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Dividing America: The "Rebel Flag"

Updated on March 25, 2018
The Confederate Flag and true 'Stars & Bars"
The Confederate Flag and true 'Stars & Bars"
The final rendition of the Virginia "rebel" flag.
The final rendition of the Virginia "rebel" flag.

What does the flag stand for?

A flag is a very important part of the American culture. Flags are carried on the battle field, representing who we are. Every state has it's own flag and the American Flag.

However, the craze in politics of 2016 and the best way to destruct, detract and divide during an election year became to resurface the one flag that is the most controversial, the "rebel" flag.

The confederate flag, also known as the "stars and bars" was the original flag of the civil war. Under General Lee in Virginia, the state of Virginia decided to design their own flag for the south and had several variations of a flag, finally settling on what is known all over the United States of America as the "rebel" flag. During the remainder of the war, the rebel flag became the symbol of the south.

At the end of the war and with the defeat of the South, the flag was removed and once again the American Flag became the flag for all of the United States. The flag today, after the completion of the 50 states joining the union, looks like neither of the civil war flags.

It is the American Flag, the one our American children pledge to in schools, the one that Americans cheer to on Super Bowl Sunday, uncover (remove head gear) for out of respect. The one flag that represents the entire country that is the United States of America.

The flag of the United States of America
The flag of the United States of America

Old Ragged Flag- says it all

Our Brave Men and Women fight for a United America

Our soldiers fought to make sure that our flag waved high on the battle field in Iwo Jima
Our soldiers fought to make sure that our flag waved high on the battle field in Iwo Jima
Our firefighters made sure to raise the flag after terrorist attack in New York City.
Our firefighters made sure to raise the flag after terrorist attack in New York City.
Our American soldiers buried in one of hundreds of military cemeteries throughout the United States and the world, where we helped to defend what was right.
Our American soldiers buried in one of hundreds of military cemeteries throughout the United States and the world, where we helped to defend what was right.

Who's right or wrong?

Our politicians struck a nerve in America and the divide has begun, but is anyone right about this issue? It truly just depends. There is no right and no wrong when it comes to feelings and emotions of the human race. Humans feel everything to their inner most core.

The Ku Klux Klan, known for so many atrocities on their belief that the white man should be the superior race, is just that, their strong and unwavering belief. An American right and a constitutional right. While it may not be morally right or a just right, only God can be the judge in the end. It is because of their belief and the use of the "rebel" flag that it became known as a "racist" flag. Leaving many, white and other ethnic races to see this flag as a slap in the face of those that were tortured or died at the hands of the organization.

Black organizations, such as the Black Panthers, were an extremist black organization that took the gamut in the same direction during civil unrest, but for a different race. Like the Ku Klux Klan, creating a division among it's own race.

Most Americans see the "rebel" flag and don't know it's history, only what they see in movies, don't understand that the "rebel" flag to the soldiers that fought for the south had just as strong a belief in that flag as they did in their cause. The treatment of the races by the human race has forever tainted the view of the "rebel" flag.

Politicians will use that to gain votes in an election year. To divide the American people and further their own personal agenda's.

A United America

When our soldiers were on top of that hill on Iwo Jima, they made sure to stand the American flag as they had taken the field in battle and in honor.

Many men had lost their lives fighting for the United States of America, for it's honor, glory and the security of it's freedoms after it had been attacked.

Several years later another generation of Americans in their youth saw first hand what an attack on American soil would look and feel like. After the attack on 911, Americans came together to help each other, the most memorable moment in all the uncertainty, was the pride of the American people as they ran it over and over again in the media. Our firefighters, exhausted and still making sure that the American Flag flew freely in our country. It represented the strength of the American people, not to give up, but to fight together to maintain its freedom and it's love for our country.

Many men and women have given their lives for the freedoms of the American people. I spoke to a veteran about his thoughts on the flag issue and he said, "it pains me to see it because we have fought for this country as Americans, not for a each state, but together and the only flag that should matter is the American Flag"

Heart Felt Decision

Do you support the flying of the "rebel" flag?

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We are the United States Of America

United States

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