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Tolerance is necessary to prevent war

Updated on January 30, 2018

“Tolerance is necessary to prevent war”

If we through a cursory glance on the historic and prehistoric eras of mankind, we come to realize that throughout the ages of human development men have been subject to miseries of two kinds, first those imposed by external nature and second those human beings misguidedly inflicted upon each other. First kinds of calamities were mostly due to environment for instance, floods, earthquakes, pestilences, tsunami, storms tornadoes and thunderstorms.

All have wild and destructive brutality which expunges millions and billions of people at once. The rate of obliteration in such cases is really too high but you can not deny the fact that such kinds of cataclysm are less painful as compare the havoc and chaos of the man s most cruel activity, “WAR” because the first one enforced by nature which is incompatible and unsurpassable, and second one is the manifesto of the combination of man’s BLOOD thirst and intolerance.

War is the most t terrible and the most dreadful word. Whenever it is spoken, read or written, it means nothing but mass murder. It is a gigantic episteme of cannibalism. Man sheds blood of his own specie on the ground, in the air and over the water. The earth changes the color of its beautiful robe from green to red. Every clash and every crush leaves as many corpses as possible.

Man proves himself avaricious for power, glory, victory and vanity. World becomes desolate and devastated. Man s lust results into genocide. His intolerance result into his severe antipathy, it means total instability in every field of life. It is an irrefutable fact that the WAR is the most disastrous outcome of intolerance. When man does not show sympathy and indulgence for the beliefs and practices differing from his own, when he does not show the forbearance, when he does not show the capacity of adaptation, or in simple words, he does not possess tolerance the WAR occurs in its full bloom

Now the question rises that what is tolerance? What is its correct definition and its negation is the root cause of such a catastrophe.

We can say that tolerance is the appreciation of diversity and the ability to live and let others live. Is the ability to exercise a far and objective attitude towards those whose opinions, practices, religion, nationality and so on differs from one’s own? As William Ury states “tolerance is not just agreeing with one another or remaining indifferent in the face of injustice, but rather showing respect for the essentials humanity in every person”

On the other side intolerance or vindictiveness is failure to appreciate and respect the practices, notions, opinions and beliefs of another group. Its simple consequence s WAR, weather it may be between people, groups, nations or countries. Its ultimate end is destruction. Its vital outcome is wastage of power, time, strengths, money economy, lives, families and above all Humanity. Its essence is the worst disorder, disaster, and despoliation. It lets loose the demons of death whose appetite is not easily satisfied. It works havoc with property, industry, innocent humanity, society, economy and obviously morality.

Everything dashes to the ground in a short period. All doctrines of moral conduct and paralyzed, all virtues are shocked, all ethics are suspended, and rectitude breathes in an atmosphere of dread and dismay. Death dances in the background of horror, fright mingle with terror to create panic and trepidation. The after effects of WAR are even worst. Everything has to be begun from the beginning, because it ruins all human progress and advancement.

Here, I would like to make it clear that if you want to avoid all above scourge and pillage of this most obnoxious activity, then all of us should promote global tolerance in positive sense. It is the only solution to stop all those abominable inhuman activities. This peaceful means can solve the dispute. It can soothe the barbarous beat of man. It can pamper his WAR impulse. And readers for this purpose, we will have to play our role to encourage tolerance. We must remind each others that tolerating tolerance is preferable to tolerating intolerance.

Individuals, group, media, communities, educational systems, N.G.Os, religious authorities and obviously the government should use all tools to promote positive tolerance. All of them should aim at developing necessary understanding for diversities and differences. They should teach each other to institutionalize policies of tolerance. They should learn how to sustain clemency. They should contribute to enhance the beauty of the forbearance. It can be done through contacts, dialogues, discussions, religious guidance and moreover through purity of thought and ideas. Because it is the only way, only solution, only method, only techniques, only mode, and only system to prevent the jeopardy of WAR to anticipate the hazards of WAR and to obviate the devour of WAR.

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