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Today’s Economy Really Stinks.

Updated on October 19, 2009

Being in the trucking industry as a Certified Master Broker, I can see the effect on the trucking industry. I as a Certified Master broker who should be moving more loads that I have been am having a hard time obtaining shippers no matter what kind of marketing I am doing.

I have carriers calling me for loads who are on my database and I have to tell them that I have no freight at this time. Out of 6186 emails, snail mail letters, and phone calls I have acquired a grand total of 6 shippers in total four of which is produce and have stopped shipping due to the season for onions, etc is over.

The other two shippers that I have left well they do not move all that many loads as of late. So yes we are feeling the pinch. I am able to hang on no problem there due to I keep my business expenses very low, but to have my certification and the knowledge of 19+ years, I am still unable to obtain new clients due to the fact most small shippers have gone out of business and the big ones have their own rigs on the road hauling their freight.

I’ve heard from many of my carriers who are on my database that there are hardly any trucks out on the roads like in years past due to the economy of not having freight to move or very cheap freight to move. Most of these carriers also have gone out of business.

Now President Obama yes is obtaining and giving out a so called stimulus packages but he is giving these so called stimulus packages to the wrong people, the big corporations only who are spending the money stupidly on twenty five million dollar toilets in his home, which I heard on the news the other day and had to laugh, when that money was supposed to be used to bail his company out. A twenty five Million Dollar toilet? What is it made of pure gold? Now talk about stupid spending and mismanagement of funds

John Rich of the country band Big & Rich has put out a song “Shutting Detroit Down”. If you think about it they are not only shutting Detroit down but the entire USA down and do not give a rip about the small business owners at all.

Our Government says they are helping the economy by such stimulus packages? Ha right. Small business’s and college students are not seeing any of these billions of dollars Washington is handing out via these stimulus packages.

What about small business? Where is our money (stimulus package) to help us hang on? We are left out in the wind I guess and we do not matter at all. Even the trucking industry is left out in the wind due to the fact that all though trucking is a vital service to our nation everyone considers carriers as a non existent industry and that all carriers are scumbags, which is far from the truth. They bring food, lumber, cars, metal, clothing, baby food, diapers etc to your stores.

Now these poor people who are trying to earn an honest day living like I am are getting put out of business. The small business owners of America and elsewhere are getting put out of business. This is a crying shame that our Government doesn’t care for us and we support their high class of living through our taxes.

Does the Government not realize that small business makes up for 90% of the nations revenue? what are they going to keep the big corporations going and try and run a nation on this? Let them for once get back down to reality of life.

I’ve just read that the financial manager of Freddy Mac Foundation just committed suicide Wednesday Morning. Why because he squandered the money that Freddy Mac and Fanny May foundations had been bailed out of 60 million dollars in combined federal aid.

A 60 million dollar bail out. Do you know if they would give small business’s a million dollar or less bail out that our Government would have money in reserve? This kind of money could feed the poor, help college students stay in school, get this country rolling again financially. This is really sickening.

Why are these big shots in Washington and these big corporations getting all of this money? Whose butts in Washington is the big corporations kissing? We the smaller business's and those who work for a living are going from middle class to poverty? Where is the justice in this? Where is the fairness in this? Are we not as important to them as the big corporations and idiots in Washington?

Why doesn’t our Government who works up in Washington DC get laid off or loose their jobs or take a cut in pay and stop wasting our money or the stimulus package money? Would love to see this.

If each one up in Washington and these big corporations would cut their own pay instead of making $400,000.00 a year or more, we would not be in the financial situation as we are today. As we all know this is not going to happen. Greed in this world now has taken over the minds of what is right and what is wrong and a lot of these big shots can not give up the LAVISH LIFESTYLE they now live. OH they would be lost for sure.

Why isn't the Government keeping an eye on what is being spent through receipts of proof of payment back to the banks, and lenders what they had gotten bailed out with, instead of letting these big shots off and do not keep and eye on the finances to replenish such loans these corporations also had taken out to bail themselves out and are free to spend money stupidly on a twenty five million dollar toilet etc. You can be rest assured they would be keeping an eye on us or are keeping an eye on our spending. They know how much we have in our bank accounts, saving accounts IRA's, out stocks and bonds etc.

Then they have the nerve to blame the economy on us poorer folks who are barely making a living or surviving. That's right put the blame on the poor unemployed and lower class people... I think the Government should take a good look at their own actions before blaming others. I don’t know about you but I feel it’s not fair nor is it morally right.


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