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This Time The Alleged Terrorist (s) Used A Truck In Nice, France – Do We Now Ban Trucks Too...?

Updated on July 19, 2016

This Time The Alleged Terrorist (s) In Nice, France, Used A Truck – Do We Now Ban Trucks Too?

As a boy, one of the scariest documentaries that I ever saw was ‘The Many Faces of Death.’ Granted, I am not certain that was the exact name of the documentary - but the theme was about the many ways we can die. I thought that I would make the nexus to one of my boyhood scares to the terrorist attack that took place in Nice, France, today, which so far has taken eighty lives as I write (10:54 P.M. Eastern Standard Time). We have heard the clarion calls to ban certain guns, in light of the tragedies that took place in our schools/colleges and the night-club down in Florida; however, it must be noted that, instead of the big bad guns, the alleged terrorist in Nice, France, used a truck to carry out mayhem… ironically, it took a gun, apparently, fired by the French police, to kill the alleged truck driving terrorist.

I underscored the fact that the alleged terrorist in Nice, France, used a truck to kill and maim because anyone, who wants to kill, will find away to do so. No doubt that there is merit to those who posit that no one who is on a terrorist watch list should be able to buy guns - but many of those same advocates seem to also want to ban all sales of certain guns, which will not, in my humble opinion, thwart those who want to carry out mass murder. If we were to ban these types of guns, then, we would have to ban virtually ‘everything’ that could cause death… which, dove-tails back into my Many Faces of Death analogy used above.

I hope that this attack in Nice will finally wake up Europe, whereby, it citizens will unite to fight the Jihadists, if this attack were indeed from the usual terror suspects, because war has been declared… whether they recognize it or not. Incidentally, there are going to be Conservative political parties elected across Europe in the coming future and the frequent terrorists attacks will be the main catalyst for such changes. It is not only Europe where there will be political changes because the terror issue - whether this turns out to be so - will have political ramifications right here in a America too; case in point, tonight, Secretary of State Clinton, who have avoided the Fox News channel, as if it were a plague, was forced to come on The O’Reilly Factor, so not to cede the issue to Donald Trump, her presumptive rival for the Presidency.

There are body parts, including those from innocent children, strewn over the landscape of Nice, France, and sadly, this is the future we are facing. Our President seems to have his face buried in the proverbial sand, only to surface to read the cold, unfeeling funeral-drum-like teleprompter and repeat the pabulum borne of Political Correctness. It is in Europe - and now in America - where we have made life like an Abstract Painting, whereby the truth is relative, resulting in a dominant narrative that do not address those who are mostly responsible for the ongoing bloodletting across the world, notwithstanding that this act may not have been executed by Al queda or ISIS – if it were, they normally shout, Ali Akbar… but we emote in Agape love, Maranatha!

Note that I have included in this blog songs from Leonard Cohen’s, “Who By Fire” and Pink Floyd’s “Mother” and “The Show Must Go On” to further expound on the theme of the blog….


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 20 months ago from New York

      I truly hope that this is not so... concerning martial law.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 20 months ago

      I was waiting for Obama and Hillary to call for Truck Control. Ultimately, they will call for Martial Law, so that they can control all of us.