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Thinking Back As A Patient And American

Updated on March 26, 2013

We ought to step back and look at our individual selves and past if only to see what we have become. It is never too late; or, should I say, better late than never? Likewise, a government should also.

We ought to be looking at the hospital deaths in our country as a symptom, and then we ought to ask ourselves whether our government, or any government, that allows this without inquiry is in fact creating anything of use for people, even if you are lucky to be simply alive or surviving now.

What form of government is there on earth that can sustain the inability of its individual citizens to think beyond their own emotions? Surely, everyone must understand, even if you are an individual reading this in abject poverty, that your personal emotional needs can only be met through opportunity that is created by a government that is at a distance from special interests of one group and not the other. Right? And that if a government chooses to position itself to meet the emotional needs for one group only, it is being done at the expense of others? So it follows then that if the need is to extinguish that which a majority hates, that it is only a matter of time before another group of emotional needs must be met to the detriment of another group or affiliation? Surely you know this, do you not?

It is not the mere hate of religion (in particular, Christians) that is responsible for the fall of our great country. It is the simple truth that the need to categorize people in groups alleviates individual ability to admit fault and weakness that is responsible for the economic collapse of our great country. Every group has its good and bad persons within it, including Christians.

So I ask again: What kind of government can be erected today for the United States to serve a people so weak within their own emotional state they remain silent and in denial about the deaths of others to keep from their own eyes what they refuse to see in themselves? For this is where we are today.

Is socialism the answer? Might be. But there is only one big wrinkle in that whole plan. We are a “melting pot” nation and people and our country’s borders are open. What rational mind - who is genuinely good and unselfish - can contemplate a fair and equitable socialism or socialistic society here when most - if not all - other socialists live in countries with much more strict border controls than our own?

Or is communism what we are seeking? Might be. But there is a big wrinkle in that plan too. That is the fact that most people in our country today identify themselves (and their own egos, I might add) as belonging to one group or another. Most communist countries are composed of one predominant nationality or another. Question: What group could sustain itself as the “ruling” class for very long in our country, a country with open borders, a variety of different peoples, and a contempt for the individual? As rifts between the various groups grows wider, does anyone actually believe there will be any kind of peace among us in this country with one group reigning supreme? It never happened before. What makes one think it could happen now? (And, don’t forget, we have open borders.)

No, the truth is we must look to our inward selves for the answer, and elect a government that supports our will, the kind of will that has no “group settings.” Do we really rather prefer one group or another ruling over us? And if we annihilate all Christians, which it appears to be the present objective, what religious group will be targeted next?

Despite all our longings to “live as one,” we have forgotten that we once were “as one.” It was when we lived as individuals who only grouped together in goal or work-oriented projects, rather than “emotional deficit bonding.” Such a pity we now do not realize the strange paradox of truth that “forgetting thyself” and going to work more often than not obliterates our emotional deficits. Are all those overcome by emotion unselfish and thoughtful of others? In the alternative too, are all those mentally healthy inherently selfish and unthoughtful of others? The sweeping generalities of people made in this country by either race, religion or gender is enough to make everyone nuts - and it is making everyone nuts!

While we wait for work opportunities to open up again, America and its economic collapse reveals more about the state of emotions in a people than all the finger-pointing at one group or another. It also reveals plainly that a government that turns a blind eye to the hatred of a particular race or religion - or any group - with the goal and end result of quieting all other groups, is unfit to stand against the forces of other groups in the future, and that the disdain of one group as a whole speaks to a fundamental flaw and weakness in governing that no government in the history of the world that embraced it has ever succeeded.


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