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From the dairy of a developing-country citizen: In search of a social panacea

Updated on April 1, 2018

As pointed by various philosophies later turned schools of thoughts, the dreadful outcomes which a particular society face are the consequences of bad deeds being performed therein. We are living in a system chained by wills projected by minds having no feelings for betterment of state or to protect the nation from clutches of further poverty and injustice. Menacing clouds complemented by uncertainty are shadowing us and merely a few thousands aided by a bullet costing Rs. 15 with a devilish mind can take a mortal which if educated and utilized correctly could have contributed for development of the nation. The probability of a tragic event ranging from harassment of a minor to a barbaric terrorist activity, at a public place, with reasons beyond thinking of a common man is not unusual.


What follows an undesired incident?

As an immediate reaction, ‘media’ initiates and a political elder, encircled by media-men, pledges to quell the evils and not let such event happen the next time. An unknown call claiming the responsibility with threats to continue unless fulfilled their demands, triggers a news alert culminating the media’s turn. The innocent hoi polloi, considering themselves destined to sighs and tears, tries to sooth them by protests in shape of strikes, and by burning public and government property. The story then gets buried silently leaving several question marks on the ability of institutions. With varied details and actors the trend of suchlike stories remains same mostly.


Corruption: The root cause of all evils

With the strategies to curb such crimes remaining unsuccessful, the situation seems to exacerbate further. We are being challenged by many problems i.e. poverty, shortage of power and water, lack of quality education, terrorism and increasing rate of unemployment etc. The root cause of all remains the term ‘corruption’ which encompasses all social, moral and religious ills. Lack of values and ethics stirs one to commit crimes like negligence of duties, bribery, lie and dishonesty etc. The germs of ‘corruption’ are injected to us so much as to consider it a birthright.

Fighting Corruption in the Developing World | James D. Long - YouTube

Corruption remains unrestrained

A schoolchild who has secured good grades because of cheating can not become a responsible and honest employee later. A driver crossing ‘red light’ on roadway intrepidly practices so every time he sees a ‘red light’ on different roads of his life. The professions which were once meant to be for philanthropy do not have altruistic individuals anymore. A teacher’s topmost priority is to get involved in part-time tutoring rather than to focus on his students in school. For a Doctor, the more he earns by diverting even on-bed patients to his private clinic the more he considers himself nearing toward the target. Similarly, to make their pockets hot is the main goal of most of government officials, political elders and even religion-inspired professionals. The concept of merit is being spifflicated.


The result: irreparable socio-economic losses

Such bad practices results in a nation sickened with social diseases having roots irreparable. Though the media pieces of awareness aimed at inspiring youths to act for the betterment of society exist but what the current scenario stipulates is a diligent action. What the country needs right now is a team, inculcated by the spirit of volunteerism, altruism and patriotism, eager to bring a positive change in each and every knot of Pakistani life. To prevent the ills acquire the shape of unhindered malignancy we need vows to perform.


Corruption is everywhere

In our lives we come across many acts of corruptions ranging from a cop demanding chips to disobeying discipline in queues for paying utility bills etc. to electricity theft to on street-light bulbs in the daylight. In order not to live the life of a zombie ready to follow the path of running waters, we need to pause and think which way we are being lead to. To prevent our country’s situation gets further deteriorated, we need to stop these crimes which in turn require us to change ourselves in order that the world around us gets changed. We are going to loss the game; our country is being listed in the ‘underdeveloped world’ and we need to compromise our luxurious dreams for constructive efforts, pain and labor right now.

Consequences in a long-run

Corruption, this way or the other, results in bad outcomes with the offender held criminal by being culpable of breaking not only the rules of government but also effecting the moral and religious teachings, trust of the particular organization and most importantly, the coming generations who will get affected by his dishonesty later. We need to develop strong values so as to remain complaisant to rules and eliminating the requirement of surveillance at each and every spot.


Conclusion: Now or Never

We are destined to prevent the declension of our situation. It’s time to act and expose the roots of corruption. We have been gifted by unlimited resources for conveying our voices. Tiny steps like exposing the unnoticed damage done by a person through internet and turning the lights off when unused are also moves toward melioration. Let us vow to be part of a movement aimed at making the country happier. A waving hand may not stop the wave but it could be part of the move that turns the tide.

What sort of corruption is prevalent in Pakistan and India?

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