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Things You Can Do While Listening to a Super-Long Song on LP

Updated on May 22, 2020

You can count 25% of the above stack of cash while listening to this song.

One hub leads to another

Recently, a very talented hubber, Phoenix V, posted a question in the General Forums about some of the longest songs ever released during the "vinyl (LP) album" era. This post was a lot of fun as well as thought-provoking. I loved it for it made me feel alive one more time.

So . . .I thought I would present my take on the long LP song discussion and present a video from that era and a few things one might do while that one song is being played. I guess I do not have a desire to write a five-page hub on a single subject since I have had a heart-cath recently to remove a huge amount of deadly fluid from my heart.

Briefly, what my friends and I would do during one of these super-long songs was one of these important activities:

  • Slow dance with a very pretty girl
  • Sit next to our stereo speakers with eyes closed and really "get into" the song that was playing.
  • Try as hard as we could to memorize each lyric of each song, this fizzled out very soon for none of us could listen as sharply as the bands sang.
  • Try to sing exactly like the Steppenwolf's, Who's of our day.

Read and experience something new.

Now sit back and read my latest submission to HubPages and see if something in this story touches your memory banks.

While you are listening to "Tobacco Road," by Johnny Winter and his brother, Edgar, you would easily be able to

  • Try to impersonate the looks on The Beatles' faces above
  • Drink a half-pitcher of orange juice
  • Enjoy coffee with a friend

While you are listening to "Graveyard Train," by CCR, you would easily be able to

  • Leisurely fill your tank with gas
  • Do a moderately-easy crossword puzzle
  • Take and enjoy a power nap

While you are listening to "Free Bird," by Lynyrd Skynyrd, you would easily be able to

  • Do at least five or six wind-sprints from the 50 yard line to the end zone
  • Do some needed grocery shopping
  • Stop and ask yourself, "was I ever considered a free bird while in college?"

(for the Guys)

While you are listening to "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)," by Jimi Hendrix, you would easily be able to

  • Ask for and possibly get the phone number of a super-model like the gorgeous girl above
  • Jog two miles and tell yourself you are 'enjoying' getting in shape
  • Play a festive game of dominoes or checkers with an elderly person

While you are listening to "Hey, Jude," by The Beatles, you would easily be able to

  • Consume enough of these cold soda's to quench your thirst
  • Try to lip sync 'Hey, Jude,' when a pretty girl passes by
  • Reflect on your life and ask yourself why you never attended college

(This one is my personal favorite)

While you are listening to "Money," by Pink Floyd, you would easily be able to

  • Take enough time to thank a serviceman or woman for sacrificing their life for your country
  • Actually there is not anything more important than the first reason

(I like this one too)

While you are listening to "Whipping Post," by The Allman Brothers, you would easily be able to

  • Teach a senior citizen that they can say "experienced" instead of "old," and there is no reason for them to be the least bit ashamed, but hold their heads up with pride for all they have contributed to our lives

. . . and in closing, I would just like to say . . .

"Thank you, Phoenix V, for your hub which inspired this one."


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