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Five Times Bernie Sanders Has Shown That He Is a Genuinely Good Person

Updated on April 30, 2016


Senator Bernie Sanders has long been known in political circles as a radical whose ideas were idealistic at best , but recently with the announcement of his presidential candidacy it has become clear that Senator Sanders' ideas strike a chord with young voters and he has become an unlikely success story in the race thus far. Without a doubt the Senator from Vermont's success can be partially attributed to one thing, he is a genuinely good person.

In this article we will look at five times Bernie Sanders has proved that he is a swell guy.

When Bernie actively participated in the civil rights movement.

A young Bernie Sanders was arrested fighting for civil rights in the 1960's
A young Bernie Sanders was arrested fighting for civil rights in the 1960's | Source

Back in the 60's while a certain candidate who's name rhymes with "Swillary Flinton" was working in the office of an anti civil rights politician,a college aged Bernie Sanders was on the front lines of the civil rights movement in Chicago fighting for equal rights. From a young age Bernie has demonstrated how much he cares about equality.

Equality and Human rights are things he continues to fight for in the present day, earning a 100% positive rating from the Human Rights Campaign.

Bernie Sanders organizes a civil rights meeting.
Bernie Sanders organizes a civil rights meeting. | Source

That time Bernie saved a reporter, Andrea Mitchell, from being crushed.

Despite some claims that Mitchell intentionally fell to get Sanders' attention there is no denying that what he did was genuine, asking multiple times "are you alright?" and seeming legitimately concerned with the well being of a reporter who has on multiple occasions treated him unfairly. Once again, Bernie proves that he is the nicest guy running for office, and maybe the nicest guy ever to run.

When he actively fought against homophobia, even when it wasn't a popular move.

As seen in the video above, Bernie won't stand for homophobia. Even as far back as 1983 Bernie has been a political ally to the gay rights movement, as mayor of Burlington he supported the cities first pride parade and signed into action an ordinance banning housing discrimination against gays.

(Bonus points go to Colorado Representative Patricia Schroeder for her calling out Duke Cunningham as well "Do we still have to refer to him as a gentleman if he isn't one?")

An article about a parade held in 1984 in Burlington, the town in which Sanders first got his start as a political ally to the gay rights movement.
An article about a parade held in 1984 in Burlington, the town in which Sanders first got his start as a political ally to the gay rights movement.

When he inspired a young generation of voters to get into politics.

Bernie performs "This land is your land" with band Vampire Weekend.
Bernie performs "This land is your land" with band Vampire Weekend. | Source

Bernie Sanders is arguably the most popular candidate among young voters ever, drawing huge crowds of young people wherever he goes. Sanders messages of populism and equality have struck a chord with young voters and started a surge of young people who are "feeling the bern". A recent Quinnipac University poll has found that of the two Democratic front-runners, a whopping 74% of voters aged 18-44 support Sanders over Hillary Clinton. Now the only issue for Sanders is getting the young people, a notoriously unreliable demographic, to actually get out and vote.

And finally... when Bernie ran for president, and still did his job.


According to, Bernie Sanders has missed just 3% of votes since beginning his journey down the campaign trail. When compared to other senators currently running for office his number is lower by up to 27%! That's because Senator Sanders still cares about doing the job he was elected for, not just the one he hopes to get.

Will you vote for Bernie Sanders?

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    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 

      2 years ago from Ohio, USA

      It's not because he's too nice, it's because he is playing a part in the campaign. He does a boatload of negative campaigning. He attacks Wall Street, Big Government, Republicans, Banks, College Administrators and Professors, Billionaires, and Mortgage Lenders. If he was a nice person he'd be a lot nicer to those Americans.

    • Anthony Henderson profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Henderson 

      2 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      I agree that Bernie should go after Hillary on those issues but he may be too nice of a person to do so, to him that is negative campaigning, speaking against his opponents weakness rather than his own strength just isn't in his personality.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 

      2 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Bernie's a massive hypocrite who merely serves as a foil for Hillary. He opines over government corruption as debates the poster child for government corruption, yet he never mentions Whitewater, The Clinton Family Foundation, Hillary's eMail server, cattle futures, Monica, of Benghazi.

      If government corruption is indeed such an aneurysm-inducing issue for him, he needs to look it in the eye and identify it.


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