed them for protection. Of course, the U.S. arrived with a company of men to restore order and after brief clash, the cockroaches scurried across to their caves in Pakistan. We chased them to frickin' border and said, Adios, until next time.

None of this strategy is unexpected, in fact, it is what many fear will happen more and more as less and less foreign troops are in Afghanistan. The original plan of NATO was to train and arm an Afghan army of 325,000. It has been scaled back to 125,000 now for the whole country!

Sorry, but it is only a matter of time after 2014 that the Taliban will gradually take control over parts of the country. At some point, Karzai will flee or be killed, and if not, forced to relinquish more power to the whims of the Taliban until Kabul falls.

At least in Vietnam, the victors preserved humanity of sorts. What the Taliban do to people is far worse than any communist regime under the false religious customs of Islam.


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