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Nostradamus Warned Us. When Will We Listen?

Updated on September 12, 2014

The Times They Are A Changing.

Recall the lyrics of Bob Dylan in the 1960’s, “The times they are a changing?”

The changes that Bobby saw coming for the sixties were prophecy of needed change then and particularly now. The 60’s were just the baptism to what we are about to experience worldwide in the near future.

A Quote by John Lennon
A Quote by John Lennon

Our heads are in the sand...

...and we need to make changes before its too late…

The list of problems is long and the “challenges” are many and there are decisions and actions for humankind to make. Changes are needed; and changes are not always easy. Change takes resolve, courage and determination; three things the light hearted are not able to contemplate easily.

Although Nostradamus made many predictions that have come true, he did state that if we took it upon ourselves, we could change / prevent what was indeed going to happen.

Life on planet Earth is in deep state of self-destruction.

With the exception of the few, people are aware of the problems that are arising. They are feeling the tugs of our economy and many have had to tighten their belts and have adjusted accordingly by budgeting their finances. Thousands of US citizens, who were once considered middle class, have now become indigent and homeless.

It is apparent how much insanity is going on in the world. That is a good indication that something needs to be done in order to restore life as we knew it. There are many problems, or as the light hearted refer to as “challenges” that we are facing. Some optimistic people think that we have a good life here in the US.

The end of the world...

.... Nostradamus predicted it to be the year 3786. Some of the historical events Nostradamus predicted were:

1.) the war involving Napoleon,

2.) the American Revolution,

3.) the Civil War,

4.) the rise and the fall of Adolph Hitler,

5.) events in the British monarchy including the abdication of Edward VIII,

6.) assassinations of Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.

7.) three reigns of terror by persons he named as antichrists.

Santa Barbara's Arlington West Memorial

This monument to the fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan is on West Beach in Santa Barbara. Each cross representing a war death.
This monument to the fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan is on West Beach in Santa Barbara. Each cross representing a war death. | Source

Nostradamus did predict...

... that a great war would come sometime during the last five years of the 20th century, presaged by famine, drought and a series of other natural disasters. This war will last close to 30 years, after which there will be one thousand years of peace, or a new golden age.

Nostradamus's prophesies did not go beyond 3786 or 3797. According to the psychic, this is the year the world will end.

Michel de Nostradamus, gifted French physician and prophet, made over one thousand predictions during his lifetime. Of those, some say over half have come true.

The world is falling apart,

...not in any particular order; socially, economically, and politically. While big business and big government see a ‘one world order’ as the only solution to extreme challenges, it is not a real and viable fix. It is a fix of power and control over the masses. Nothing more.

The world is facing massive food shortages, higher prices for food and other goods, far beyond what happened in Nazi Germany prior to World War II. We are about to witness the total collapse of the financial systems worldwide.

There are laws being constructed now ... restrict people’s freedom of movement, freedom of speech and the free right to gather. These new law are already in place in the US.

The wars in the Middle East are not going to come to an end anytime soon. And this may lead to World War III. China and Russia have already sided with Iran and told the US government under no circumstance will an attack against Iran be tolerated; that they will back Iran if the US chooses to attack.

New Red Back Dollars have already been printed to replace the useless green back dollars at 10% value. Entitlements and welfare are about to be drastically cut.

And there seems to be no viable solution in sight.

A bit frightening, don't you think?

Bob Dylan - Times They are a-Changin

© 2012 Helen Kramer


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