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Things That Irritates Me While On The Road And Those That Makes My Day

Updated on September 29, 2012

When you are driving on the road, once in a while you will encounter something or some road situations or even people that will piss you off. And this happens to me too. As I drive, I had encountered or observed road happenings or say more of like how people or other drivers act that irritates me. But I don't do anything, I just remain myself and all I do was just take a deep breath, while dealing with my irritation building up inside of me.

And I bet some of these had irritated you as well.

First: The very most thing that irritates me the best and can destroy my few hours after the situation was encountering drivers who seems like they don't care and act like they own the road. In what way?

I had encountered this few times but two of this was the first one while going home, and few blocks from my place was a downhill road. I was calm and happy and enjoying the view and as I go down the hill, guess what? I see this car ahead, stopped on the middle of the road with the driver talking to someone on his driver's side window, a friend maybe. And so I waited for a few minutes, and then thank goodness he started moving. He probably came to his senses that if he didn't move, cars will start lining up behind him, as there was another oncoming car behind me, coming down the hill.

For me, if you happen to be driving and saw a friend you want to talk to, or a relative or just someone you know why not park on the side so you two can chit chat or talk. It wasn't a busy road, the roadsides were clear and it won't even take a minute to pull over. Why have to stop on the middle of the road?

After this uphill drive, the same road where I spotted a driver stopped on the road, taking some time talking to someone he knew.
After this uphill drive, the same road where I spotted a driver stopped on the road, taking some time talking to someone he knew. | Source

Second: Being a good driver, following all signs and rules, and one most common place to observe drivers without manners are in 4-way stops. There would be those drivers who would stop too far from the line just to go first. But what's most annoying are those who would go when it wasn't there turn to go yet. And there are those too who would be either lost and didn't noticed the stop sign or those who really mean not to stop. The first one would be understandable. But I'd say the most that irritates me are those who would eagerly take a turn to go when it wasn't their turn and has the guts to honk to other who had stop first.

And yet, there was this one experienced with my dad which was rather funny than irritating. One morning, and I believed it was weekend, we were about to go to a grocery store and there was this car ahead of us that would go way over the line on every 4-way stop that we would go through. Then on the third 4-way stop (there's many 4-way stops where I live in,) it was my dad who noticed that the car ahead stops way over the line because it makes the stops with its rear on the 4-way line. I just noticed it too as we follow behind on more stops. It was rather funny.

What about you? What had irritated you the most?

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Third: The red light beaters! I had witnessed some cars which just go zoom ahead while I was on the stop light. I wish these drivers would get a glimpse of what could they cause someone or themselves before continuing doing this.

And there was once I had encountered a red light beater one night when I was about to pick up my mom from work, that was before 11 in the evening. There was about 2 or 3 cars on the road and the light had been green for a long time. And when I'm close to the 3-way intersection, a car just suddenly took a left turn, it was so quick I hadn't even seen it coming, glad I have time to make a stop and all I had done was honk my horn. It was so scary. I hope this kind of people get a lesson of their life to turn them into better drivers before they can get someone killed. I was shocked and mad that night and all I can think was, if you guyz are ready to meet Death as it seems like it, well I'm not ready yet. Go have a trip by yourself between life and death.

Fourth: Those who doesn't bother using their turn signals. Imagine following a car, and all of a sudden, without any warning it turned right or left. Or maybe the car in front was constantly breaking or slowing down, the first thing you would be thinking was it was probably not familiar of the area, getting lost, and looking for a store or building number.

Still, wouldn't it be nice giving a heads up to the car behind if you are either planning a left turn or a right turn by using the turn signal?

Fifth: I just don't like it when I was driving and few feet away a car door would be widely opened from one of the parked cars on the side street.

This could either be a driver whose just about to get out of the car who doesn't care for the oncoming car before opening his/her car door. Why not let the oncoming car passed by first to be safe? Then another time there was a lady, probably cleaning her car with her door widely open while she was sitting inside. If it was hot, why not open the window instead of leaving the door open?

Sixth: And the last other thing that I found irritating is the loud music! Have you ever been driving, was relax and thinking on how your day went or things that needs to be done once you got home and all of a sudden you feel like the ground is shaking? Well, not from an earthquake but from another driver either behind you or on the other lane playing a really loud music. Sure they can play the sounds they love with the right volume but they're probably want to share it with the traffic.

And for things that makes my day

It just creates a nice driving day when you happen to be on the 4-way stop the same time another driver stopped and both of you are looking, waiting for each other to go first. And chances are either one or both of you would signal or sign the other one to go first. I just love encountering drivers like this, compared to those who takes their turn when it wasn't theirs.

Second I appreciate seeing on the road, are the nice pedestrians. This appreciation goes to those pedestrians who would hurriedly get across the other side as quicker as they could as they are very much aware of that car turning right is waiting for his/her safe crossing before making the turn.

There are situations like this that makes me anxious of the cars behind me, imagine the light just turned green, just like in a few times I was driving and I was in front of the lane and was about to make a right turn. And so the light just turned green but I can't go yet as there was a pedestrian crossing. And I felt like it will take forever as the two are giggling while crossing and looking around, sometimes hugging. It was as if they were strolling on a park! And there was cars behind me waiting for me to make the right turn before they all can go.

Another thing that could make my day is knowing that there are really good people or drivers taking some time to stop and give a hand to a stranger. This I usually see on the freeways where a car has its emergency signal on, then another vehicle would just stop and ask what was wrong, giving some help.


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