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Today’s Sophy (part 6)

Updated on March 29, 2019
The0NatureBoy profile image

I've united god into devil & all opposites to make them their nomenclature's definitions so understanding me require defining words.

Ninety precent of people are Human (hewed from man) and Woman (woven from man) during these last days. The other ten percent who are man (minds to comprehend all things and able to exceed the earth and everything hereon) and biblically called the ten virgins are to survive the world's ending. The ninety percent are what tadpoles are to frogs, a pre-stage of man who were human and woman that has completed their metamorphosis, scripturally called born again.

Biblically, man is a plural word with the definition of "minds able to comprehend and exceed the ability of all things" while woman biblically are "minds unable to comprehend all things" (although they both are often used as genders) since their judging minds doesn't allow them the openness to explore objectively which is necessary to comprehend all things. Woman and human often reject things without having experienced anything concerning them and argue something doesn't or does exist although they may not have investigated it to determine the possibility of its being true.

It is because of that attitude that I have written ...

Why Man Can’t See?

As said in the New Testament let him who have ears to hears... and other similar statements suggests only a select few are able to comprehend what they hear. When one hears it paints a mental picture in man's minds, if not they are only listening. I also suggest although human have eyes they can't mentally see. That was why caused I asked Why Man Can’t See but the truth is man do see, it's human and woman who can’t see because of being in the incomplete stage of man.

When comes the time that’s often called world’s end

man, who diligently seek, will know the master plan.

All that has happened during the time called man’s fall

will, to the enlightened, be recognized as the fulfill-

ment of the prophecies that in diverse times were sent

revealing how man’s Karma would cause its fulfilling.

Who can say Chance controls the things man do

and not Karma by the use of Supply and Demand?

Why can’t man see in Cycles all Time goes by

so as to reveal to us blind man, that we might know,

that Cause and Effect are the things man balk at

because we look only at the now and not eternal laws?

I Can See Clearly Now

The Answer

The metaphor of Adam and Eve eating The Knowledge of Good and Evil made them, as they are called after the great flood, daughters of men and off-springs of the sons of god and what tadpoles are to frogs. Tadpoles' live in water, water is a symbol for knowledge and they have no knowledge of life as a frog like . only things in life which they judges rather than seeking it's purpose. Daughters of men by having the knowledge of good and evil are blind because their judging doesn't allow them to see the two sides of any subject, they call half good and the other evil. Simply said, human and woman's judging doesn't allow objectivity necessary to find the purpose of knowledge and reject the desire to understand it due to their sense perceived judgments. That means we human have fallen victims to the teachings of our victimized by schools, religious and government leaders parents.

Religion's teachings actually teach us to be disobedience to the will of god when they intend to reveal the way back to the foundation's intended way of life, to love environmentally. What they teach is that some external God will sends us into an eternal fire and our parents' to teach things are right or wrong without providing a logical explanation why, something our inborn curious minds want to know, to make scared of hell's fire. That's because the knowledge of good and evil will reward us for disobeying our parents what religions and governments taught them. Religion devised Satan as a deceiving opponent of God so we human tadpoles will never seek to escape the mind of good and evil for obtaining understandable logical answers.

Thus, the short answer is what I’ve already revealed, man see it while daughters of men, human and woman can’t see it because of depending on judgmental adjectives which only allows to see in part, "know in part and prophesy in part" as written of us.


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    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      15 months ago from Washington DC

      There is the sting, Eric, "there is an exception to the rule including there is an exception", the only one I know has the exception is "Change" which is what keeps everything existing, if it ever change the "Zeroverse" will disappear. You MAY be an exception.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      15 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      An interesting take on knowledge. I always get an uneasy feeling when someone would suggest they be listened to and understood or be deaf to the truth.

      I like your truths for you. The are not objected to by me but are different than mine. If this is true: "That means we have fallen victims to the teachings of our victimized parents." I just don't think my children and/or my parents fit here.


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