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Today, May 22nd, 2015, Baltimore Recorded Its 100 Black-On-Black Murder And The White Police Did Not Do These Murders.

Updated on June 2, 2015

Today, May 22nd, 2015, Baltimore Recorded Its 100 Black-On-Black Murder And The White Police Did Not Do These Murders.

It is a testament of the fact of how dumb/biased we are when we are still seeing protest signs lumping in the Missouri Michael Brown's justified shooting, according to the Justice Department, run by the first Black Attorney General, Eric Holder, with innocent Blacks that have been victims of legitimate, racist shootings. We are at a juncture in America where facts do not matter, even among Christians, and it is why, even though the Black Electorate only makes up only fifteen percent of the voting populace, and that President Obama was elected twice, yet, when he is criticized, many Blacks say that the critique is borne out of racism. In that same disregard vein where the facts do not matter, today, May 23rd, 2015, Baltimore recorded its 100 Black-on-Black murder and the White Police did not do these murders; but instead of focusing on that salient fact, we are still going to focus on the bogus narrative that says that mostly White Police officers have a mandate to murder Black men.

There is an apparent move afoot that seems to want the police out of our Black neighborhoods; the question that begs itself - when the cops leave - do we really want to leave our neighborhoods at the mercy of the hoodlums and thugs? Where are the Black voices, especially the celebrities, protesting the 100 Black-on-Black murders in Baltimore recorded today? Two weeks ago, my favorite musician, Prince, had a concert and parroted the pabulum about Blacks being killed by the police, but nothing about the wholesale, ongoing slaughter of Black-on-Black murder happening in our enclaves of Chicago, Washington, DC, and Baltimore itself. Incidentally, Prince is worth some $300 million - does anyone thinks that he is going to put his loot where his biased lyrics are to rebuild Baltimore. What of the other Black celebrities and their respective massive wealth... they too are not going to build up Baltimore because the truth is that we (Blacks) are going to tear it down, yet, with straight faces, we want White folks to do in Baltimore economically what we would not do.

It is a tragedy that Freddie Gray died but I wonder how many Blacks suffered because of his slinging of drugs, including Heroin, in the Baltimore neighborhoods? How many men and women prostituted themselves to support their habit or how many came down with AIDS with the sharing of needles or how many were robbed and killed to support their Heroin habit - but alas, one should not ask such questions, especially if the one is Black. We do not like to look at the entire picture that makes up these so called racial Cause Celebre cases... it is why during the Michael Brown's justified shooting down in Missouri, we conveniently neglected the fact that Mr. Brown, before he met his maker, had viciously assaulted and stolen cigars from a local shop owner. We are not going accept the fact that Blacks are more dangerous to themselves than the White police or the KKK. It is a fact that when I come from work at nights that there are Black children hanging out on the stoops who have to go to school in the morn, but, apparently, do not have any homework... yet, expecting to do well academically when the report cards come out. We are not going to blame ourselves for not disciplining our children, but later on we are going to blame 'society' when our children who have hanged out on the stoops do not have the skill-set to take part in the labor work force.

Yes, there is racism, but why do we attack it from a position of utmost weakness? This weakness is manifested when we do not take advantage of education provided by the schools; schools that are infested with a minority of children who act like animals and bully the majority who are trying to educate themselves - how are we going to expect our children to garner good grades when there is no discipline in our homes? Adding to the malignant cancerous milieu are the 'Rap' and Sports culture... where many seem to tacitly or overtly disparage the benisons of being educated, but, ironically, when these same Rap and Sports stars signed their lucrative contracts, the latter mostly have White lawyers as their expensive mouthpieces. Furthermore, the entire package that comes with being a Black celebrity is manned by someone who is educated and more than likely, White who are the lawyers, the agents, the writers, and the publicity folks.

There are times when the good Lord gives us what we want and to those who want to burn down our cities, and, who are essentially calling for a race war, I say to you that the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons - race agitators - are going to be safe and secured in their respective homes, if and when these racial wars ensue. I tell you a mystery that many of you who have been victims of vicious crimes in the past and Christ Jesus forbids in the future, dollars to donuts that Blacks were and will be the perpetrators. Many of us, egged on by the racial pimps mentioned above, are going to continue speaking and positing the lie that the Police have a funded mandate to kill Black men... when the actual killings, like the dubious milestone reached today by Baltimore of having recorded its 100 Black-on-Black murder, are done by us. We have, apparently, managed to destroy the proverbial mirrors in our homes whereby we can no longer see who the real enemy is... perhaps, because, we know indeed who it is. It is even more disturbing that among Black Christians that the 'mirror' that makes up our collective conscience is broken too and that we let charlatans like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson speak for us.

I would be remised if I did not address the Black Christian church in more detail because of the churches' influence in our neighborhoods and overall society. To that end, many in the Black Christian churches seem to pretend that Original Sin only pertains to our White brothers and sisters, and so, as a consequence, we do not look inward when facing many of society's ills. I suppose that when we kneel before Christ Jesus to give an account of our actions here on earth that we are going to point our accusatory fingers at the White man for many of our self-inflicted Sinful wounds that plagued us in life too. As I write, there are chalk marks being marked to depict murders - more than likely, these murders are Black-on Black crimes, notwithstanding the fact that we only make up a smidgen of the American population now totaling over 340 million... O Lord, how the truth truly hurts!


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    • profile image

      Big E 2 years ago

      And make no mistake about it black people are much less likely to mess with you if you are black or have a black male with you. Somebody call Robert Downey Jr from Tropic Thunder.

    • profile image

      Big E 2 years ago

      I think they should have all the white cops go undercover as black cops. Than people will not F with the police anymore. Real talk.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 2 years ago from New York

      Thanks - I have nothing to add....

    • mckinney5252 profile image

      mckinney5252 2 years ago

      Enjoyed your hub. It was informative as well as emotional. Your observations are absolutely correct. As a people, we focus on blaming others for the conditions of our homes and our communities. From a Christian perspective, this fault finding propensity of ours is understandable. I infer that you are a Christian, therefore you know that the God of the Christian Bible always backs a situation up to its beginning. Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh never starts in the middle, He starts at the start and then He works his way to the present never losing sight of the future. It is this panoramic view of History that provides an explanation on the present and the past. Thus Jehovah is able to dispense justice appropriately and fairly. Consequently, when He allows an act to transpire or when He adjudicates a case, His verdict represents not just the current infraction but the genesis and the omega of the situation is taken into account. So, therefore, the actions of Prince, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton is needed. Likewise, the spotlight that is being shined on police brutality is needed as well. I do not know what the final outcome of the violence that plagues America will be. But I do know a "smidgen" about Yahweh's system of fairness and retribution. Any Old Testament reader can attest to that observation. Thus I am comfortable alleging that Yahweh always renders a fair verdict and an appropriate sentence. While, you may question the motives of individuals such as Prince, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, religiously you must consider that a great house is made up of vessels of honor and dishonor. Wonderful article.