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Things That People Of The London Underground Should Stop Doing

Updated on July 14, 2016
Rush hour: the most stressful hours of the commute.
Rush hour: the most stressful hours of the commute.
Stand back: train is approaching
Stand back: train is approaching

1- Stop Trying to get on the carriages first

Everyone is in a rush. That is why it’s called rush hour. You are not the most important person in the entire tube station and everyone’s journey counts. Please let others off the train first and avoid blocking their paths as that only leads to delays. Also please ensure that you are not taking your leisurely time exiting the train as you know you are at your final destination, this is selfish and causes other people to miss their trains.

2- Stop wearing backpacks on your back

If you are one of the many hikers or utilitarian types on the underground, then that great for you. But when you’re six feet tall and have a 5 foot wide backpack on your back, people suffer. You cause excess space that could otherwise be used to accommodate other people. So please leave your large backpacks by your feet so that others can utilise the space in the carriage too.

3- Stop taking up two seats

This may have to be one of the most annoying occurrences on the underground. People who take multiple seats. This is utterly selfish and frankly disgusting in a packed train. A bag is not more important than a human so stop taking a person’s seat because you can’t be fussed to carry it.

4- Stop eating smelly food on a packed train

Consuming food on trains leads to poor hygiene and even litter. Nevertheless consuming smelly foods which are rich in spices and sauces is a pestering issue, especially during clouded times. Please avoid consuming these types of food in close proximity to others. You never know if people around you have allergies, are vegans or are even starving.

5- Stop holding up the ticket barriers

The ticket barriers are the one bottleneck of the London underground in terms of the sheer number of people trying to enter and exit. Because there are so few entry and exit points at most stations, we are slowed down by the time it takes to move in and departure. People who are slow to tap into the barriers cause a delay in others journeys. This is mostly due to individuals not having their ticket at hand ready in order to pass the barriers. So please keep your oyster card or other ticket ready for when you need to pass a barrier. Furthermore when large groups of people, (usually a school group on a fieldtrip) stop behind a barrier, it causes a disruption in the flow of traffic to and from the station.

These are just 5 of the things that make the daily commute for most of us just a little tougher. If we could all notice these bad practices and put an action towards it, we can help make the underground a place with easier journeys.

The London Underground Rant

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