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Thoughts on 9-11 and What They Mean to me

Updated on December 7, 2013

September 11, and Its Meaning

The year 2001, and the month, September eleven,

our country was dealt blows of such devastation,

New York City, the Twin Towers standing there,

attacked by terror, trying to hurt our nation.

The evil that came from the Middle East,

grew restless, and raised its ugly head.

from the sky in hi-jacked planes, they came,

and to strike their deeds of dread.

The pentagon, on the list, with the capitol building,

and some other targets there,

the dreadful actions of those dregs of society,

seemed to possess so little care.

Two big planes struck the towers,

taking lives of thousands, of those gentle souls,

punishment of the American Nation,

the main focus, and of actions, in their roles.

Saddam Husein's Ghost and bin Laden,

celebrating victory, later proved all was in vain,

the terrible wrath of of our great nation,

served to show a world, our message plain.

No one is to tread on our sacred soil here,

that was earned by both toil and sweat,

no mercy shown to those who come here,

no punishment spared, in retribution met.

You may ask me about the date now,

of the year and month, both plain and true,

September eleven will go down in history,

of a nation united, in the year of 2002.

The fame, or infamy of all terrorists,

that take human lives, as their main goals,

will find they have not tomorrows,

and they only dig the dirt, for their own holes.

The brave people who gave their lives there,

in the rescue of others in despair,

gave proof to a world of our courage,

a people of strength, and spirit that's so rare.

The attack on 9-11 was a disaster then,

and some lessons learned, in our resolve,

resulting in a united and strengthened country,

leaving no mysteries, left to solve.


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    • Deborah-Diane profile image

      Deborah-Diane 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      What a moving tribute to the memory of the people we lost on 9/11. Thank you.