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Thoughts. (The world as we perceive it).

Updated on May 28, 2016

Thoughts. ( The world as we perceive it).


Thoughts. ( The world as we perceive it).

Thoughts. ( The world as we perceive it).

The mind and the world around us.






The 5 elements which carnate life.

All that lies in our mind is a product of what lies in our reality.

The soul, which is the genetic life force, which harbours our very exsistance.From the moment we are in the womb, as a fetas we are sheltered in our mothers anatomy and we carry the DNA of our fathers.We carry the past the sins and grace of our grand parents.

While we develop into human beings we are born, pure, and nurtured by our parents.

All species have a hereditary life force.

Should you be born a lion, you will learn to hunt, as you will be encouraged and observe your parents.

Should you be born a giraffe, you will observe your parents and eat lush vegetation, figs and leaves for survival.

Should you be water, when there is is rain and floods, the rivers, dams and ocean shall over flow.

Should you be the earth, as the seasons change and time passes, the soil shall erode, hills and mountains shall form.

During daylight the sun will shine.

When night falls the moon shall glow.

Seeds shall be fertilised and trees and flowers will sprout. Wild reeds shall grow, the grass is green and life as we know it shall exist.

The truth of life, where there is life, death looms in the shadows of the time of age.

Human beings were created in the Image of God. Mankind has power over earth the heaven, sea ‎and beast.

Man has developed the art of reasoning‎.

Curiosity has led humanity to the adventure and thrills of exploring the earth. Expanding his vocabulary, communicating with fellow beings through language, building relations and labelling all elements seen by the naked eye, giving them meaning and classifying life as animal, beast, fish, insect, domestic pet, and lash vegetation and trees.

Man gives his off spring a name at birth.The child will carry the surname of the father, when the baby is an adult, the male child carries the surname of the father to his children, that is one of our rituals to preserve culture and our tribe and direct blood line and heritage.

Therefore I say everything man discovers intellectually, materially, spiritually is created in the Image of what already exists in our natural world.

Man is highly evolved from living in caves, to huts, houses, hotels, resorts, travelling by horse, ship, train, ‎car, aeroplane in the 20th century to the moon and mars and other wonders which the universe may undress with time and the accumulation of knowledge.

Yet mankind is troubled.

We have social issues.


Domestic violence.


Armed robbery.

Never ending wars due to the natural resources of the earth.




Homeless children.

And incurable diseases.

Yet education, gives humanity a hope of a better tomorrow. Yet dreams shatter when our gifts and God given talents ‎are not nurtured.


May your life be full of growth, comfort, adventure and lots of love, travel and divine food and stylish gear.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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