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Through the Years of Mass Shootings.

Updated on February 8, 2020
Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl is an 9 time published author. She has dedicated her life to healthcare and raising awareness of abuse and mental health.

A World of Hate and Ignorance


Are We in Danger Every Day?

The old saying guns don't kill people, people kill people is the truth but is not the truth. By the end of 2019, there were 417 mass shootings in the U.S., according to data from the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive , which tracks every mass shooting in the country. Thirty-one of those shootings were mass murders. Mass shootings have risen to an alarming rate of more shootings in 2019 then days.

Why are we ignorant to these numbers? People only worry about it when it happens but we need to worry about it all the time. I am always aware of my surroundings. I frequently look over my shoulder to see who is behind me. It makes me sad that I have to feel the need to constantly look over my shoulder but we have too.

If I am in a store I frequently look around to see if anyone is acting strange, who is wearing a back pack or someone who looks like they are not shopping. I hate that I have been reduced to feel this way.

Doctors Taking Pictures of Gun Violence

How Mental Illness Plays a Part in Gun Violence

There is a very fine line between sanity and insanity . If an employee opens fire at the work place after being fired is it considered mental illness? No. Most shooters that commit mass murders are not mentally ill CBS news reports.

I say yes they are mentally ill. No one sane just walks into a movie theatre and starts shooting up the place.

Now grant it there are just evil people that live in the world who shoot people for a sport but is that normal? We can never tell what someone is thinking when they are behind a loaded gun. Especially when they kill themselves after everything they have done because they are too much of a coward to face the punishment.


One is Too Many

By this time each February, more Americans are killed by guns in the U.S. than are killed the entire year in other developed nations. For every person impacted by gun violence, there is a story; 36,000 Americans are shot and killed every year. That’s 36,000 tragic stories (Daily Times).

What is considered a mass murder? A mass murder occurs and is counted as a mass murder if more then four people are killed.

In the end, 2019 had the highest number of mass shootings in any year since 2014, when the Gun Violence Archive started its count. It has surpassed the prior record of 382 mass shootings in 2016 (CBS News).

One death by a fire arm is one too many. How are we going to get guns under control when there are loads of guns coming in to this country illegally and put in the hands of gangs, drug dealers and people who are considered unstable who can not get a gun license any where.

They take to the streets to purchase fire arms and use them with total intent to kill those who are innocent.

We worry about the wars going on in other countries but we can't even stop the war going on here every day. An innocent child shot by a drive by shooting. How can we teach our children and grandchildren to become good people, when the streets and peer pressure teach them other wise. We can't spend every minute with out children and grand children to keep them safe.

What is Our Government Doing to Help

While politicians are trying to make stricter gun laws, mass shootings are still happening.

The age has been changed to 21 to purchase a fire arm. We have laws that citizens may have the right to bear arms and also to carry them.

What is really happening though? Gun laws are put in place to keep people safe. It's not enough. You can purchase a fire arm anywhere on the street with no back ground check. Arms dealers are making a fortune for selling guns illegally.

Guns are coming in to this country by boats, airplanes and cars. The border agents can't get all the drugs and guns coming into this country every day. It's a risk these people are taking to provide guns to anyone who wants them.

The government doesn't care about any of this. They just keep lining their pockets with illegal money as they turn their eye away from the situation.


The United States Has More Guns Than Any Other Country

The amount of fire arms in the United States is equivalent of 125.5 for each person. Times that by the amount of people that live here and the numbers are astounding.

Mass violence has become one of the most alarming and defining crime issues of the twenty-first century. We see it on TV and the media needs to reduce coverage so that copy cat crimes don't continue. Monkey see Monkey do.

If we can't control the drugs and guns that come into this country then how must we live because of it. Should I have to look over my shoulder while shopping? Should I have to fear being in a store, movie theatre, school, church and every other place these things happen?

If you see something say something. I have reported anything I think is not right. If you see someone pacing back and forth looking like they are up to something then say something. It may turn out to be nothing but it can't hurt to be more aware of your surroundings.

Picture a beautiful day and the weather is perfect and all of a sudden the bullets ring out. These are the times we are living in. Take care of your family and be safe.


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